Thursday, January 27, 2011

Progress Report on a Train Wreck

Yes my friends, it was a train wreck. I am referring to last election and I can't stop staring at the carnage.

As we drown in unemployment and foreclosures with the housing market with its four feet up in the air, stiff, our trusty GOP Tea Partiers in the Legislature prepare to tackle those issues that worry all of us as we eat PBJ and pull the tarp tighter over our heads under the overpass: abortion. Yes folks, while they file a lawsuit to keep the Obamacare from taking over our god given right not to have insurance regulation, they seek to pass a law regulating the insurance companies preventing them from paying for abortions. I guess insurance reform depends on which god you think you are worshiping. And while they are cutting costs in medical care so we won't need insurance, they plan to require a woman have a costly ultrasound before an abortion. News flash folks: those ultrasound pictures of your little one look like a really, really bad picture of a tad pole to the rest of us.

Now, as our tourism industry tries to recover the loses, unsuccessfully, from the great BP disaster and we are warned our reefs, which just happen to be the fish nursery, are dying and with them will go our fishing industry, our new Tea Party Official, Alan West announces we need closer to shore drilling. Yup, that way the oil spill can get here faster. Of course, the point of tourism or the fishing industry will be moot when all those dead fish start washing ashore from the oil laying on the bottom of the Gulf out there. And while we discussing his priorities, cutting your unemployment for all you lazy goof offs out there and making certain your benefits ARE NOT extended is his second priority. Right after that comes raising the age for social security and medicare and, we don't stop will have to qualify for it. I mean just because you spent your life paying into this fund is no reason you should collect anything, including Medicare, if you are marginally above the poverty line. You probably won't be marginally above the poverty line when you buy your first prescription at 2 bucks a pill for high blood pressure. Oh, and high on his list priority is cutting corporate income taxes so the fat cats can get their million dollar bonuses you pay for.

Now, our state government is already in action when one day after FPL's mother company reported record profits along with her subsidiary: FPL, by approving a rate hike to offset the rising fuel costs. Brother, those people just can't report a loss, can they or for that matter, a break even. It's profit all the way and I wonder what their year end bonuses look like because I know what my FPL bill looks like. But hey, I'm paying for all this so who cares.

Better hope they don't repeal Obamacare because me thinks a lot of people are going to be very sick at their stomachs by the end of the year or maybe the month.

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