Sunday, February 6, 2011

Forecast for Monday, 02/07/11

Jute Round
We have 2 of them.
2 times 7/11!  I wonder if that is lucky for gamblers or increased nightly raids on the convenience store?

It is so quiet with the Super Bowl. The normal traffic in and out of the neighborhood is gone. I like this because I have to admit that there are two questions in the Universe that I don't think I will ever get the answer to:
1. What is everyone saying on those cell phones that is SOOOOO important they can't drive.
2. Where is everyone going???? Gas is out of sight...why aren't they staying home or planning their trips?

That brings me to the difference between men and women. I know, we seem to be a total mystery to men but we actually think alike. All women think forward and plan. It has taken George all year to figure out that when I shop I am always a month ahead on non-perishable supplies. When a good coupon arrives, we use it. We don't sit around and wonder if we have some. We know we will need it eventually and we get it while it is cheap. We have running a house down pat by the time we are 10. Retiring and trying to revamp how we have run the house for 35 years will shorten your life expectancy and no jury of our peers will convict us.

Today's Tarot Card is the Judgement Card. Today is a day of major decisions. There will be no sitting on the fence. It is yes or no time.

All the aspects occur really early in the morning when you are trying to get ready for work. Someone's idea of a pleasant call wakes you up. People, do not call people early on Monday morning. 95% of us are trying to get that extra five minutes! You are liable to throw a tantrum when you find elders or authorities have blocked the change you thought was passed on Friday.

Good ideas gone bad is the topic. There was a man, and we all know it was a man, who thought up the idea of collapsible prongs on chargers. He never thought far enough ahead to realise they would collapse while you were trying to plug them into the outlet.
Then there was the man who designed the stalls in the women's restroom. He never took into consideration that we have to turn around and we have breasts. Yes gentlemen, those things you are always staring at require clearance when a woman is turning. We curse him daily.

Now for a really great idea! Someone designed a ice cube tray I found with a slit between the last four cube compartments. That allows you to twist the tray without breaking the sides of the cube slots.
Whoever designed the drop down paper towel holder that Home Depot is selling for $1.24 deserves an award. It holds the biggest paper towel roll and they don't fly out of it and hit you in the face!

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