Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Forecast for Wednesday, 02/23/11

After all the financial articles that came out today, all I can say is I am sick to my stomach.
All the Tea Party/GOP voters should be so proud of the people they voted for as they happily claim a mandate from the people to strip the people of all their rights. They should be particularly proud of giving those huge tax cuts to the very people who orchestrated the financial meltdown so they can enjoy their tens of billion dollars in  bonuses (yes, you read that number right)  with not even a day of community service for their crimes. Of course, with the unemployed on the way to being forced to do community service to get their meager checks in Florida, I guess the competition is too stiff for those jobs picking up garbage on the highway.
Ah and we Democrats have much to be proud of as the very people who made the tens of billions and more off this financial crises, created it and collected our tax dollars to fix it (or their private jet) are doing their community service by being hired into the top levels of the government so they can watch their colleagues do more of the same thing. Yup, you should always hire the FOX to watch the hen house.
Yes sirree, this is one proud day for America and brother, was my forecast on the mark yesterday. Let's see what today brings....

Today's Tarot Card is the Knight of Swords, reversed. There is no knight in shining armor coming to the rescue. In fact, there is very little movement at all today.

The only aspect today occurs in the evening bringing the desire for some pleasant social interactions.
BUT wait until tomorrow because the heavens will be really, REALLY active!

In case you missed it, Saturday is Take Back America Day and since I am no where near the capital of Florida, we are offering a protest with free coffee, reduced to $35.00 readings and 10% off all products on Saturday. If I had some money, I would offer a cheese platter to show solidarity with Wisconsin! Maybe we can get George to bake some brownies..Brownies are universal....Come in and get your reading as it will keep me out of trouble and believe me, the way things are going, that is a really good idea.

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