Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Actions speak louder than words.

I like to turn the volume off and just watch actions. What have I seen the past couple of days? I have seen Republican Congress people out and about with absolutely no security what so ever. I have seen Democrats with at least 4 cops shadowing them. At a press conference....now let me give you background...you do not get into a press conference without press ID and an invite, I used to work for a newspaper.....a Democratic Congresswoman had 4 Broward County Cops with her at an event that normally has one bored retired cop barely armed and waiting to get out of there.
Does any of this tell you anything? The Broward Sheriff's office tried to spin it by saying they were a afraid of copycats. Ah, but doesn't that apply to the other side of the fence, too?
The violence provoking rhetoric has not died down one iota.
Why? Remember my friends, I have been telling you this was going to happen since the election 2 years ago. A fanatic is most dangerous to two people: the second in command and the object of their fanaticism. They know that if they back off one ounce, they make themselves a target for the very people they are provoking. That only means one thing people, they knew exactly what they were doing from the beginning. They knew exactly what the reaction would be.
That is why there are no apologies, no outrage and no changes being made. When these nuts advocated "lock and reload", that is exactly what they meant. They mean to take over the government by force if the ballot box doesn't work in their favor. Arizona is just the test case. Florida or Texas is next. My bet is on Florida as it mirrors Arizona with a large, easily targeted retiree population and a larger immigrant population.
Will Kevlar be the new black?

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