Monday, January 17, 2011

I think I've located the problem, Captain!

Now beam me up, Scotty.

A letter in today's Sun Sentinel, offered proof of the "blood thirstiness" of the Liberal Left Wing, with an alleged statement by President Obama that the "rightwing nutcases should be punished."

If in fact this statement is true, and it sure doesn't sound like him, equating punishment with a rifle sight over someone's face indicates a serious problem with priorities and should scare the beejeebies out of all of us that this person is loose on the streets.

I do not think saying you will be punished for wrong doing means we are taking you out and shooting you, but in this new Tea Party Regime, I could be very, very wrong. Until someone proves me right, perhaps you should be really careful of rolling stops through stop signs. And maybe we should make certain all Tea Party Mom's are not armed because standing in the corner just got dangerous. Time outs might be permanent. Maybe we should all stay home.

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