Thursday, January 13, 2011

Forecast for Friday, 01/14/11

Starry Night Pentagram Tapestry
Another cold day in SoFl. Tomorrow it warms up. All except the orchids and plumeria can survive without cover tonight. Actually, the herbs are enjoying it! The poor catnip has not yet recovered from the attack it suffered yesterday but I have hidden it on the table in the center of a planter full of flowers and parsley. At least, I really hope I have hidden it.
It has been a busy day and I am on the edge of a cold but not going over it.

Today's Tarot Card is the Hierophant reversed. Things are a little unconventional today. Rules and regulations are flaunted. This may or may not be a good thing.

The morning starts with aggravation over beauty verses cost and you can expect cost to win. A coat of paint can do wonders and wallpaper is expensive...Even though it is a reserved evening, you are feeling more yourself and better about things. It will be pleasant.

George has really been working on the outback as it becoming known. Through a variety of owners, this is the first time it has begun to look half way decent. The fruit trees are really happy and the date palms are almost dancing now that they are free of weeds. Tomorrow I work on the front beds and hopefully finish the front. Maybe I will even get the decorations for Valentine's Day up. Probably not. Moving heavy rocks wears me out.
We have more of the Starry Night Pentagram Night bedspread/tapestries in. Because of the all over design, you would make a robe, dress or pants out of them. We also have some storage burners in for the mini incense everyone loves so much, some small candle snuffers and some wood handled bells.
I will be out of the shop on Saturday afternoon doing a party but George will be here to help you. I should be back by 7 PM and I won't leave until 2 PM. So you can catch me if you try.

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