Thursday, February 17, 2011

Forecast for Friday, 02/18/11

Today's Tarot Card is the Five of Swords. Opportunities others pass up are yours for the taking. On the other hand, projects left undone will be taken over by others and you will get none of the credit, so guard what is yours today.

The Moon is Full at 3:36 AM EST at 29Leo20.
The Sun enters Pisces at 7:25 PM EST.

For the next week social events are not favored as they tend to start more wars than fun.

The Moon is Void of Course from 3:36 Am to 4:39 AM when she enters Virgo and we sterilize everything.

Dreams are vivid and disturbing over night. It is just the influences so don't read too much into them.  Early morning calls have teachers upset as details have been overlooked. After lunch, money matters do not have you a happy camper. However, by mid afternoon, change is in the wind but it is wrapped in red tape and steeped in regulations.

I do love how our Goobenor spins things. It is the typical corporate line. The drug data base, designed to catch people who are doctor shopping and getting too many prescription for pain killers is a really bad idea because it violates privacy (and we can't help but wonder exactly whose) and won't stop the pill mills.
Well, it is working in other states because as usual, this is not the whole story. No, it will do little to curb the pill mills if they refuse to cooperate. Unfortunately, the people at the pill mill doorstep are also in the too late to do much category. The data base is designed to catch people before they become full blown drug addicts, sleeping in their cars waiting for the doors to open in a strip mall and become thieves and abusers to feed their addiction.
Seven people die in Florida a day from prescription drug overdose every day. That doesn't even touch the number that die from related causes like liver, pancreatic and heart failure due to over use of these medications. That number doesn't even begin to take into account the newborns screaming in nurseries trying to get through withdrawal from prescription drug addiction given to them by the mothers. That figure doesn't even begin to count the number of children and babies dead from neglect or abuse because mother and daddy can't get their fix tonight. The figure doesn't even touch the broken homes, muggings and burglaries fueling this epidemic and our goobenor is worried about privacy. The hospital has no choice but to send these newborns home with an addicted mother (privacy issues) knowing she is going to be whacked out and probably forget to feed it. Apparently this goober has trouble understanding that if you don't comply with the law and report these prescriptions, you will hauled off in handcuffs and thrown into a small cell with bars. Oh, I forgot, he would have trouble with that one.....

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