Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Forecast for Thursday, 01/06/11

Let's see. Last night our latest Florida governor, the outsider Tea Partier, had his 95.00 a ticket inauguration paid for by Big Business and today prepares to dismantle the public school system, get those lazy unemployed people dropped off the "dole" (which is actually unemployment insurance paid for by companies)  and lower taxes all while running Florida like a company. So far he is running it just like his last job at Columbia Healthcare Systems. How did that work out for you?
The new congressional Tea Party leaders were sworn in and vowed to dismantle Healthcare Reform, Social Security and every other package enacted by this administration except those tax cuts for the rich and their own golden package of retirement and health care benefits all in the name of "saving" money. Me thinks the only things they are saving are their own bank accounts. Did you know that in addition to health care for life at such backwoods HMO's like Walter Reed Hospital, they also get their salary for life after serving just one term? No...ooops....I guess I let that cat out of the bag.
So what is my forecast for the year: pretty darned dismal but being psychic, I have spent 20 years preparing for this day. I give them 18 months to run the country and you into the toilet. Enjoy the administration you voted for because I sure will be. I haven't laughed so hard in years.
Now on to the Tarot Cards and Astrology of the day.
Today's Tarot Card is the Ace of Pentacles. Be on the look out for a way to put more money into your hands today, but it may involve a move out of your comfort zone.
The only aspect today occurs in the evening when you come up with a way around some limitation or restrictions but we are dealing with an Aquarius/Libra aspect. So, it may be too far out to implement and you may not be able to make up your mind to implement it. Thus, this aspect tends to bring a nice day dream and a lot of  "I should have's" in a few weeks.
The Salamander is expanding her boundaries as George uncovers the pack patio. Aside from the fire pit he dug out, he was been pushing the weeds off what is proving to be one gigantic concrete slab! At first I thought it would accommodate a table and a couple of chairs but it is growing by the day. Now we could get a whole tent and class back there. We have not located the edges yet.
The organic gardening project is kicking into high gear. A spot for pole beans and tomatoes is being cleared. Tomorrow I get into my grungies and start digging. The herb garden is in the planning stage but the herbs are bought and waiting. Flowers abound and I can't say enough about NuTurf on Dixie Hwy in Pompano Beach. There were honey bees everywhere and the best selection of flowers, herbs and veggies you have ever seen. Skip the big box stores and go over there. You will find everything you need at great prices! I went a little overboard but I am a sucker for violas and allissum. I also got a huge lemon grass...necessary for great barbecue. I need flowers in my world for the Fae and me and the bees. By the weekend, this place will be blooming and buzzing! We closed the honey bee bar so the little critters had better get to work pollinating.
I was so proud of my little Bitwit today. She earned her leather collar. She has forced the huge Loki into submission. He waits patiently for all the girls to eat before he approaches the bowl. I have trained her well.

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