Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Forecast for Thursday, 01/13/11

Friday the thirteenth comes on Thursday this month. BOO!
Another wonderful schizophrenic weather week in SoFl. After sweating the first of the week, I had to cover all the plants in expectation of a possible freeze tonight. According to the weather service, this will be the pattern and it has gotten old really fast. The cats are enjoying the tray of herbs that I brought in.
Last night, someone had a real bender in the Faery Garden in the catnip plant! Although the local Fae have been blamed, Howler, the Bitwit's feral brother, looks awfully hung over. He was even meowing quietly...

Today's Tarot Card is the Emperor reversed. Those who have been so stiff you thought they would break loosen up and things start to relax. You may get some concessions.

Mercury enters Capricorn and the free wheeling manner of speech and communications becomes more austere and maybe, responsible. New rules and regulations on speech may take place. The morning definitely starts with a change in communications toward more restraint. That does not sit well with a few stubborn folk and you can expect very irritated communications and a lot of *itching. However, authorities and elders have been won over toward more responsibility and the trend now changes. Energy is reserved though emotions are boiling just beneath the surface! So, do not relax. All hell could break loose.

I sincerely hope the astrological trends will influence the world of politics but so far they have remained immune to everything but money....

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