Friday, February 18, 2011

Forecast for Saturday, 02/19/12

I awoke feeling awful and it wasn't until afternoon I remember what I did. I went out back. I cannot go out back at the shop until the Mango tree finishes blooming. I am allergic to the pollen. Anyway, I am somewhat better.
Last night I cooked catfish for dinner and a chicken and a pork roast for this weekend. Weekends are busy at the Salamander, so having you dinner ready is a good idea. Now I am so sick I can't eat any of the great food I fixed. In my next life, no allergies will be permitted.
Boogaboo, who wants to called Orson because he looks like Orson Wells, decided to be king today. There is only one king and his name is Napoleon. So I told him that to be king you needed to have white on you somewhere. He claims he has stealth white. You can't see it but it is there. I told him he could be a prince and stake out a territory at the front window. Last I saw he had claimed the top of a scratching post tube.

Today's Tarot Card is the Four of Swords. Rest or sickness will follow. Although you are prepared, your enemies outnumber you.

For a week, teachers get recognition in a good way.
It is a very social day and morning but everything has to be just so-so. Late tonight the bickering starts so chill out. Things do not have to be perfect.

Well, the basic information of the revised unemployment package in Florida came out today and at first I could not believe what I was reading or WHY someone would do something like this. Not only are the number of weeks you can draw unemployment being cut by 6, but you HAVE to take any job that pays 80% of your previous salary. Now, what is to stop your previous employer who just gave you the finger from saving money by hiring you back at a 20% cut in pay, frequently. Each time you become unemployed, your new salary is cut by 20%. So if you get a job at the 80% thinking I can survive and get laid off a month later, you have to take the next job offered at 80% of that salary. It won't take too many jobs before you are below poverty level wages. Then part of the way through the unemployment compensation, the mandatory job pay you have to accept drops to anything paying the same amount you are getting in unemployment or around $275.00 a week. Well, George, it looks like engineers in the USA are now going to be making what they make in India, ooops, less than India...that's 14,300.00 a year not $15,000.00 in India. Gee I wonder who this bill benefits besides the idiots in the GOP and Tea Party that are willing shoot themselves in the foot...the big corporations?????

Not only that, but the high speed train, touted as great for our unemployment crisis, between Orlando and Tampa is on the chopping block even though the Feds were paying 90% of the bill for it. What does that do, you as?. Well, a lot of people live in the cheap areas outside Orlando and drive over to Tampa for better paying jobs than the poverty level amusement park and restaurant fare in Orlando. With gas what it is, the commute is becoming impossible so the only hope people had of a good paying job was that bullet train. Now, well, welcome back to poverty level. Both sides of the lake will finally be equal until the first good hurricane and then you will be washing down the Hillsboro river by me. Oh, did I forget to mention the levies won't have any progress at all in shoring them up for at least 10 years.

Yes siree, our goobenor is making this state real friendly to corporations. Shortly they will have an infinite supply of highly educated workers living below poverty level all courtesy of Governor Scott, the GOP and the Tea Party. Hey, the good news is that you don't have to worry about Obamacare. You can't afford aspirin at CVS....How are you guys feeling about the people you elected? How's it working out for you? Hey, I'm fine. We own all our property and made our plans based on never being able to collect a penny we paid into the Social Security System which YOUR elected GOP Tea Party darlings are in Washington working on slashing with a pick axe. BUT the good news is, that nasty abortion issue is resolved, family planning is out of business but it doesn't really matter because you couldn't afford that anyway under your favorite bridge. Just keep waving that old Bible and sooner or later you will discover what people in the third world nations I grew up in discovered: not only are they inedible but they don't burn worth a sh......when you are cold.

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