Saturday, February 19, 2011

Forecast for Sunday, 02/20/11

Something in this shop takes every ruler I get. I was just using the dreaded purple one, dreaded because you can't see the numbers on it, and it has disappeared. Tomorrow I go to the dollar store and stock up, again.
Last night George cut the water sprout off the cat's claw tree to be made into staffs. Every inch of this tree, including the leaves, is covered with really sharp, nasty spines. The staffs should be very protective of their owner. We will get two or three out of the cutting. Right now, it is drying and being readied for curing.
Running out of ways to be miserable last night, I coloured my hair. It was a good thing I decided to do it nude because I have never spilled so much hair colour in my life. I am still trying to wash it off me and the bathroom but my hair does look better. The good thing about really thin hair is I can get two uses out of one box if I measure carefully.
Now for a week of no rituals to energize and throw my body clock off kilter. I can't help but wonder if Monday is President's Day, why didn't we get any mail today?

Today's Tarot Card is the Eight of Pentacles: working hard and getting paid in kind, no more and no less.

The Moon is void of course from 2:18 AM to 4:01 AM EST when she enters Libra and nothing gets done for two days. Libra is more interested in appearance than substance so remember for the next two days to look beneath the surface.

Dreams are annoying and jumbled and you may not sleep well this night. By morning you are really miserable, nothing seems to match, you look awful and your mood matches but no one is learning from your example. By lunch you know finances are not improving, change hits a brick wall in the mid afternoon and then the brown sticky stuff really hits the rotary propeller.
For the next couple of days, Mercury aspects cause your intuition to kick into high gear and it sort of short circuits your brain and rational reasoning. That leaves you wide open to pretty little deceits. Now, in jumps Mars bringing out the cons and you will not know what to believe. Here is a hint. Your gut is right and everything you are seeing in media is wrong. Trust no one but yourself.

Last night I tried to show you how this new unemployment law in Florida is about to plunge us into a feudal state with two classes, the rich and the very poor workers. Now, it seems tens of thousands of people in Wisconsin have fallen to the budget bible banging rhetoric and totally missed the point of the protests which are over not the paying of money into pensions or even pay cuts, but the cute little amendments that limit the ability of the unions to bargain and not just the teachers and government worker's unions, but every union! There are even people who are union out there protesting the right of the teachers and government workers unions to bargain and they don't even know what they are doing waving their little cut the budget signs.

This has nothing to do with budget and everything to do with removing your right to work at a job of your choice.

Many years ago, I was unemployed and made the insane mistake of going to the unemployment agency. The very first job they sent me out on, I found myself in house, surrounded by men feeling a lot like a deer in the wolves' den when the man running place came running out, grabbed me and ushered me outside. He quickly told me he had told them NOT TO SEND WOMEN. This was halfway house for men with ...oh well, sexual deviants remanded by the courts to his program. I handed him my card to sign to show I had shown up and he asked what it was. The other women had just run and forged his signature. Under the new law, they are trying to pass, if this job met the salary requirements and this guy had been less than moral, I would have either had to take this job and probably wound up raped and killed or lost my unemployment benefits. Does that drive this home to you? Do you want to be shoveling out sewer lines or worse for 275.00 a week? If you are nice looking woman and some man is willing to meet the salary requirements, you have no choice but to take the job. Do you get it yet? You have no choice on where you will be enslaved and who you will be working for if they are willing to pay the price. This was never about budget or those GOP Tea Party nuts you elected would be cutting their 100,000.00 a year staff members and their own salaries. It is all about turning the USA into a sweat shop. Already there is legislation pending in other states to undo child labor laws!  They are tyring to unfund Planned Parenthood. Women are you totally stupid? You are about to be sold in slavery, your rights are being taken away and if you didn't like the glass is now stainless steel! Please wake up!
A dear Jewish friend of mine was commenting on some of her neighbors who were paying thousands of dollars at some GOP fund raising event to rub shoulders with the politicians. Oddly, I usually find myself needing a bath after getting a crowd of those guys. I loved what she said: "Janice, those are the people who would have sold my parents out for a first class ticket on the train." Her parents were survivors of the Nazi concentration camps in case the reference went over your head. Reread that statement carefully. First class or cattle car, everyone on the train went to the same place...Ladies...the SAME PLACE.

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