Sunday, January 9, 2011

You are free to incite violence, murder and mayhem...

I was unaware that the laws have changed, but the newspaper in Ft. Lauderdale informed me this morning that to be held accountable for inciting violence, symbolically advocating the murder of someone or suggesting mayhem be committed against this country is a LEFTIST concept and we are, after all, not a socialist, commie country.
Thus, you may now publish photos of you ex with a rifle sight on their face and see if anyone will shoot them for you. You may now incite a riot with no fear of legal retribution or arrest. You can get on the air and suggest the violent overthrown of the government or your neighborhood homeowners association because it passed health care or wants to collect Taxes (home owners fees) from you.
By-the-way, what exactly are we holding those people in Guantanamo for? According to the latest "Good Old American" values, they didn't do anything wrong. They were just trying to kill people and overthrown the government. Nothing wrong with that. I mean, do we really know if they were wrapped in an American flag singing hymns before they crashed into the Twin Towers. Perhaps we "left wing nut cases" should give them the same benefit of the doubt the Right Wing is now giving their heroes of the air waves.
Yup, it is not your fault if someone takes you seriously. Not your fault if some idiot had the stupidity to get on the highway after you went to that party and drank yourself silly. They should have gotten out of your way, those leftist, non drinking commies that want health care. I mean, if they weren't leftist non drinking commies, they would have had a six pack, been watching a good old American sporting event and on their way to the liquor store to get more fuel to celebrate their good old American victory or drown their defeat. Definitely not your fault. Heck, you ought to get a reward for killing them and getting them out of the voting pool.
Not your fault you beat your wife or kid to a pulp. They might be leftists. Not your fault you burned down the government building because those good American Right Wingers suggested it on the air when you took your tin foil hat off to take a shower on Friday the 13th. I mean, those Leftists would have provided you with affordable health care and medication so the voices from those good old  REAL Americans would stop talking to you.
Welcome to the new America people. I just wanted to make certain you understood the rules.
However, please keep in mind.....sorry my lawyer demands a disclaimer...these new rules may not apply to you if you do not have a membership card for the Tea Party or the Republican Party, or a political or reality TV or radio show or your own web page or have contributed over a quarter of million dollars to your local Republican or Tea Party candidate as an anonymous donor. How the heck do I get that printed in 6 point, grey type in italics again....Hey, it's not my fault......

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