Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Forecast for Thursday, 02/10/11

I finally remembered to order candle holders.
When you feeling off, the days seem to fly by and you get nothing done. At least that is how it seems to me. Napoleon is eating the new yogurt like it is ambrosia. I wonder how he will take to the homemade yogurt as soon as I get the machine set up. At least then I will be certain of what is in it!
Work on the shop continues. Just as I finished spray painting a display for the Anna Riva oils, a bug landed on it. Fortunately he was able to take off, but I think he will permanently have bright yellow feet. We replanted the Ponderosa Lemon today into a bigger pot. It is one mass of buds. I decided to cut the dead wood off and as usual because a blood sacrifice. I added some flowers and a sage to the pot and it seems a lot happier.

Today's Tarot Card is the Queen of Wands and High Priestess. You could say the emphasis will be on the feminie today if you didn't understand that the Queen is a very proud and egotistical woman possibly a Leo. These cards suggests it time for her spiritual reawakening and how hard it happens is always up to her.

This is not a day of easy aspects like the Tuesday and Wednesday. There are harsh words overnight. The feeling is general aggravation in the afternoon over limits on money you need to spruce things up and can't get. By late night, tempers flare, independence is squashed and there will be power outages.

It is sad that the best workers are the most affected in this "recession" Personally, I think this is a Depression. People who kept their heads down, nose to grindstone and forestalled the social aspects to work and help the company seem to be the first ones out the door. The sad thing is they have no contacts and hence even though more qualified than the people who remain, they can not get a job. So, you might want to become a networking goof off because they seem to be the people who get the jobs and keep them. I hate to admit it, but I saw this trend starting 10 years ago when the "good time Charlies" kept getting the promotions. At the time, I didn't understand it. Now I do. If no one under you understands or is capable of understanding what the company really does, they make excellent shills and fallguys. The people running these big corporations don't want workers that are intelligent and most of all inquisitive.

That leads me to our Governor who chose to unveil his new budget in a the town of Eustis (most Floridians don't even know where that is) to small group of faithful Tea Partiers and off to Hades with the GOP and every other idiot that was stupid enough to vote for him. The first order of business was raping the school system because Goddess forbid we actually educate those kids. They might want a real job rather than cleaning toilets in a fast food restaurant. The second order of business was vetoing a measure that was almost complete and ready for implementation. This was a statewide data base of perscriptions that would have given pharmacists the ability to see if people were "doctor shopping" for oxy and the other happy drugs and getting an abnormal amount of pills. Now the odd thing about this is being vetoed in the budget is that it never was in the budget. It was not created with Tax Payer dollars and was a private emterprise. However, it is now dead, illegal and floating belly up. Remember when I told you that the drug manufacturers could stop the Pill Mills in one simple move? Well, our goober, I mean govenor, has made certain the pill mills stay in business and the drug manufacturers keep a healthy profit going and do you think it might have something to do with his ex-job as head of Columbia Medical Centers where he resigned before he could be indited in the largest Medicare Fraud case in the Country's history??? You are aware that the drug companies make billions in Medicare fraud and over perscriptions that you and pay for and poor people who don't have a PDR take and die from aren't you? It is not a victimless crime. It is also a high kickback crime.
Well, you elected an "outsider" from the corporate world and you certainly got what you voted for. Are you happy, yet??? Stick around, you may need that pill mill, if you still have a job and afford it. Gee, I wonder why he is so slow appointing cabinet members; having trouble counting the payoffs? Yup, I am going to laughing my lower posterior off for the next two years.

Kudos to Mexico who refused to allow Monsato's genetically engineered seeds into the country. Just to put it into perspective, this is the country that allows insecticides we don't, produces crops that poisonous from over spraying and meat that is so full of hormones that 6 year old boys have C cups and they don't want these seeds in their country! How's that work for you???

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