Saturday, February 26, 2011

Forecast For Sunday, 02/27/11

The Skulls!
We really made progress on the shop today. George vacuumed the floors and I dusted and dusted and dusted. I think one of the dust bunnies nipped my leg. Things are progressing, slowly but surely. Tomorrow I do more rearrangement and display, the never ending tasks of retail. Fortunately, I have one more pouch of brownies to make for fuel.

Today's Tarot Card is the Two of  Wands. The grass may looker greener on the other side of the fence but you have everything you need in your hand.

Dreams of things changing may actually have elders and authorities awakening from the that nightmare and trying to figure out how to squeeze us a bit more. By morning, you are feeling in control and your power is seeping back to you. You will be talking about it by mid morning. The warning is that the hammer may hit late tonight trying to use legal means to keep people "in order". Somehow, I do not think any one is putting this genie back in the bottle.

My birthday weeks are the worst weeks of my life. That is simply a statement but this year, I went on the offensive and it was hysterical. After switching telephone companies because I am not contributing to ATT contributing to the Tea Party and their candidates, I got a bill from them. Now, if I am paying in advance for service, I am a little fuzzy on how I can owe when I had just paid so I requested a full statement. I didn't hear anything until today when, and it is only 30 days, I got a call from their collection agency, who will probably never call me again.
Goddess, I lit into that guy and suggested he drop a note ex-president Bush because it was him and his GOP/Tea Party cronies that passed the law preventing you from removing any money from your retirement fund for 30 days....get ready because this is the exact reasoning....just in case you change your mind and then allows the bank to hold your money for at least another 60 days while they, using an abacus with their shoes off, to try to figure out exactly how much money is in your account before they chisel that check out of granite and mail it via pony express and why, so they can borrow against YOUR money and make INTEREST off of it just in case  that 2 billion dollar yearly bonus doesn't pay their food bill for the month.
I started to feel bad after yelling at this guy and then I work for the *astards, take the message to them that THEY KILLED THE GOLDEN GOOSE. In over 20 years of having a cell phone with them, I have never been late on a bill, disputed anything or complained about anything. Now, they and their political cronies are trying to take what little bit everyone has left for what...a car wash and wax for their Rolls? I mean, what do you do with billions of dollars a year? I can't even conceive of spending that much money. What would I want and what would I do with it? Shiatsu, I am over the moon that BJ's got the navel oranges in last night I got a bag. It was under 10 bucks....
This pill pusher/ex heroine dealer they busted yesterday in the pill mill raids had a WAREHOUSE full of super expensive cars. Okay, now how many cars can you drive at once? I can see Jay Leno as a collector, but this uneducated Jackass just  took them out once in a while to annoy his  neighbors running up and down the street. We have two vans, and there is always the chance one will break down and we need the other one to tow it home. They are both working vans because we work for a living. Neither one of them is impressing anyone. I just need to get from here to there and I don't care what you think of my broom. Face it, you live and then you die. No one is going to be at your funeral saying, "Nice ride." They are going to be commenting on your character of lack there of....
Folks, when people are complimenting your ride, your dress, your house...they are not complimenting you. I would much rather have someone say I am nice person than I drive a nice car.

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