Friday, January 7, 2011

Please stop fighting!

This is not a conspiracy theory. It is plain old boardroom tactics. Heck, I've used it myself. Here is how it works.
You propose something radical, something you know will not work and the the majority will be hurt by. Then you get a bunch of loudmouths to endorse it because they are dumb enough to fall for a slogan and not look any deeper. You use this to bring the matter up so it looks like you have a winning majority. Immediately the half way smart are going to rally a against you and then you compromise down to what you really wanted in the first place and the "really smart" guys think they won. Guess who won? YOU! You got what you wanted in the first place.
Now, next election you trot out the radicals who are going to pay through the nose, stand in the rain and sleet screaming to reelect you because those filthy "liberals" thwarted your agenda and wow, you are back in office if you can get the reasonable people on your side to bring up a 3rd candidate to split the vote. You are back in power and you play the same game over and over again.
So stop fighting. Let them have their school vouchers and merit pay raises for teachers. By the end of the first year, schools will be underfunded and teachers will flee the state. Then the local governments have to make up the difference in funding by raising property taxes and the screaming will begin. When Johnny and Jane can't pass the entrance test to get into Community College and your property tax bill doubles (hey, look at how much goes to education now...the lion's share!), then the Tea Party will have no excuse for the condition except themselves.
Let them have their unrestricted development. When the run off kills all the fish, the pollution closes the beaches regularly and we run out of fresh water, the tourism industry dies and so does the housing industry. Hey, who wants to live without water or for that matter can live without water? Let them have it. In the mean time, we save up our money and get ready to buy up the properties cheap, work on desalinization plant design and when everyone leaves and we are in charge, we fix it and make a tidy profit.
Let the health insurance industry overcharge them to the point no business can afford insurance for their employees and when grandma is tossed out of the nursing home because social security and medicare have been gutted and into their living room without her bag of expensive diapers, I guarantee they will be voting for us perhaps before the next election.
When bridges start collapsing, those Beemers can't do 90 down the highway because of all the cracks and bumps, and traffic becomes a standing room only proposition and the maid is late to clean their toilets, they will be voting for us and willing to pay higher taxes if they haven't moved to another country. Either way, we win.
So stop fighting. Stop donating. Let them have the country they voted for and we'll see how long they stay in power. I am not joking. Our infrastructure both financial and physical is in such bad shape that I give it 18 months before collapse at an outside chance. It will probably happen in 6 to 8 months. So, let them have their hands in the cookie jar when it collapses and all the credit.
The only way to win this game is to refuse to play. You can't compromise because you are still giving them exactly what they want. They have the marbles, make them use them. Force them to play the hand they won with and keep at least 6 months of food and water on hand. You will probably need it.
Just say no to participating or as we said in the 60's: "What if they started a war and no one came?" Let them start the debate and don't come, don't donate, don't send your petitions, don't give them any excuse to back down from their agenda. Force their hand. Then sit back and enjoy the show. Order pizza and get pop corn because I guarantee, it will be worth the price of non-admission.
Hey, it has been for me.....

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