Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Forecast for Thursday, 02/24/11

It has been a busy day. I worked outside until my sinuses said no more and my head was pounding. One tomato is almost ready, the second bush has one baby on it and the sweet 100 is growing like a weed. I wish I was as lucky with lettuce. Then I would have a salad.
I have spent the day pricing skulls (nope not beads), massage points, ovals and points. Since I still live in the manual world, it is slow going. I really hate the glue that one supplier uses to slap the made in stickers on with. I cannot get it off. The price tags, however, flutter off like confetti. Ah the joys of being in retail!

Today's Tarot Card is the Lovers reversed. I think you can forget about romance.

The third quarter moon starts at 6:26 PM EST in 6SAG00. The Moon is void of course from 6:14 AM to 7:46 AM EST. This might be a good day to be a little late or a lot early getting to work.
The Moon enters Sagittarius at 7:46 AM EST and not only do things lighten a bit but justice is in sight. Whether it gets here or not doesn't happen until Pisces.
For the next week, the subject will be teachers and their pain and believe me, they have WAAAAYYY more sympathizers than detractors.
An early morning deceit finally frees you from an emotional bond and you can move on to a new level. And then it goes down hill with squares galore! Teachers are upset and arguments ensue that are way too emotional to make sense. Communications are long winded and whiny. You are not feeling yourself and very put upon and finally after the emotional dust settles, good money news arrives. If you are due a settlement, this could well be the day it arrives.

Unlike many psychics, I do delve psychically into politics or fame. I believe people are due their privacy and if you don't ask for reading, you don't get one. Only when my world is at stake do I delve into things and people that do not directly ask me and I hate to say it, but after yesterday, my world was at stake.

When we went to withdraw the retirement and place the funds into another investment strategy, we were politely told we could expect a check MAY 1st and this was all because the government makes them wait 30 days to release the money and they need time to figure the latest amount (250 milliseconds..what they want me to think they are using an abacus?) . Well, I really can count and May 1st is over TWO months away, so this is nothing more than a delaying technique so they can make money off our money and we can't use it. Welcome to another day where the middle class person gets screwed by the billionaire bankers.

So, being pretty hot under the collar, I asked a question of my guide I never thought I would: "How do we solve this problem in this country because these jackasses just messed with this Scotsman's MONEY?" I didn't really expect an answer and my thoughts were leaning more to shooting them all and letting some god(dess) sort them out (I was leaning toward Kali) when the answer came: "STARVE THE BEAST."
Okay that lead to some more questions as I would have considered voting them out of office and the answer to that was: "Who is running things?"

Well, I was pretty sure it isn't the politicians in Washington. They have proven to be nothing from the city level up but the paid errand 'boys' for the corporate sponsors that paid for their campaigns. Wow, that was certainly proven in Wisconsin today, wasn't it? Who runs the corporations? Betcha didn't ask that one? Well, it is not the people who own them. The life and death of the corporations is determined by two entities and you aren't one of them: Wall Street and the Banks. The issue in the corporate world is whether you can get credit and keep your stock prices up and you really have no control over either. So, starve the beast because no matter how you may have decided to overthrow the government, it is useless...both your method and the government. You can remove the entire government and NOTHING WILL CHANGE. What these real fart fellows in the GOP and Tea Party do not realise is they are expendable and easily replaced. The Corporate Boards of Director are routinely lied to as are the investors and stock holders, reread the Rolling Stone article. So, how do you starve the beast?

Let's try a simple approach, buy local. I know you have heard that but you have no idea how powerful it is and how much it scares the crap out of these people. When you buy local, your money stays in your community. Use a local bank instead of the big guys like say Bank of America. I think their president has enough of our tax dollars and should be in jail. Use locally owned restaurants that buy locally. Cut up your credit cards because every payment and charge you make just feeds the beast. I know I love my ATM card but it is going into the shredder. Why, because if my money is in my wallet my bank (which I can't change until May 1st) can't make money off of it, i.e. starve the beast. Trade with your friends and neighbors for what you need. There are great internet trading sites where people post items they no longer need. Use small phone companies like CREDO where part of their profits will be going to social causes. Start a garden and bring big Agro to their knees. Do you have any idea how much of your tax dollars go to subsidize that beast instead of the small farmer who needs it? Learn how to cook. Use propane from local sources and distributers instead of the big W. Make things. Repair things. Stop buying mindlessly. Barter because the less money floating around the skinnier the beast is going to get.

The answer is not in the streets but in your wallet. Their soul currency is money and that is where you hit them. Pass it on.

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