Monday, January 3, 2011

I Had a Dream...

No, not political, a real dream. Some of you have enlarged the photo from the fire pit and saw the creature in it. You can't photoshop something like that. I had no idea it was there until George enlarged it on Facebook and screamed for me to come over there.
Anyway, Fifi was sleeping beside me, as usual and I was dreaming. She has proven herself quite capable of invading my dreams and taking me places. So, I was outside with George and there she was, except she was a full sized cat instead of the miniature she really is. Up came this black and white cat and was rubbing all over her. I was pointing out how gorgeous it was when I saw a piece of fur was missing from his side. George was saying we were not taking another cat in, but I was determined to pet the cat and see how he was doing. As soon as I touched him, his fur went to brown classic tabby and then it morphed to the ticked tabby, like Napoleon's sister and brother. I was looking at his paws, as he was kneading with them, and suddenly I noticed he was a polydactal with so many toes his paws were half moons. That was when I noticed those paws were getting awfully big and I looked at the whole cat. It was bigger than a lion. The paws were bigger than my hands. It had huge ears with tuffs in them and I was worried I was not getting my hand back if I stopped stroking him!
When I told George about the dream he connected it to the creature in the fire. I guess it is the guardian cat spirit of the neighborhood. Which means, it might be a really good idea not to mess with the cats around here. You don't want to meet that thing up close and personal!

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