Sunday, February 20, 2011

Forecast for Monday, 02/21/11

Iguana on the roof
Today is President's Day and we are safe or so Ben Franklin would have had us believe as Congress is not in session.

Today's Tarot Card is the Sun. Start the week on a positive note of success. This is your day to shine.

Mercury enters Pisces at 3:53 PM EST where he is not happy. Communications, if it is possible, become more emotionally charged with plenty of pleas for the good old days which have come and gone. Write a love note but remain realistic.
The morning starts with an acceptance of limitations but by lunch an elder or authority reminding you of what you already accepted will ruin a social event. Everyone knows things are bad. Constant reminders are rubbing salt into wounds, particularly if the guy reminding you is wearing a suit that costs more than your car.

Speaking of that, I have for years been trying to tell people that our local, state and federal governments have been robbing us blind and paying off their relatives and the people who bought the election for them. Every year our local taxes have increased and people have just thrown money at them. Parade the little kids out and everyone threw money at the school board. Well, the recommendation on the Broward School Board is back from the Grand Jury investigating them: throw them all out including the board structure and start over. Yes, they used nice 8 letter words but I will translate for you: grand theft, bribery and general incompetence is the verdict. Then even more has come out. Members of boards who meet monthly have been drawing salaries most of us would like when you divide it into the hourly wage AND getting full health benefits and pensions. Of course they want rid of is cutting into their perks.  Of course they want to take the pensions away from the teachers, cops, firefighter and general worker bees. It is cutting into their pension fund and they are all collecting a doozy for often no more than one term of service. Wouldn't we all like those jobs????

By-the-way, I checked George's unemployment check and even though he was making 100,000.00 as an engineer, which is really low for an engineer, his weekly check is 250.00. So if you really thought you would have a 275.00 a week cushion and you are making under 175,000.00 a year, think again. Think about it a lot. As for jobs...he spends most of the time on the computer and not even a nibble, not even an interview. He is too qualified, too old and there simply are no technical jobs down here. Heck, it is getting to be a fist fight for changing sheets at the motel. I guess I will just have to run for office to support us. Can't you just see it: the old Druid in government??? That is every elected official's nightmare. You want a filibuster...buddy, I can talk about nothing for days on end.......please don't mind the runes on my desk and the doll I keep hitting with a hammer..Ooops, sorry Napoleon thought your leg was a scratching post....My first order of business: everyone gets a big cut in salary and benefits. Then we play slice and dice with every amendment added to any bill. Compromise...sure...I learned early the only compromise with someone who is out to destroy you is to let them help you choose your method of suicide and suicide never appealed to me.

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