Sunday, February 13, 2011

Forecast for Monday, 02/14/11

It's Valentine's Day, so watch out for little guys in diapers flying around randomly shooting arrows. Come to think of it, that is probably good advice for any day.
What a weird night we had. We are totally aware of what kids were hired to break into the shop and they showed up last night, even in the same SUV, begging and I mean begging to be allowed in so they could case the place. They didn't get through the front gate.
Around 2 AM I heard a cat crying at the house and thought Mr. B was having one of his insecurities. When I turned on the light, Napoleon was looking at the back window. Around 3, George woke me up and said a cat was crying outside and he was going to look for it. Since I was up, ladies, we all know that feeling, I put on my sweater coat and went outside. He couldn't see anything but I quickly spied a huge beige cat with long fur by the oak tree. I have never seen this cat in the neighborhood. We put a bowl of food out and went back to bed. Something woke George at 4 AM and he walked down to the shop and found nothing so he stayed a while and came home. You just never know when we will be here. Some nights we don't leave.
Way later this afternoon, I awoke. I spent all night having trouble with my legs and finally figured out it all started when I bought some dark chocolate because it is supposed to be good for me. Apparently it is not good for you if you have RLS so I am not eating any more of that. I also have a minor cold which I am happy to say is finally going away tonight. When we got to the shop, an animal had curled up in my front pot, broke my faery's wings and generally flattened my favorite flowers. Now what cat would sleep in front of the parking lot, right out in the open in a flower pot? I wonder if the portal opened last night.....

Today's Tarot Card is the Four of Cups. It is beginning to seem like you are the only one saying "I love you" in a relationship. Perhaps it is time for a talk.

The Void of Course ends at 12:48 AM EST when the moon enters Cancer and we retreat to home and family to nest and rest for a while.
For a couple of days, expect some sort of good news about remodeling or some project involving beauty.
Family members are not happy about money and property in the AM and prone to arguments. They do not want change. Elders are firmly entrenched in the past today. Even social events tonight are a trial.

Always call to see if we are here. Actually, that is not reliable because we both tend to wander outside and forget to take the phone with us or lose it in the shop. The presence of the Vanwitch is no guarantee we are not here because we both have bikes and ofter use them instead of the Van to get here and we also have two feet....However, if the gate is locked it means we really don't want visitors at that moment. I do take a nap every once in a while....Next week, I really hope we are both feeling better and keeping more regular hours.

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