Thursday, July 31, 2008

Forecast and Faery Finder for 08-01-08

Happy Lughnassad!
Believe it or not, yesterday’s part of the post on Lughnassad and numerology and astrology was considered too controversial and hurtful for what are supposed to be some “professional metaphysical groups”, however, long letters on how anything that happens to you is all your fault because you aren't thinking positive (right) enough are considered to be perfectly all right. Am I the only person who recognizes this clap trap as nothing more than a newly dressed up version of blame the victim. I mean if you weren't female you wouldn't have gotten raped. Right? Some thug wouldn't have knocked you in the head and robbed you if you had been spiritual enough to think the right way! People who eat candy tend to get rotten teeth. People who fall for fluffy spiritual candy tend to get…well, you figure it out. I refuse to even sell the book. It was a secret not because it is simple but because it is a complex system of checks and balances, energy flow and, yes folks, karma for lack of a better word. When you willing move one object in the scheme of things, you interfere with someone else’s fate. That is why from the beginning of time, before doing any workings, spells, prayers or whatever you want to call it, divination was used to see what the result would be and what the best path, harming the least number of people, was. Bad things happen to good people and it is not your fault and don't you let anyone make you feel like it is. EVER! You are not all powerful. You cannot control everything. You are not responsible for everything that happens.
It is amazing to watch the Kitwits helping poor Boop, who is completely blind, navigate. George noticed that instead of using his claws, he uses his paw pads to feel the terrain and get around. He is actually feeling his environment. It was a couple of weeks before we even realized he was blind he does so well. Oh, and I am certain he was having very positive thoughts before he lost his sight. He never hurt anyone or anything in his life. The Kitwits have just taken over the job of helping him and steering him to the food bowl. They eat with him and then go back to his napping spot with him, deposit him there and then go to play and destroy what is left of my house. The ceiling fan is not, I repeat, is not a Kitwit launching pad!
Today’s Message from the Universe is: “I am now ready to live a courageous life committed to the complete manifestation of the Divine Plan on Earth. Neither difficult tasks now fear can stop me. I go forward with power and enthusiasm for God is with me and supports my every effort.” channeled by Annie Marquier
Astrologically, you pretty much got the lowdown yesterday as disturbing as it was to some people. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse are at 6:12 AM EDT at 9Leo32. The morning hours are excellent for communications, promoting yourself and advertising. Just do so tastefully because by afternoon you may have stepped on some toes and have those in charge aggravated with you. Late tonight old injuries surface and ignoring them is the way of choice to deal with them but not the most effective way to free yourself.
Today’s Lo Shu number is 9 and the element is water. Rabbits find conflict today but the Dragon and Snake are skating.
Be on the lookout for Himself. With antlers on his head, his first three top chakras glowing and a crown of will-O-wisps, he is the guardian of the hunter and the hunted. He is the personification of natural law, life force, magic and shamanic power. A balance between his power and the Bright Mother’s, brings the ability to heal effectively. Shaman channel his power for the good of the tribe. He is there at our birth and he is piper at our passing. Channel his energies for healing, truth and trust.
The Faeries say there have been some blocks to detoxification and you really need to get to work on it before things go too far and illness manifests. A simple salt bath or a dip in the ocean can work wonders if you just imagine your toxicity flowing away from you and being neutralized. No bath tub? I feel your pain and am in the same boat. Take a small bowl of sea salt into the shower and gently rub it all over yourself from head and hair to toe and imagine the bad yuck going down the drain. Just a warning, try to stay in one place because that salt doesn't dissolve fast and will feel like sharp little rocks under your feet. Been there, done that.
Today’s Cat Comfort Card is: Catalyst. “The time is right. Start something new today.”
Today’s Tarot Card is the Ten of Swords: destitution. Although a rather bad card signifying the debasement of morals, weakness and corruption, it also has another aspect. Divine Karma operates not only through ecstasy and plenty, but through depression and sorrow bringing justice to all. Do not make excuses in your defense, but look once more at your principles and start anew.
And with that comes the announcement! Last night complaints were filed against me on that big auction site -Ebay- over the seven dollar and fifty cent reading I do that introduces you to your personal faeries. There were 838 psychic readings advertised there last night, but my little reading threatened someone. Of the money, five dollars goes to the Blind Cat Rescue Sanctuary and the rest pretty gets split between auction fees and payment fees as anyone who has ever sold anything there knows. I thought I was doing a good deed for the cats, making people happy -I’ve never had a complaint about a reading in almost 5 years now - and letting the faeries out to play. As you folks know, I get three dollars a minute for a reading on other venues and in person, so this sure wasn’t entered into with the idea of making my fortune. I have one faery reading left that they have not taken down, yet. But I seriously doubt if I will renew the service when it expires. The reason I am telling you this is, it has been my experience that people who do this sort of thing seldom stop with one venue once they are successful. So if the blog disappears in your venue, you know what my name is and you can easily search for me if you are so inclined. This is not the only place this blog is published. You can still get your daily fix of the Kitwits’ adventures. You know what I look like. I cannot be impersonated.

According to information I just got from another vendor, this started a while back and is just getting worse on Ebay since someone discovered the system is actually automated. No one checks the complaints for validity, they just boot your item and somewhere around your 4th or 5th challenge a real person will finally review your item that may or may not speak English.