Thursday, February 10, 2011

Forecast for Friday, 02/11/11

Mini Brooms look great on your rear view mirror!
Oh wow, two elevens!

The rain was brutal. A tree next door hit the deck (ground) and George is cutting it up and mulching it. Hey, never miss out on free plant matter. I'm sure it is saving the owner some money. We don't throw out much around here. More palm fronds came down and I am laughingly threatening to build a Chikee. Aside from that, the infection in my sinuses flared up and I have really been out of it all day. Fortunately no one had an emergency that they needed me to do a reading.

Remember my little rant on PIP. Turns out Florida was declared the top state for PIP fraud in the country yesterday. Another good idea gone really, really bad...That is not all but we finally found out why our Goobenor decided to unveil his budget in tiny town in front of a tiny audience of Tea Partiers. He knows they can't do math. Today it became apparent, when people who can do math looked at it, that most of his savings is from OMITTING items from the budget. They just weren't there. Okay, I have dried my tears and picked myself up off the floor but the snickering continues. You see, way back in another incarnation I was a bookkeeper for Fortune 500 companies. I learned my trade from one of the best crooks on the planet and one thing he taught me was how to prepare a proposed budget that looked really, really good because it omitted those nasty little details like basic costs, compared items that had no relationship to each other..... Giggle...well, I guess it is business as usual for the Goobenor and aren't you just so proud you voted for corporate America to take over the State of Florida. I mean, what could possibly go wrong: AIG?

Today's Tarot Card is the Ten of Cups. Family, friends and happy relationships dominate the day.

The Second Quarter Moon begins at 2:18 AM EST at 22Taurus13. Time to look at all the projects you have started and make needed alterations to get them moving better.

The Afternoon is not the best time for anything but creative pursuits and then they are guaranteed not to make money. Things are just too fuzzy. However, romance is in the air and a surprise really knocks your socks off.
The Moon is Void of Course from 2:27 PM to 5:20 PM EST, so if you stay at work a little late, you will miss the horrendous commute with people on their cell phones hitting each other. Teachers do get upsetting news so you might as well be among peers when it happens.
The Moon enters Gemini at 5:20 PM EST and the emphasis is on mind over emotion, communications and juggling romances. Actually juggling is what Gemini does best and expect to have to do at least two things at once for the next couple of days.

Well, something I have been screaming about for 4 years finally came out and people are MAD. Seems they (the Army Corp of Engineers and if you can't trust the military to shore up your dikes, who can you trust ;) ) have been dumping huge amounts of water out of Lake Okeechobee because they are afraid the levees will break and the water problem is so bad from doing this that they must dump even more water because the salt water is coming in and killing fish nurseries in the rivers and they have to dilute it. Now this whole problem could have been fixed ages ago just by FIXING THE LEVEES but we are a Republican State and that is not a high profit item. So, one good hurricane and we will see how many people we can drown on the really poor side of the Lake and how much of those developments those bleeding heart Liberal Commie Socialists declared protected under the historical act in Kissimmee on that prime development land. Oh yes, there are layers and layers of corruption but in the mean time, we can't even wash our cars.....and they don't expect any progress on the levees for over a 10 years.....

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