Saturday, February 12, 2011

Forecast for Sunday, 02/13/11

Petey Pie Black
I had a rough night. First the medication my RLS refused to work and when it finally kicked in around 3 AM, I had an attack of sciatica. In my case, it feels like someone sticking red hot pins under my big toe nails. I reached for the bottle of pain medication and took my quarter of a pill. That knocked me out of it and as you all know, just when you get out of it, you have to run to the bathroom.
In the bathroom I find George's old adoptee stuck in the garbage can with my little crippled ancient cat trying to get her out. Talk about the blind leading the blind... Well, the first question was how a cat was stuck in something that was bigger than her. You must understand, this is not a nice cat. She was left by her first owners and by the time the kids laid a big enough guilt trip on the adults to make them come back for her, she refused to have anything to do with them and ran across the street and hid at the shop. Then, because I was sick and refused to walk down to the shop in a deluge to get a bumper sticker for an ex-friend, he stomped on her. We won't mention breaking my car window to try and peel the sticker off it. Anyway, although my vet has had no luck saving cats with this injury, she is the second cat I have managed to save, though they can never lift their tails again and she lost about two inches of the end of hers from nerve damage. She is also ancient not to mention that as a young cat she was a real witch with the second letter. This cat is nasty and she was screaming her head off. So, I decided that since I already had pain medication in me, I would drag the cat out and patch myself up in the morning. Meanwhile, Petey Pie Black is having a pacing fit not knowing what to do. Oh that poor naive cat, I had no idea what I was doing. It turned out she had one claw caught on a piece of plastic in the garbage can that a day old kitten could have broken and because of that was laying in the floor on her side screaming with the garbage can over her head. I made it out without a scratch. It is nights like that that I mutter, "Why me???" I mean, couldn't the goddess send me the sweet, nice normal cats with 2 left feet instead of 4? Because of that, I slept really late.

Today's Tarot Card is Temperance. It is time to get all things including yourself into balance.

The Moon goes Void of Course at 10:19 PM EST. Dreams may have provided the key to lifting limitations. The morning starts with an abundance of energy and thoughts come faster than you can keep track of them. Ideas abound and you need to sift through and choose the best ones. By afternoon you are feeling really good about yourself. Late night is both romantic and psychic, so trust your intuition because all that glitters is not gold and the fur will fly a bit later.

I know I have been very quiet about Egypt. I try to be optimistic, but I am a realist. We and I do mean this country, overthrew the previous ruler who brought Egypt into the 20th century and made it a modern country that recognised the rights of women. We, this country, installed this dictator in his stead and starting throwing Egypt back into the dark ages. We did the same thing in Iraq as no matter how brutal a dictator may have been in power, he had modernized the country and gave women rights. Now, it is lock stepping back into the dark ages of repression. Funny how that seems to works. So, am I happy for them? Yes, I am. Am I optimistic? No. This country has a reputation for supporting repressive dictators that prefer the dark ages to the 21st century in the Arabic region which also grows us some nice terrorists to blow us up. It makes you wonder...
I also wonder about the pension thing in the State of Florida. Here is what the government and the newspapers are cleverly not saying. A cop makes 40,000.00 a year laying their lives on the line to protect the bank CEO and that makes 4 million a year with a 1-2 million dollar bonus and his property, the bank, from vandalism and theft. The teacher who takes care of their little brats makes even less. The only incentive for taking these jobs has been the guarantee of a nice pension if you survive your 30 years. Let me tell you, for most government workers, that pension is not enough to survive on after retirement. Now for what no one is talking about: WHERE IS THE MONEY THE GOVERNMENT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE PUTTING ASIDE FOR EACH WORKER?????  This is like a savings account. It can't go broke unless someone has been playing fast and loose with the funds. If so, I think we need some indictments for theft, fraud and mismanagement. Every Broward County Commissioner makes over $100,000.00 a year for a part time job and the cop who defends them makes $40,000.00 and they don't pay anything into a retirement fund either! Think about it!
From the time I was a kid, I learned one lesson. You don't put money into the stock market or mutual funds that you can not afford to lose. The stock market was and is a rich man's game.

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