Monday, March 18, 2013

A MUST Read Article

Any mistakes in this short article are due to a massive cold, the parameters of which I have not experienced in 10 years.
I owe a debt of gratitude to the organic lemon that gave its life to help my very sore throat.

In the April/May issue of the Mountain Astrologer there is a bit of a deceptively entitled article: "Year of the Snake". This article not only has more information packed into it about Chinese medicine and cycles than I have ever seen, but some great information about electromagnetics.

Now for those people whose eyes rolled back in their heads at that big scientific word, it means the stuff you can't see that your cell phones, electric meters, WiFi and so forth generates and passes right through your body. I might point out nothing passes through your body with harming or enhancing it. Your body functions via a series of electrical connections and we are talking about something that whacks on electrical functions.

My personal journey through this invisible spectrum began when I found restful sleep was impossible unless all the power strips near my bed were off and the cell phone was waaaaaay down the hall and off. Off on a cell phone doesn't mean off like you think it does. You need to get away from the little bugger. Power strips are the same way. Off means the power is turned off at the strip but it is still happily zipping down the cord. Now if you don't believe me, get a pair of cutters and cut the cord. I'll wait while you recover...if you recover.

Just how much power is seeping from a power strip and these devices was demonstrated to me when a piece of (I had no idea) extremely flammable packing paper from India landed on the power strip and burst into flames instantly! It power was not seeping from that strip, nothing would NOT have happened. So keep those power strips off and clear of everything or better yet, unplug them from the wall! You might want to notice that the electrical outlets in new medical building and facilities are located at least 4 feet above the floor to actually being at the ceiling. The answer to why is fire hazard. I suggested that modification to building codes for houses over 40 years ago as bending over with a bad back was already affecting me.

Two things hit home in the article. I had found my old radar detector which is useless 20 years later. We were trying to identify what was setting it off (takes a STRONG signal to do that) when George noticed an odd looking antennae on a power pole. Imagine my shock when I saw a picture of it in the article and found out it is the smart grid transmitter and controller.

You were sold the Smart Grid under Bush as a way your meter could be read without someone invading your yard once a month, something dog owners loved. That is not its purpose. Its purpose is to monitor your electrical consumption by the minute so the power companies can go to a system of charging you more money for power used during PEAK times. You will not be getting an email telling you just when said peak times are any time soon. It also allows them to turn off your power in a N.Y minute for any reason they might make up. These little antennae are all over Palm Beach County in the "wealthier" and Retiree areas as they figure...those guys never look at their power bill and will pay without question. You and I will be getting the hit next. You already have the meter..all they need is the controller/monitor on their pole. The Smart Meter transmits constantly. You can't turn it off.

However, more disturbing in this article is a chart of the Microwave Radiation Limits per country. That's the invisible stuff going through you from cell phones, cell towers, high tension electrical lines and your new favorite buddy, the Smart Meter and trust me, it really is smarter than you.

Let me summarize the table for you. The allowable limits for Switzerland, China, Italy, Russia and India are between 4 and 10 microwatts/cm2. Remember that number because the allowed limits for the U.S.A, Japan and Canada is 580. That's 59 times the amount allowed in China, over 100 times the amount allowed in Switzerland and 58 times the amount allowed in India, Italy and Russia! WHOA FARMER....someone is irradiating you without your knowledge. Do you feel cooked yet or just tired, worn out and unable to sleep?

More frightening is the Chinese system of medicine and you Tesla and Matrix fans might want to pay attention as Chinese medicine begat India medicine and Vasatu. The Chinese system of medicine states that "energy" flows at specific times of the day and night into specific organs for the purpose of correcting minor problems that may have developed during the remaining times. In other words for the Nerds, you are getting a system update constantly and installing it. The energy that is the update is pretty much the same type of energy being emitted from all these devices and thus, the devices are interfering with your system update and making you sick or perhaps controlling your mood.

I started studying cosmic radiation (yes, it IS a real thing) when I was 11 years old and managed to penetrate the adult science section. It was soooo off limits but I found I could crawl through the children's section into the adult via the lowest shelf. I know: nerds rock. They would not let me check out the book and even took my notebook away but I had a photographic memory for anything said or written so I just went home and transcribed it again from what I managed to read in an hour. Oh...for those days again. Now I suffer from CRS. This cosmic radiation which has been well studied and documented may just be Chi or Prana or Life Energy and if so, there is no excuse except PROFIT for what our utilities are doing to us and our government under the guise of Capitalism is allowing. They KNOW they are KILLING us. There is simply no way they CANNOT know.

So, go out to the link and buy the electronic issue for April/May if you can't afford a subscription. I know it is pricey and the magazine really is for astrologers, not the general public, so this might be the only issue you want to have. BUT you want to have this issue.

It certainly explains a quote from Einstein being circulated on the net that just doesn't fit the MeMe:

"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots."

What it means is the technology will be so far ahead of you that you will not know what it is doing to you and it will create a generation of idiots or slaves to the machine and the owners of the technology. Did you know they even want to patent human might have to pay a royalty to live if you won't gift them with parts of your body.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Stonehenge, A Druid's Visit

Visiting Stonehenge is the goal of just about every Druid. It is the symbol in modern days of our religious movement though it really should be the oak tree or perhaps mistletoe...I'm going with the Oak as Mistletoe grows on it. Hence, by my first week in London I had purchased tickets to a tour going to Stonehenge thought they thought the highlight of the tour was Bath.

It had rained the night before we arrived leaving the area muddy and slippery. The wind was blowing at least 40 MPH and rocking the huge tour bus a bit. We parked in the parking lot and the driver issued a warning to be very careful. It was slippery. Every time I tried to step off the bus, the wind kicked up and finally I just sat back down by the door and mentally contacted the local air spirits. I wouldn't complain about their fun with the tourists if they would allow me off the bus and to take some pictures. Hey fellows, Druid here! Let's have some interspecies cooperation.

Thus, the wind died down and I got off the bus and across the parking lot with no trouble to the gift shop. Noting the gift shop was well stocked with what I wanted....I had waited on the gift shop on a previous tour and my fellow tourists had bought out everything I wanted....I continued to Stonehenge.

I admit, I was sort of holding my breath as I stepped out onto the plain to take my first close up look at this holy place. Nothing, nothing at all greeted me. I went closer and began the trek around the stone monument to absolutely nothing I could sense. The path was a muddy, slippery mess and at least half my fellow tourists had already hit the ground. Each time I turned to take a photograph, the wind died completely down and picked up the moment I clicked the shutter. There were no digital cameras back then. I finished my trek and stopped at the gift shop where a huge standing stone stood as an example so you could touch it...nothing.

I bought my little replica of Stonehenge, my mug and I don't even remember what else and exited the gift shop a little dejected. I ran into the bus driver and he asked what was wrong. I told him I had sort of expected to feel something here and he fished a rock out of his pocket that came from inside the circle before they had closed it off to everyone. When he put it in my hand I heard in my mind quite distinctly, "Everything here is dead." I waited around for a few minutes looking out at the monument and the highway which seemed more alive and agreed. Everything here is dead.

The air spirits were getting a little testy so I hurried back to the bus and just before I made the step onto the bus I heard, "Time Up!" I jumped into the bus clearing the first step completely, the entire bus rocked almost completely over throwing me onto the bus driver and knocking people down right and left. I managed to get myself upright and looked around at everyone looking at me. I was the only person besides the driver not covered in mud. No one had gotten a single decent photo but me and I calmly sat down on the bench seat across from the driver as he announced our next stop was Bath. That was when he looked at me and quietly said, "You're one of them. My wife is Scottish. She is, too."

Oddly enough, I would get the same driver for the next castle tour and to Scotland.

It seems I was right about everything being dead there.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Childhood Never Begun

Childhood Never Began

They say that as you get older, the memories of the past get clearer than the present and you tend to live in them. A friend on Facebook buried her mother today and was saying how much she would miss her. She doesn't know how lucky she is. She will miss her.
I decided to lay back see what I remembered of the two people who raised me or at least kept me fed and clothed most of the time. I found I had two memories I could actually recount and only two. Oh, I remember countries and places you will probably never have the opportunity to see and people you will only know from history books that haven't been rewritten, bending down and shaking my small hand. Oh, and I remember the pity in their eyes I didn't understand then because all children believe their parents....
Perhaps that pity is best explained in the one encounter I remember with my aunt's husband who was Native America, or just Indian back then. He brought me some antique doll furniture to play with as my only toys were an old rag doll and some cheap Indian dolls they sold in gas stations in the Southwest for the tourists to take home and thrown away. I remember him telling me to take good care of the little chairs and table as they were very old and my mother saying I would never break anything I was given, I knew better. The thing she gave birth to knew better than to make noise, break anything or do anything she wasn't told to do.
My two memories of my parents are pretty dismal so you might want to stop reading.
When I was around 1 and a half, I had an old bottle with a very old nipple. Back then the nipples on baby bottles were made of rubber and they tasted like an old tire and smelled like one, too. This one was so old that the taste and odor had long leeched out of it. It was was stained and had a hole in the end making it more a straw than a nipple but it kept me from spilling anything which was against the rules and would be punished. I loved it and my mother hated it. She wanted a new and pretty nipple on the bottle. I remember laying in my crib in the other room and seeing her (I could astral project very well) taking the old nipple and a pair of old black kitchen scissors and cutting it into tiny little pieces. First she cut them sideways and then she took the little circles and cut them into two pieces and then four. I was screaming and then she brought me the new bottle with the new nipple. I threw it and it hit the ceiling corner diagonally opposite my crib shattering it into more pieces than she had cut the nipple into and covering all my crib in milk and glass. Baby bottles were made of glass back then. It took a while for the nanny they hired to get me to drink or eat anything.
My memory of my father is from around 6 when I was trying to hug him and he was “accidentally” burning me with his cigarette to get me to go away.
And thus my memories are of people and places I will never see again. I seldom if ever think of my parents unless it is in reference to an event or place we went. They are dead and as useless as a used tissue already thrown out in the garbage. Perhaps the tissue is more useful, it can be mulched.
So my friends, you might want to consider what your children are going to remember of you.
There is a big difference of being proud of someone as they always were of me and taking pride in someone's accomplishments. One is just jealousy in sheep's clothing and the other is love of the person.

The Last Entry

The last entry

As I passed the day of my birth, I found myself looking back over my life's latest of disappointments, another promise not fulfilled with a whimper of imposition should it be pushed and realized the total folly of my life.
I arrived with the knowledge borne of a thousand years and multiple lives and dimensions as do all creatures. I managed to maintain the memories of most of it. I was told by being better than myself, that was a feat within itself. I knew, not thought or imagined, that all things were interconnected and that we each play our individual roles in the maintenance and creation of the whole and in return the whole supports, nurtures and maintains us to our full potential in every dimension and life.
Well, that's the way it is supposed to work. That's the way I was to demonstrate it working but from the very beginning I was nothing more than the shiny thing someone possessed, taken out for display, ideas hidden in a box until they were profitable to someone or shredded when they were threatening to their way of life and so I returned to my room, shut up and kept the hundreds of stories in my head.
As I look back at the very real pictures of my life I suddenly saw that I really was beautiful mostly clothed in cheap rags and seldom even allow out on display unless it was for profit. I saw that none of the pictures were for me. I was the picture for someone else, nothing more than a cheap stage prop. The curtain I was behind was a lead door.
What I know is only useful if it agrees with the opinion of my keepers. What I built is only mine when it is useful to someone else and then, I can shut up and live at someone's whim and in someone's way and manner. It is not mine. It will be destroyed if I do not play.
I seldom mention or even hint that family whether blood or gathered is supposed to work as an interconnected body with each person fulfilling their role that is fulfilling to them and the family should fit into the needs of the whole. That doesn't mean that each person should be working at an artificial job to bring in artificial money so the family can buy more props to drown themselves in so they don't remember life is supposed to actually feel good not be a roller coaster you ride for the highs created by someone who you never see or know pulling the strings.
Ah, but that point is moot and contrary to designs of those that control my life and probably yours. The world is run by users who destroy anything they think threatens them by being greater than them if they can't keep it under complete control.
I have reached the point I am too old to care about myself any more and too tired to care about you. I pet my cat and the high point of my life is winning a cute little animal in a virtual world that has no resemblance nor relevance to the real world. I am dead inside and the outer shell will follow the inner shortly. That is the way of the universe. First you wind down on the inside and then the outside goes with it because it is the joy, the contentment and the accomplishments on the inside that keep the outside living and moving. I pack my memories, my stories, my knowledge and the few accomplishments I still hold dear in a tiny piece of my mind's tattered grid of electrical impulses and throw the wall switch. Another day ended, a time of sleep and then back to the virtual world to win another electrical pretty animal that cannot do anything to or for me emerging only when my skill is profitable to another person. Safety into oblivion as all the other dimensions in which I live are as bad or worse than this one.
I guess failed my primary purpose. I hope those that succeeded, who followed their dreams and ambitions, who worked so very hard at building walls and sewing black curtains, have found their happiness in my failure but then again that is so very wrong....they never care in the first place what happens to their tools and I am just a tool. Back into the drawer with me.....Too bad they never knew I would have just made them greater.