Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dates are not relevent....

The latest news is that the Tea Party and Sarah Palen's web site had nothing to do with the shooting in Arizona because this nut case had these views before they originated.
No my dears, that IS THE POINT. Up until now, he had done nothing. Once all this violent rhetoric starting being slung, he found like minds, like motivation and a direction and he ACTED. Without them, he probably would never have acted.
Back when I worked in psychiatry, Reagan dumped everyone out of the mental health hospital stating they had the right to refuse medication and treatment. One patient was heavily armed, super right wing patriot and crazy as a loon. He had been judged criminally insane with no concept of right or wrong and he was on the street.
Up comes a new guy running for Chief of Police on an ultra right wing platform of basically shoot anyone who disagrees with me and this nut latched on to him, visited his offices, bumper stickered his car and proselytized whenever another person was in range. We lived in complete fear he would kill this man's opponent in the race if he lost and there was nothing we could do. The police do not act on implied threats. Lo and behold, the right wing idiot got elected and then we lived in fear our nut would kill anyone who published anything disagreeing with him. On more than one occasion I had to convince him a writer had been forced to say those thing about his "hero" by the "leftist media conspiracy" to get him to put the guns away. Now, do you know why I burned out in that field?
You don't yell FIRE in a crowded theater and you don't publish KILL on the air waves and expect nothing to happen unless you are so very, very stupid or crazy you can't understand the principle of action and reaction. That seems to be the entire point. Is there anyone who doesn't know there are crazy people with guns and explosives out there looking for an excuse to use them?????? Where did the concept of personal responsibility go for what you do and say???? Have we become so insulated in our little cocoons, typing on keyboards that we totally fail to realize there are real people out there reading what we write????
All I have heard for a month is "cyber bullying". Don't you think the Sarah Palen's web site with rifle sights over people's faces qualifies as Cyber bullying? How would you feel if those pictures had included a picture of your child and been put up by a classmate???? Next time you listen to this vitriolic on the shock jock radio, substitute your loved one for the political target and tell me how you feel????? Not so funny anymore, is it? How fast would you be calling the school or police for help and protection for your child?
The bottom line is ADULTS SHOULD KNOW BETTER. We used to pride ourselves on being a civilized country where we settled our difference at the ballot box and not with a gun. When was the last time you remember something like this happening? What has changed? Draw your own conclusions but get your head out of the sand. We are no longer a civilized democratic country. We are no better than any of the third world countries where being a politician is a dangerous profession and you may get shot at any moment. We are no longer a democracy or a republic, we are a country where elections were won by money and now by force.

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