Sunday, February 27, 2011

Forecast for Monday, 02/28/11

The Hard Life of the Cats while we humans clean and rearrange/
Ah Monday morning....this is why I am closed on Mondays. I spent too many years working and really hating Mondays, so now I just avoid their existence.

Today's Tarot Card is the Six of Cups. Someone will tell you how much they love and admire you today, but make certain this coming from a position of equality and not control.

For once this is an aspect free day until late tonight when it is party time and a pleasant surprise is revealed by an elder. The Moon goes void of course at 8:03 PM EST so do not expect to get much done tonight or the pleasant surprise to be acted upon any time soon.

Tomorrow: decadence. Stay tuned.

Saturday, March 5th is mineral appreciation day at the Salamander. We will bringing out all the crystals and minerals, weather permitting, (otherwise we will be holding it inside) and you can ask questions get advice, charge your minerals and crystals around some really big ones and even learn a simple bowl technique for keeping your stones charged and it makes a nice center piece for your table! It is going to be a fun day! we are bringing large numbers of minerals out of storage and the energy in the shop is rising exponentially.

Sunday has proven to be a weird day. I started off with a woman standing in the middle shop looking a little dazed asking me if I had anything for sale to cut grass with and I mean the lawn type. Okay, now you have to admit for a cute little witchy shop that is strange. Turns out one of my neighbors put their yard sale sign at the telephone pole without an arrow pointing down the street. Thus, we got his customers all day.

The energy in the shop has changed so much after yesterday's rearranging and cleaning it is amazing. Even the cats are sleeping better if that is actually possible. On the other hand, neither George nor I have a really working back and I am having massive dust allergy attacks. You have to remember,. I have been away from the shop for almost a year recovering from cancer surgery and George is not a duster.
I just cleaned the big glass display case last month and I am scrubbing it again. I will have more scrubbing tomorrow. I am warning the cats that if they are going to "sling snot" they need to find some tissue paper. Then there are the little kitty prints all over the top! The Oriental case is not only cleaned but open for business however, someone already got most of the pewter cats. The dragons and wizards are still left. The crystal balls are in that case and I have one clear and one lavendar left. After a bit more cleaning I am smudging the shop. Some times I pick something up that those theives handled and get a negative jolt and have to wash it real fast and my hands. They may think it is funny, but since I instinctively reflect that jolt back to sender, they may be reaping Karma from that little escapade for really, really long time. You should never mess with religious, metaphysical or in particular, magickal objects.
All things in life are about balance, diet, emotions and even politics. What people did not seem to realise in the past election is that the checks and balances to prevent the extreme right wing from pushing their agenda on everyone had been removed piece by piece. They started by winning minor elections that no one pays attention to, until they had filled the foundation of the government with their puppets. Under the cover of secrecy, every minor elected official fired, retired or transfered anyone in their departmental area that was not in their "church" or social group promoting the extreme agenda until there was almost no one left in the government offices that was doing the job. They were all prosletizing the new regime.
Then when they ran three candidates knowing that close to 2/3 of the people would split their vote between the moderates, they won the elections without a majority. Now, they hold the complete majority in most states and Washington and there is no way to stop them. A petition to recall Florida's governor is in the works and he hasn't been in office over a month. It will do nothing because the Florida Legislature is packed with extremists. But, the results are even more devastating than everyone losing their benefits and jobs. Excellent bills that were up for vote are now below the back burner while this extremist agenda is pushed through and won't even be considered (we are talking things like child seat laws) because they were proposed by moderates. Only the Tea Party/GOP is allow to speak. It is the same in Washington.
I kept saying a vote for Chris is a vote for Marco Rubio but no one would listen. Well, Rubio won and is lock stepping to the Fascist Agenda in Washington as women, children and the elderly suffer and the middle class pays for the rich folk to have their tax breaks. Now, everyone wants to protest. It's too late. You elected them. They control the recall process. They control the courts right up to and including the Supreme Court. They control the grass roots. Gee, I guess being asked if you have found Jesus when you try to get a business license in Broward isn't quite so funny any more and I am not so sensitive. Next time it takes you forever to get a license or the answer to a question in a local government office you might ask if you have the wrong religious symbol on or are maybe a little too dark complected or your voters' ID says Democrat. Maybe, if there was going to be next time, you might listen.....

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