Saturday, January 22, 2011

Forecast for Sunday, 01/23/11

The Fuzzman
It's been a good day, but turning cold tonight. Ah, but we get to save on electricity!
Last night Lenuxx Fuzzybraten decided his name will now be "the Fuzzman". I do not know what gets into these cats.
Our second oldest cat, Rusty J. Hoover passed last night. George taught him to crawl into my lap many years ago, so I would take him into the house. He was so named because he "hoovered" any food he came into contact with but alas, old age claimed him. He was one of the sweetest red cats I have ever known, who never fought with anything or anyone. He was actually orange and white. He will be missed. Poor Brownie, who often crawled into his cage, Rusty had to have a home or he was not secure, was there when he passed. I swear she had tears in her eyes. Napoleon also came to pay his respects as the house ruler of the male persuasion. All the cats were gathered around as I held him and he crossed over. They have been very subdued and reverent today. Rusty was at least 20 years old. No cat except Precious knows a time when Rusty was not there.

Today's Tarot Card is the Magician reversed. There is not much action you can take today.

The Moon is void of course from 3:08 PM to 6:59 PM EST when she enters Libra and appearance takes precedence over substance. Nothing is getting done unless it looks good so clean all the mirrors and see who you catch. The afternoon has you feeling like no one is playing straight with you and confusion reigns. This can create quite a temper tantrum and you start feeling like: if this is a karmic lesson let's get it straight! Evening brings the realization that finances will not support the remodeling projects you have in mind. However, you will feel better about things as you head to bed since now all the cards are on the table and you know exactly where you stand.

Remember, the Cosmic Salamander is open on Sunday from 2 - 6 PM and I will doing some yard work if the weather permits. I got some new bird feeders at Lowes - reduced to 5 and 3 dollars - so the birds will be happy. Something attacked and destroyed 3 of the feeders last week. These are metal, so take that!

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