Monday, January 10, 2011

And the silence was deafening...

Perhaps this is best read to the song: Sounds of Silence. If you are too young to know it, you might want to get a copy of the words. After all these years and we are talking 40, I still remember all of them. It was a most prophetic piece of work.
Today FOX news president suggests his commentators "tone down" the rhetoric. The Secret Service releases a report showing a correlation between the very internet ads and rhetoric that in my opinion caused this assassination to occur and increased death threats to now president Obama in the final weeks of the campaign.
The Westboro Baptist Church released a statement yesterday vowing to picket the funerals and stating: 9 less! I wonder if there was a happy face attached.
A 9 year old girl is dead. A judge is dead. 18 people could be dead because that is how many bullets that gun holds if you are not using an extended clip and he was shooting at close range. AND THIS IS THE REACTION??????? Tone it down?????? 9 less?????? My condolences?????
Is the new philosophy going to be if you don't like the politics you incite someone to kill the politician and any children in the audience?
I spent the beginning of my life in countries where your life was worth the price of a bullet. I never thought I would spend the end of my life in one.
Does Canada need any psychics???? I'm available.

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