Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Before you file a dispute....

Before you file a dispute with a merchant, it is a half way decent idea to make certain you have actually contacted the merchant.
I know, you are thinking, "well, duh..."
Believe it or not, your online or mail order merchant cannot get merchandise to you faster than the carrier it was mailed with. If you are ordering and the destination is not local to the shipper, it can take TIME. The worst locations to ship to for me are Hawaii and Canada. That pretty much applies to every shipper on the mainland of the USA. I can get a package to Australia faster.
However, there are things no one can predict. There was the week the Post Office returned packages I shipped to Australia to me for no reason what-so-ever. I had to drive back and hand them to them. This is why it is always a good idea to pay for tracking and for insurance unless you can afford to lose whatever you have ordered. Every order takes a really big bite out of a small merchant's bottom line and more than one has gone under because of unfounded disputes if just because it was too much of a pain in the lower posterior to remain in business and deal with people.
Yes, there are some bad merchants out there and more bad buyers who specialize in internet fraud. That is why there are websites dedicated to listing buyers who are problematic within every industry. didn't know that? Well, the Merchant Processors, the people to transfer the money from your credit card to the merchants account, also keep track of bad buyers with large numbers of charge backs. Yup, and before you decide to get even for some slight or defraud merchants for no reason what-so-ever, here is another thing you should know.
If you file a dispute with Paypal, even if Paypal finds for the merchant's side, the merchant is still charged $10.00. That's right, not the losing party, the merchant. So you can bet the farm, your name is going on a list if you file a dispute two days after you order something and you are in rural tinbucktoo with mail delivery once a week. (Believe it or not, I had an associate blaming a developer because she didn't get her package that weekend and the PO doesn't deliver to her area on weekends! I guess she thought she was one of the 'special people' the PO would making an exception for...)
Now some of you may be could they have the gall to pass the "administrative cost" (in my course in business admin. I was taught to factor that into the cost of doing business) to the small merchants.
Well, my question is, "why didn't you think they would?" 

Take the latest thing down here. The Miami Dolphins come to Broward County...not the county they are located in...trying to get us to give them our tourist tax dollars to put a roof on the stadium in Miami-Dade County because some of the fans stay in Broward hotels during the "super bowl". Now, every player makes over a million dollars a year. The owner makes literally millions of dollars. The franchise makes billions in advertising and licensing revenue and while we are closing libraries and cutting bus routes making it impossible for the working poor to get to work,  they want us to pay for their roof. AND there is no guarantee they will get the Super Bowl!!!

How do you actually make that request in today's economy with a straight face??? Too much botox????

These corporations and make no mistake, a sports' team is a corporation, are so used to bleeding us dry because most people simply paid up and never questioned that they think they can still do it.
Well, I have a news flash for them. The well is dry and you killed the goose that laid the golden egg.

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