Friday, January 14, 2011

Forecast for Saturday, 01/15/11

Today I learned to post on FB from my HTC Hero and how to access the local station news. I am almost a GEEK. Okay, I'm really far from that but I am proud of myself and will now let it rest for a week.

Today's Tarot Card is the Two of Wands. Thoughts of travel and exotic locales fill our heads today. You really have everything you need in your hands right now.

Dreams have you upset and confused but it is just Neptune and Uranus causing them, not some prophecy. Teachers may find themselves called to work really early but the good news is that monetary compensation is available for your efforts because you sure don't feel like getting out of bed. By the time the sun is good and up, you will be energetic and ready to go. The Moon is Void of Course from 7:47 AM to 8:23 AM EST, so you might want to stay off the roads during that period.
The Moon enters Gemini today and things become more dispassionate and mixed up. Gemini wants to review all the choices and they just keep multiplying. An upset communication from elders or authorities hits you after lunch and you become aware that nothing has really changed. Mars enters Aquarius at 5:41 PM EST and energy now flows into electronics, evaluation and anything new. But Aquarius is a fixed sign and doesn't really like change that much and is stubborn as a Taurus. In fact, Aquarius can out stubborn a Taurus. So keep in mind the new things may sell, but it is the old brands that get the business.

I finally got the other bed finished out front and the lemon grass in the huge pot in front of the sign. Next, the walk between the two driveways and then the mailbox. That may be next week's project as I have a lot of shop business this weekend. I really like the black mulch and does it ever hold the water. My plants are happy and my tomatoes are setting fruit. The lizards have already moved in. This time I had the foresight to dump the earth worms in before I filled the bed completely. George tried to steal one of my babies to go fishing with. I had to chase him with the shovel.
I really like the mini incense storage burners. When you open them, you have a place for the stick to sit. You can have incense stored and the burner in one little box. I am all for convenience.

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