Friday, February 4, 2011

Forecast for Saturday, 02/05/11

The Money Tree
I am not feeling that chipper today as I allowed myself to get overheated at the shop last night. I managed to get the front planters done and then I had to come in a rest for a while.

Today's Tarot Card is the Six of Pentacles reversed, don't expect a handout, even if it may be deserved.

This afternoon, what you can't afford weighs on your mind and keeps you annoyed. However, if you look at it, you will know it really is something frivolous you don't need. There is good news about finances for a couple of days and you find ways to transcend your limitations this week.

I have debated saying anything about this and finally decided you deserve to know. Last week, George and I were exhausted from running around and neither of us even felt like making a sandwich. We decided, since I had a coupon for buy one get one free at what used to be our favorite fast food restaurant, to indulge. One time every couple of months can't hurt, right? I happen to know this burger has 12,000 calories which is equal to a whole day's worth of food and fortunately I had barely eaten anything all day. I even had a few of the fries sans the salt. They tasted like cardboard. The frightening thing was within two hours, both of us were ravenous. That was more than a whole day's worth of calories in a huge burger and we were starving. I was sick the next day and my stomach has not forgiven me, yet. After finally defeating the gas monster, I apparently resurrected it bigger than before with that one meal.
What in the name of the Goddess is in that food that makes you instantly hungry? I really could have eaten a second one and I never eat that much food in one sitting. I don't buy the fat myth because I don't like fat in any form. Add a second piece of evidence to this equation and it really is scary. I bought the cats some cat treats. They are in just one "treating" so addicted to these things that I am not leaving the shop in one piece without giving them some. Today, they do not want to let me out the door without a treat. I thought Bitwit was going to take my ankle off and Loki was screaming at the top of his lungs. What is in this stuff????
It has to be some sort of a chemical that is more addictive than heroin marketed as a flavoring or food additive. You don't notice unless you have been off the "junk wagon" for a long time. Keep in mind I do not addict. You can give me drugs and nothing happens. I can eat just one or I used to be able to eat just one. I do not think I will test the theory. That stuff hit me like a speeding semi tractor. Needless-to-say, the coupons went in the garbage and I am staying far, far away from fast food.

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