Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Forecast for Thursday, 02/03/11

Yesterday I crawled under the wooden counter that holds the cash register to clean and rearrange the 6 foot glass display counter and put more lighting in it. I had already bought a nice blue cloth for the bottom since the brown one I tried was waaaay too short. I got one half the cabinet bottom nicely straightened out and crawled over to open the other side by sliding the side I just worked on closed when the Bitwit ran into it, decided she wanted a gold chain, didn't know which one and grabbed the blue cloth I spent 15 minutes getting perfectly straight in her mouth and ran with it. Blue kyanite, earrings, gold chains and assorted jewelry went flying everywhere and I called her a name that starts with Bit but doesn't end in Wit. Soooo, I started all over again and this time, I closed the side before I crawled to the other side. It is finished but I am sooooo sore in places I didn't know I had from contorting yesterday I slept an hour late today.
The Imbolc pictures are up on Facebook in the Cosmic Salamander album and I caught orbs on camera! I also posted my garden photos and pictures of the inside of the shop. Progress really is being made. When I got the picture of the glass counter posted I noticed I had both Isis and Bitwit on it. You just can't get a picture without those little furry hams in it.

Today's Tarot Card is the Ace of Wands. This card means the birth of something. It may be a child, an idea or a business enterprise.

Some calendars say today is the Chinese New Year but since the new moon was yesterday for us, we count it as yesterday.
Mercury enters Aquarius at 5:19 PM EST and highlights electricity, telecommunications and new ideas.
Except for a pleasant Venus aspect that sooths old wounds in the evening, there is not much going on today, so have a pleasant day.

Every once in a while I find a cute thing I have to have, if it is cheap enough. I found this neat kitchen brush at Home Life something for 4 dollars yesterday. Now I can HooDoo my veggies as I scrub them!

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