Monday, January 17, 2011

Forecast for Tuesday, 01/18/11

A good day is when I survive a tornado watch without a house falling on me.

Today's Tarot Card is the Sun reversed. It is better to remain in the background today than advertising youself. You may also be feeling a little off.

There is a lot of talk about change and nothing changes. By mid morning, you don't want to socialize because you are sick of hearing about everything. This evening, people are ready to blow as they hit brick walls, restrictions and silly laws. No one can blame them. Try to keep your cool and relax a bit.

Tomorrow is the Full Moon in Libra.

I made a healthy sandwich for dinner. I started with whole grain bread. Then I put some jalapeno cheese on it, a slice of ripe tomato, several slices of avocado and some cheddar cheese. The topping was some fresh spicy oregano out of the garden. I swear, nibble on that and you don't need the rest of the pizza. I am drying it and saving the seeds because I have never seen the plant before. I got it at NuTurf on Dixie in Pompano Beach. That is the best oregano I have ever tasted and no, I am not talking about spicy globe basil. They are totally differnt plants. I can't wait to put this on some pizza! And then I grilled the sandwich to release the lycopine in the tomato. That was a colon health with antioxident special.

Napoleon had fresh strawberry Greek yogurt for breakfast. By that I mean I took regular Greek yogurt, sweetened it with stevia, added a touch of vanilla and strawberries. He thought he achieved nirvana.

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