Friday, January 7, 2011

Forecast for Saturday, 01/08/11

I got the snapdragons, mint and Beefmaster Tomato in the new front bed today. I never thought I would get that bed damp. That is the problem with sandy soil. I shall have to bring some of my soil converters from the house. They are also known as earthworms. Tomorrow, thanks to George's hard work, another front bed with the Sweet 100 tomato goes in the front. The fence is straightened and I am building those beds!

Today's Tarot Card is the Knight of Cups reversed. Love does not go so well today so wait for better aspects before pressing the issues.

The only aspect today occurs at 9:09 AM EST and you will find it easier to sway authorities and elders with emotion than facts. On the other hand that aspect can also bring about a long story about how things used to be so break out the hanky and the popcorn. You will need it.

The Full Moon is on the 19th, a Wednesday, and in celebration we are offering $35.00 readings all day at the Salamander.

Don't forget to ask for your frequent buyer card!

In celebration of Australia Day on Tuesday the 25th, we are offering 10% off all purchases.

More Holidays Next Month!

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