Saturday, January 8, 2011

Forecast for Sunday, 01/09/10

I, all by myself, activated my phone today. I think the tech needed a drink or drugs afterwards, but it is up and running. I am with CREDO and they are the nicest people on the planet! They are part of Working Assets Visa. If you want to change phone companies, email me at I think this Hero is going to survive. I said a protection and long life mantra over it.

Today's Tarot Card is the Ten of Swords reversed. The good news is no one is trying to stab you in the back today. The bad news is, they may do it without trying. The bottom line is not to watch the usual suspects but to be vary of those who can hurt you but have no real reason to do so. They may let the wrong cat out of the bag.

The morning starts with a lot of irritations because you can't make some decorating changes or get that accessory you wanted. By noon you will be feeling more yourself. Elders and Authorities are in a better mood. Energy is really high overnight so it may be hard to sleep.

On a sad note, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot today while meeting with her constituents in a public location. She is in critical condition but considering the person fired several shots directly into her head at close range.....
We had the schools locked down in Broward County and with a head toss and it couldn't be my fault eye roll, a rabid conservative talk show host was forced to resign from her new position with the newly elected Tea Party candidate. Never mind she had "suggested" just that type of violence on her show.
What does that have to do with Rep. Gabrielle Giffords? Her picture was on Sarah Palen's website during the Health Care Debate with a rifle sight over it and now the House (she is a Representative) is taking a "symbolic vote" on OBAMACARE! Now, if you or I published a photo of anyone with a rifle sight over their face on a public medium, we would be trying to bail out of jail for threatening someone's life, but this doesn't seem to apply to people with power or a public radio or TV show who have rabid fanatics as followers who just happen to be well armed. Am I the only person who sees something really wrong with that???? If you don't believe me, just suggest someone blow up the Republican Headquarters and see how fast you are talking to Homeland Security, but Sarah Palen can subtly suggest any duly elected representative who is  pro health care reform is a target using a gun image and nothing happens. Now, I won't even mention how in bad taste that was or tacky that was, but hey, look at the source. Lip stick and pearls on a pig and all that.....
I am not suggesting you blow up the Republican Headquarters. If you did, where would I get my comic relief? Please leave them alone. I need the material. Hey, I have to make a living here. It's been hard since Bush left office. Or as I once said while working in the psychiatric office and walking in to find a patient with two guns trained on the psychiatrist "Please, for my sake, don't shoot him until he signs my pay check!" The man put the guns down and asked when my check would be ready. Some times stuff like that actually works but I wouldn't ever bet on it. Fortunately I was young and fast back then.
Bottom line: if you are dealing people who may not be playing with a full deck and they worship you, you do not make irresponsible suggestions of violence of any kind. Period. End of Story. Otherwise, someone gets hurt or killed. Two totally off limits, don't even think about talking about them subjects when I was in psychiatry were politics and religion. Never, ever, did you mention, even off handedly, a public official's or personality's name. In fact, you avoided mentioning anyone's name or commenting on anyone in any shape, form or fashion. Folks, that rule can extend to the grave and I am about to tell you a story that will raise the hair on the back of your neck.
I dealt with a very violent patient and one day, no one in the office would believe him because, well, he was crazy. I, on the other hand, had and have the policy of calling a spade a spade and told him that if his "suspicions" were right, I would tell him and we set up a scenario to test them. It turned out someone really was following him and he was so grateful, he was crying and said if I ever needed protection, he would be there for me. Yeah, like I need outside protection, but I was gracious and we went back to therapy. He died a few months later.
One afternoon I was in psychology class studying art therapy. I drew what I thought was a lovely 60's type design with paisley and flowers. The woman in front of me turned around, looked at what I had drawn and screamed. Who freaks out at paisley and flowers??? When I turned the paper around so I was looking at it from her point of view and it was a picture of this former patient in a violent outrage. You absolutely could not see it from the perspective I drew it. I couldn't draw it right side up if my life depended on it. For some reason, I looked at the time and remembered the date and wrote both on the paper before I turned it in. For me that is a small miracle.
Another psychic I knew, for some reason, decided to destroy my life and business. She had two freak accidents that put her in the hospital with serious injuries. She was telling someone about the last accident and exactly when it happened because she was one of those people who remembers stuff like that. I froze and wrote it down just to be sure. When I had my professor pull out my papers from class the next day, (I worked for him) the time and date perfectly matched when I drew the picture. When I checked the first accident, it had occurred a couple of weeks after the patient had died. So, never mess people who are unbalanced. I had to have a little on the other side conversation with him about hurting people who posed no physical threat to me and waiting for instruction if he was going to be my protector. Fortunately, he has moved to another level and is no where near as violent as he was.

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