Friday, February 11, 2011

Forecast for Saturday, 02/12/11

Eventually you will be able to buy one!
First I have to find them...
There is nothing quite like cracking one eye open in the morning to fine a cat intently staring at you. Purdy von Sweets was in steal stalking mode. That is where the cat moves one body part at a time and then freezes for 5 minutes. It is stalking in freeze frame. The only thing I have never understood is how the prey doesn't die of old age or the cat of starvation before the pounce occurs. Anyway, I opened both eyes quickly as I have learned being pounced in the face is no fun. She slowly crept closer and closer until she was right up to my mouth. That was when I realised I had either been sleeping with my mouth open and she wanted my tongue or she was trying to smell my breath. It was the latter. She was checking for breakfast and coffee. A little later she was on all the pillows behind me when I lifted the cup of coffee and she did her elephant rampaging through the bush imitation. That cat is really hooked on coffee. I had to give her a little bit.
Then again I don't know if she is more hooked on coffee than Napoleon is on Yogurt or the shop cats are on Temptations. Loki has already had his howling fit for them at 8 PM. They get them before we leave and we normally close on weekdays at 8, but it is the weekend and we are open an hour later. His monkey doesn't seem to know that.

Today's Tarot Card is the Two of Wands. Anywhere looks better than where you are even though you really have everything you need in your hands.

The morning doesn't go as planned as change is blocked by elders and authorities even though you explain how it is for the best. A noon time social event proves more of a challenge than fun. Good news late this evening makes it all worthwhile. Check you email.

I think the entire country's weather is on a yo-yo string. You don't know whether to keep the heaters out or turn the air on.
The only thing I got done was tying the tomatoes up and some of the lights either down or fixed. I managed to get the price tags ready for the brass candle sticks and then I could only find one candle stick holder. I don't know where they are hiding. I positively couldn't find the safe driving or trip stickers for your car and know they were just here. I think the Fae are having fun today.

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