Monday, February 21, 2011

Forecast for Tuesday, 02/22/11

It has been a day and a half. I fell off my bed wedge. This should be impossible because I wedge a body pillow next to it and if I fall off the other side, I hit the floor. Somehow I did it, twisted my whole body and woke up with my back thrown out so well the level of pain had me nauseous and close to vomiting. I did not get to the Doctor as there was no way I could drive. So, I fell back to sleep and when I woke a second time the pain was less but then the cramp from Hades hit my leg and I was certain the muscle was stripped off the bone. I have been holding on to the wall all day to get around. So much for my nice day off. George is trimming the cat's claw tree out front and if he finds it, I have a nice wand! I deserve a perk for all the pain and blood I have shed at that tree.

Today's Tarot Card is the Chariot. In a personal reading this always means the person is getting another car. In a general reading it mean advancement, movement and achieving balance through physical movement.

The Moon is void of course from 3:35 AM to 4:29 AM EST when she enters Scorpio. Let the games begin. Under this moon there is both deceit and excellent detective work ferreting out secrets.

Nightmares may actually be prophetic overnight. The overnight energies make it hard to stay asleep for any period of time. Those who have been wronged have a lesson to teach this morning and it would do you well to stop and listen. It will contribute to your success. Bad financial news in the middle of the afternoon leads to change born out of revelations about elders or authorities.
Mars enters Pisces at 8:06 PM EST where he is not happy. No matter how hard the war god tries to shake emotional attachments, they act like quicksand and the harder he fights, the quicker he sinks.
A couple of day aspect has those who have been wronged coming forward and finally telling their stories. You will shocked at how long some things have been going on......and on....and on.....

I'm enclosing a link to an article right here. Please read it. Keep in mind the 1tr he mentions is 0ne trillion dollars.

I looked at the House of Representative's Budget slashing and shuddered. First cuts were education and health care, all of which the middle class and poor depend on to survive. The rich can afford health insurance and private schools. The second area was law enforcement which again impacts the middle class and poor as the rich have their private security guards and systems. Actually, every cut affected the middle class and the poor leaving the rich nicely untouched enjoying their tax breaks and speculative investments at the expense of...oh do I actually have to type it out. Investments in what is called our infrastructure (roads, bridges and levees) is non-existent. The reason for that is a mobile population is hard to control. If you can't get out of town you are easy to round up and it's even easier to control the information you get. No one is coming in or out to contradict it.
Guess who didn't have any cuts? Yup, the Defense Department and we don't even know what they spend most of their money on. Earlier, the House voted to fund an air craft engine for an exorbient price that the military DIDN'T EVEN WANT IT. The Defense Department's budget is obviously nothing more than a payoff fund for the people who paid to elect the GOP and Tea party. And then, grabbing even more money in a different column and being held totally unaccountable is the new Shrub bribery plan called Homeland Security. It is these two agencies that are bankrupting us, not social services.
Stop and think...what do we really get from them? Once upon a time when I was a little girl, a man I never liked named Eisenhower, was elected president. He was a military leader elected on his pocket of ribbons and the first thing he warned the country and Congress about was not the great "Red Menance" but the military/industrial complex taking over the country and eventually bankrupting it. This is from a General and a member of the miltary and THE PRESIDENT. No one listened because his oponents were swearing the Russians were subverting our youth, knocking down our doors and poised to annilihate us at any moment. Gee, does that sound familiar? And so, the Pentagon grew and grew and of course since the Red Menance was listening to every whisper, became more secretive and its funding was thrown under a blanket so no one could find out what we were doing for our defense. Apparently, we were making about 2% of the population very, very RICH and since we were unable to even catch one little Arab my guess would be spending very little on actual working defense but then again, no one knows what they REALLY DO with the money.
Fast forward to today and remember, we are no longer spending that money in the USA. We buy our weapons, our planes, our supplies and our ammunition from OTHER COUNTRIES. Just about every penny of that Defense Budget goes overseas. We don't even spend it in this country. Why? Because countries do not exist. Yes, you heard me right. We are now a world of multinational corporations that control the resources and governments of the world at the expense of the people and the first order of business is to get rid of that pesky middle class who have ambitions to become more than they are and plunge them into poverty where your only ambition is to eat and have a dry place to sleep at night.
Friends, I have lived in that world and you DO NOT WANT TO GO THERE.
George, a Viet Nam veteran, is comforted by the sound of helicopters. I run for cover as they would be hunting me. My stomach knots every time I see a police chopper with lights on and I shrink into the shadows. I instinctively distrust all people in uniform for really good reason. I have stopped hitting the ground when a car backfires so I am making progress. I am used to the people I eat breakfast with being dead by dinner. I am used to sleeping with my hand on a weapon and not moving one inch when I sleep, very quietly. Now, do you want to live that way? Do you want to learn to wrap yourself in sheets so the bugs will stay out while you sleep? Do you want to empty your shoes in case something unpleasant decided to take up residence while you had them off? Do you want to learn to meet each person accessing their potential weaknesses in case you have to fight them off? That is the world I grew up in and the one you are creating. No educational system, so no one can read and write. Hiding in the shadows from authorities not because you have done anything wrong but because you are breathing their air and they want it back. Your new Itune is gunfire and explosions. Your latest ambition is making it through the night in one piece and eating something, anything, tomorrow, because today didn't work out so well. Three quarters of the world lives that way. You're next.

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