Thursday, January 20, 2011

Forecast for Friday, 01/21/11

Napoleon as a baby
I started my day with the best of intentions, oh don't we all. It was a perfect, hot, cloudless SoFl day and I pedaled to the shop. Within hours, it turned to cloudy and rain is on the way. I do not think I will be pedalling home.
Friends, you must excuse me, but when you elect extremist idiots you can expect idiocy. The latest to come out of Florida by one of the Tea Party Elected Officials is a plan to allow teachers to grade parents on their performance. Yes, you read that right not backwards. Oh, they are still going with the performance of teachers linked to their students' performance on tests and the basis for pay and tenure, but now they want teachers to grade the parents participation in their children's academic life. I am now taking bets on how long it takes for a teacher to get killed doing that.
In other 'I wish I could laugh' matters is the shooting today of two Miami Dade County Police Officers serving a warrant. One was dead when I left the house and the other critical. The perp is dead, so we saved a little money there that we can apply to hospital bills. Now, the part about wishing I could laugh comes from the almost firing of the chief of police in Miami, where these two officers were shot, over his officers' shooting of several people allegedly in their defense. I think the issue was, or I sure hope it was, put in a new light.
I love you all dearly and many of you have 'children'. I like to think of Napoleon as that little bundle of fur I carried home in one hand and promised to take care of for the rest of his life, and keep safe after his sister was killed by a dog. However, when over ten pounds of cat hits me in chest with all claws out and shows his fangs, I am reminded he is a dangerous animal, not a little ball of fluff. When your kid picks up a gun, he is no longer that sweet little baby you carried for nine months. He is a dangerous person with the ability to kill. How he got from a A to B is something only you, or perhaps he, can answer, but he is there. When he points that gun at a cop, the point is moot. When the cops are armed and jumpy, you are very careful not to make sudden moves or the chances are you will be out of the gene pool and you can't blame them. Their lives are on the line every day when they put on that uniform and they want to come home to their kids as much as you want to come home to yours.

Today's Tarot Card is the Judgement Card. It is time to make some major decisions. Clear your calendar. Schedule some meditation. Get out the pen and paper and make some lists. Play time is over.

The Moon is void of course from 1:57 PM  to 6:10 PM EST when she enters Virgo and things require attention to detail and cleaning. Under this moon, even the stuff you just cleaned will look dirty.
This pretty much shoots the afternoon, so if you can take off, do it. You will probably wind up staying late to fix everything you did wrong earlier. The aspects are pretty bad, too. You will feel like your brain is short circuiting and you can't get anything straight. Screaming fits are the norm. Teachers are ready to throw in the towel. Money and finance is squeezed too tight and too confusing. By evening you feel like the only person you can blame is yourself. This leads to not sleeping.
Tomorrow will be better. I promise. Just take it easy. Stay home and curl up with a good book or a DVD.

Fridays are always busy at the Salamander and with a Void of Course, they promise to really be busy, so be patient with us tomorrow.

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