Friday, February 25, 2011

Forecast for Saturday, 02/26/11

Pyrite Egg in little cup.
I will admit to being a little depressed today. Since the Bush era cute little games with all retirement funds, we are really short of funds. Although I pay 1,060.00 per month for health insurance and I had to cancel all my appointments up to May because since I am still in deductible, I cannot afford the price of the doctor's visit. So here I sit with my sinuses pounding, three suspicious spots on my face, my feet cramping so bad I can't pry my toes apart and the blood test due for my thyroid condition scraping together the 1,000 dollars for insurance payments and I can't afford to go to the doctor. Oh, and I forgot...we don't need insurance reform. Thank you GOP and Tea party. Now I will crawl over into the corner and die since that is your health plan.

Today's Tarot Card is the High Priestess. The High Priestess holds the Torah in her hands. She symbolizes the practical application of spirituality, law tempered by spirituality: the place between light and dark, good and evil, known and unknown. To quote a famous title, this card is Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

The Moon is void of course from 1:08 PM to 2:32 PM EST when she enters Capricorn and elders and authorities reassert their power over us. The void of course begins with a square to Uranus in Pisces which causes emotions to run high. Things are not peaceful today.

The noon hour starts very psychic and even some what romantic. Then emotions run wild and because there are Sag aspects, legal or police action is very possible and when the square to Uranus occurs in Pisces, violence is possible. So, be careful out there.

By late afternoon, teachers tell their stories and it fires action in the evening. Be wary, authorities and elders will play on emotions to get their way and the spin doctors are out in force.

Today, all over the country there will be protests in state capitals by middle class Americans who want their rights back. They forget they gave them away under the guise of protection from one insane Arab and balancing a budget without asking exactly how. It is a nice gesture but totally ineffectual. The people they elected live in their own little world with an imagined mandate from some "god" and the "majority" even though very few of them actually won their office with an actual majority. (That has to be 51% of the vote, not 34% split between two other candidates.) They are threatening to shut the government and the school systems down. Fire and police will be next. I say: LET THEM DO IT. It is time the people who voted for them got exactly what they voted for and the rest of us will barricade ourselves in our homes and wait for the dust to settle.
OH and NASCAR will have to shut down without emergency services. I am pretty sure when that happens, they will vote them out of office and while we are talking about NASCAR, would someone give me on rational explanation for why the PENTAGON is funding them when they are one HUGE PROFIT MAKING MACHINE? Heck, even if they were a charity, why is the PENTAGON funding them?
Why are my tax dollars building the buildings for huge corporations that employee people who make over a million bucks a year and who I have to buy an expensive ticket to see? I am talking about all these sports arenas. Why are my friends in Orlando paying through the nose in property taxes while two of the biggest profit machines in the state pay little or nothing and their profits go out of my state. I am talking about Universal Studios and Disney World.
How did today's headlines happen? Read the last paragraph. Businesses waltz into cities, promise a few jobs and walk out with a free ticket, tax free and loads of building exemptions. So why are you so shocked the GOP and Tea Party are now holding the working class hostage? They have just moved up from their corporate offices to political offices. Business as usual. What's your problem?

The good news is: I will be making the coffee tomorrow. George makes Navajo coffee even though I am the one with Native American genes. I make the strong stuff! It'll grow hair or cause it to fall out. That depends on the day and hour. I am probably doing the snacks, too, so you are safe. I wish the mango tree was finished blooming so I could have a bonfire out back but with my insurance problems, I don't dare step out near it. A massive allergy attack would wreck havoc on my budget.

We have one pyrite egg for sale for $45.00. It is beautiful. If nothing else, you have to see it. It is the ultimate money spell focus as with its imperfections it looks like the gold chucks are falling out of it! The mini skulls are out and priced. My spelled jewelry is also in the display case for serious practitioners who are really doing ritual work.

Someone asked if I just use salt to cast a circle. I often add herbs to the salt and I have been known to add lodestone to the salt and copper filings. It all depends on what I am planning to do. If I feel I need protection, I pull out all the stops and go with Mars and Pluto correspondences. If I am scrying, I use light protection and heavy magnetic correspondences. But the question everyone keeps forgetting to ask is what you do with the salt, water, incense leavings and what have you when finished. Since some of this stuff is toxic you need a plan. Outside, a salt circle will quickly kill all plant life. Sulfur is toxic to all life forms as are some herbs. That is why I like to work on a concrete is essentially just hardened sand...sweep everything up afterwards and either put it into a firepit or a special well designed to destroy all psychic vibrations.

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