Saturday, February 5, 2011

Forecast for Sunday, 02/06/11

Front Shop Gardens
The Cosmic Salamander has been declared a Super Bowl Free Zone. You can visit us tomorrow, have some coffee or tea, listen to relaxing music and chill out in our various gardens or the shop. Nary a football nor a beer will be viewed on premises. Fresh fruit and not Nachos will be the fare of the day. Come and see us!

Today's Tarot Card is the Five of Pentacles. You are unable to get into something you have been applying for but the decision was made before you even applied. Don't take this card's message of rejection personally.

The Moon is void of course from 2:13 PM to 5:45 PM EST  when she enters Aries. The Moon is not happy in Aries. Emotions are on the surface, burn fast and then are forgotten. Too many things are started and little ever gets finished.

For the next week, you find ways to transcend your limitations and you might want to search the Internet for ideas. Put your energy into getting around the brick walls you have been hitting. Social events hosted by elders, authorities or 'experts" are looking to make a fast buck; off you!

Emotions run high in the afternoon but they are pleasant. Luck is on your side in the late night and gambling is favored.

Some days I shake my head until my poor shoulder hurts. Since the courts ruled that people can't be required to carry health insurance and my very own state of Florida was in on this move, I wonder if I can sue them for all the years they forced me to carry PIP which is a personal injury protection policy. It IS health insurance. Hey, can they actually force us to carry car insurance? Can the banks be allowed to force us to carry home insurance? Is any mandatory insurance legal under the Constitution??? Can I get my money back????? Any lawyers out there want to take my case?

Then there was the ill fated redefinition of rape the GOP brought up for a vote in Congress under the guise of preventing tax dollars being used for abortions. The interesting thing about this bill is that tax dollars can not be used for abortions so we can only conclude the purpose of the bill WAS TO REDEFINE RAPE. Under this bill, if a woman was impaired, drugged, drunk or mentally incapable of making a decision, IT WASN'T RAPE. Only if she was totally conscious and deemed mentally competent and thus able to say NO was it rape. The very fact that these MEN in the GOP in CONGRESS (the majority of whom are LAWYERS) actually conceived of such a thing makes me certain I never want to be alone with one of them without a gun. Hey, it's my second Amendment right to pack heat and I would be happy to shoot the bugger in the family jewels. People, if one of my kids was a Congressional Page, they would be in the backseat of my van headed home RIGHT THIS MOMENT! I wouldn't leave any child of mine alone with a bunch of men who think like that. Heck, I wouldn't leave my cat alone with them and Napoleon can defend himself.

But far more than that, while Florida, a GOP run state,  is in the lawsuit to prevent the government from regulating private insurance companies in a any way AND they have a bill in the legislature right now to force private insurance companies NOT to pay for abortions. How can they not regulate private companies and then tell them what procedures they can insure? You can't have it both ways, unless you drug the woman. And as a further testimony to the schizophrenia of the GOP, it was the GOP who conceived of and passed MEDICARE. I'm sorry people, but these guys are flat out crazy. There is nothing rational about anything they are doing and you should be very, very worried.

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