Saturday, January 1, 2011

Forcast for Sunday, January 2, 2011

I just realised I am writing this on 1/1/11! What a day to start something, to plan you life and to actually make those resolutions you are going to keep and can keep. That is the important thing. Most people make totally unrealistic resolutions. You need to pick a goal you have a chance of reaching. It doesn't need to be a big thing. Actually, the smaller it is, the better because if you achieve a bunch of small goals, they morph into a big goal and viola! you have succeeded! Since there are no aspects today, you have an excellent time to work with a clean slate. The "Nay Sayers" are too hung over from getting drunk over their pessimism that they can't interfere with your psychic intention!

Today's Tarot Card is the Queen of Pentacles reversed and the Hanged Man reversed. A man who cannot make up his mind holds up money flow today.
If you have noticed that there are always two cards when a face card is drawn, it is because a face card always represents a person and you need to know what they are doing. Now, the jacks or Knights represent unrestricted action or energy, not people.

A dream may hold the key to stopping what is holding you back. The morning starts with a lot of playful banter but people are serious so pay attention. Your intuition is working overtime and you are on target so listen to your gut. All those wonderful dreams about money falling into your lap are just that: dreams. Don't make any investments in the evening and night hours. They are scams. If you do, a lesson will be learned.
The Moon is void of course from 9:08 PM to 2:39 AM on Monday when she enters somber Capricorn.

Last night we had our first fire in the fire pit George spent the day designing. I think it is picture 6 or 7 on Facebook in The Cosmic Salamander album, but you can't photoshop something like that. You can see a cat like creature in the fire, ears, face and all! It will knock your socks off. There are always spirits around the Salamander and I hope in the coming year to have many of you visit and see the magickal place we have worked to create.
A friend offered me quite a blessing last night. She said that she really hoped this year I would be able to finally enjoy my work and my shop after the previous years of illness I have gone through. I thought of that as I was out on the Hillsboro River behind the shop last night thinking about putting a table and chairs on the concrete slab and doing readings. It is so beautiful with the lights from Boca Raton reflecting off the water and nothing on our side but vacant land, mainly because Water Management owns the easement. I can't wait to landscape it. I certainly have enough baby plants. What I will need is some lawn furniture but, someone will toss that out...they always do....

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