Friday, January 21, 2011

Forecast for Saturday, 01/22/11

Bitwit like shoes!
This has been a headache day but then again, I expected it from the aspects. UPS did not arrive with the package we needed today until the Void of Course ended. Oh, joy! I never got the order placed waiting for the package and trying to trace where it was. Yes, I have been chasing my tail all afternoon.
One thing I will say about our tenants, they provide unlimited entertainment for the Bitwit. She is in the window, ears pricked forward, eyes focused and tail tip twitching. This is much better than when the lizard tortures her and she sets off the window alarms I forgot to disable in the daytime and now must explain that no, no one broke the window. I really hate explaining how the dumb thing I did today but I think people are used to it by now. Yes, I know the codes, I am just dyslexic.

Today's Tarot Card is the Knight of Swords. This is a day for advancement. Not all sword cards are bad.

Jupiter enters Aries at 12:11 PM EST. This moves financial and property matters along rapidly. However, the tendency will be to not finish things and skip steps. That will lead to problems. So, put up a sign that says I will pay attention to detail and I will finish projects.

The Virgo Moon has us up early mainly because the energies are irritating and we want a change. We can make changes today! Expect some good communications this afternoon and later tonight, socializing isn't all it was promised to be, but it is still pleasant.

Okay, I have some cleaning to do and some Farm Town harvesting later to do because in the midst of this Void of Course I was unable to add 8 to 2 and not get 9. Oh yes, it was a rough void of course!

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