Saturday, July 28, 2012

An Ode to Five Rings

I cannot help but wonder what this week's events say about us as a people.

All the pomp, the ceremony, the money spent for running, jumping, throwing and catching,

The gold, the silver and the bronze that hangs on the neck for but a few minutes.

The year of work, the pain, the sweat for 5 minutes of fame or total anonymity.

Where is the gold, the silver and bronze for the ones that inspire and teach us to better ourselves.

For the ones who feed the hungry and clothe the poor,

Who comfort the dying and heal the sick,

For the grandmother who with joints screaming, raises her child's children,

For the mother who awakens before the sun to cook a meal for her children,

And stumbles late to bed having checked their homework trying catch a few hours rest?

Where is the 15 seconds of fame for the one who brings fresh water to the parched,

Who gives safe haven for the thrown away children to sleep in peace,

Who teaches right and wrong to children with absentee parents,

Who feeds the furred, feathered and scaled from their own table,

Who leaves their country to aid the war torn and shell shocked?

Where are their gold, silver and bronze medals?

Perhaps they are lost in the mail.

Somewhere there sits a mail truck, engine overheated and tires popped from the weight,

It labors to move, to deliver its burden of those gold, silver and bronze medals,

To the ones who built the foundations for the lives you now take sole credit for.

But you cheer the ones with a moment of fame for a talent based in the physical

And shun the ones whose spirits build a Universe worth living in......

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What is Going to Happen: The Truth

Even if you think I am crazy, you had best read what I am about to tell you.

Global warming is a fact, not a theory. It is happening right now. It is happening faster than you have been told. You have been told that the global temperature will have to rise 2 degrees to produce any effect. The truth is, it only takes 1/2 a degree and we are already there.

The Chamber of Commerce says "your body will adapt". They lie. Adaptation in a species takes several generations. The first generation, YOU, hit with the change suffers a die off of close to 90%. Are you waking up, yet? The Chamber of Commerce is the mouthpiece for the Elite, the 1 % , the reptilians, the shadow government, whatever you want to call them.

So, let me tell you what is going to happen and suddenly the FEMA camps, the massive numbers of coffins and the underground playgrounds for the rich and richer will make sense.

The majority of food is grown in the northern latitudes in what is called a temperate zone. Food crops depend on a freeze period for survival. Food crops are just that: food. Everything eats them, particularly insects and many diseases. I know you don't think of diseases as eating your tomatoes but that is exactly what the microbes, fungi and viruses are doing.

Insects in a temperate climate lay eggs during the warm period. Their eggs from the end of summer are killed in a great number by the long freeze of winter. A few survive and emerge in what is called Indian Summer, a warm spell in the fall, to be killed and even fewer survive the entire freezing winter. They emerge in the spring, begin mating and laying eggs and their population increases logarithmically. That means first you have 2, then 4, then 16, and so forth. Insects are food for many animals and are prey, and prey always multiply faster than predator. Without the long freezing period of winter, you get more insects in the spring because more eggs survive. Once the long freeze is completely gone, you have an insect, fungi and microbe population gone wild and eating everything in sight. That everything is YOUR FOOD. Not only that, but your fruit and berry crops depend on a freezing period to set fruit. That won't happen and there will be no fruit. The insects and animals that eat fruit are now eating your veggies. The result will be massive starvation.

This is the real reason for the FEMA camps and the coffins, not some global state where you are being rounded up for political views. You will be rounded up because you will be starving. Diseases that normally peak during the summer will continue through out the year. Diseases aggravated by poor nutrition, and that is pretty much all of them, will peak.

This is not all. The acidity of the oceans rise with the melting of the ice caps. This creates a die off of ocean fish starting with the plankton that is the food the creatures of the oceans consume. That is why you are seeing the dolphins and whales beaching themselves in huge quantities. That is the reason behind the oil spill in the Gulf. It was deliberate. Any idiot can figure that out but the why eludes people. You are blaming the die off in the gulf and the mutated shrimp on oil but the real cause is the raise in temperatures in a shallow water area. The shallower the water, the faster the temperature rises and shrimp are very sensitive to mutating in hot water. The plankton are dying off and the fish have nothing to eat. They are starving to death.

It's all a shell game and you are playing with masters. We used to laugh at the Russian 5 year, 7 year and 10 year plans. These people, if they are people, plan in terms of 50 to 100 years or more. Their stated goal since it was first recorded at the middle of the 1700's was to reduce the world population by at least 2/3's. That is the stated goal of the Bilderberg group and that is not their first name. They have had many. Now they have a web page because they want to make sure you know who to thank. You might think they haven't been very successful. Take two steps back and look at things in 100 or 500 years terms. They are going to be VERY successful very shortly.

Then take another look at the plan and remember, we are talking centuries of planning here. We die off in great quantities as a species and we only have ourselves to blame for the pollution and dependence on fossil fuels. Then they rescue us with their wonderful Genetically Modified Plants that withstand insects and fungi and disease. BUT, they have weeded out all the physically, genetically inferior humans because they die first. They are left with an adapted physically superior human to be their slave because after all, you owe them for saving you, it will be on their web site, and I guarantee you, this food will make you stupid.

Meanwhile, underground they survive and thrive until the process of natural selection takes its course. Keep in mind, the temperature underground and in caves right now is a lovely 70 some degrees. Earth is a great insulator. The heat won't be bothering them. It won't be bothering the food they are growing.

There are two natural mutagens, that is things that cause mutations in your genes. One is ultraviolet radiation which the stripping of the ozone has increased and the other is heat which the stripping of the ozone has increased. I think that is rather convenient.

The Rockefellers, Rothchildes and the rest made their money and fortune off oil and factories, all of which created this pollution. They have suppressed the development of alternative energy and created a consumer based economy gone wild where we consume and dispose, never fixing anything. It is cheaper to buy a new computer than fix the old one and anyway, it is obsolete.

Have you ever stopped to think that perhaps that is the problem? Our mind set has been changed from seeking lasting quality to instant gratification and move on to the next craze and crazy it is. We do it with clothes, make up, cars, devices, mates, children, everything...ooops...didn't think of it that way? They did. They think in terms of 50, 100, 200 years. We are as ready to dispose of people, of the elderly, of the weak as we are of an old phone. That mate is obsolete, get the trophy wife that looks oddly like a Barbie doll that girls played with...hey....why do boys want one?

At every level, you have been programmed and trained for the day the food chain collapses and you will cheerfully abandon your parents, your brothers and sisters, and your children for a loaf of whatever they claim is bread. Your parents are a drain on the economy and mortgage your children's future who you will give up to the state because you can't feed them and they will sort them, kill them and breed the best and the dumbest as slaves.

They have done all this with forethought and a knowledge of history you have been denied. They have technology that is at least 20 years in advance of anything they will release for your entertainment in the next 5 years.

Think I'm crazy?

Our national science academy announces there is no such thing as mermaids. Did anyone think this was a priority research item? Did anyone really even think mermaids? Did you sort of go: HUH???? Within a week Syria announces evidence of a well preserved statue of the first mermaid in recorded history. Within two weeks information is released of underwater joint expeditions in both Syria and, fasten your seat belts, our arch enemy, Iran. But there are no mermaids so don't look there. They know exactly what they are looking for and they just moved the pea under the shell, again.

They have access to a history you have never heard anything about. They have access to science you have never seen or even thought about. You are nothing more than annoying cattle but you have one advantage. You have numbers, until they manage to kill you off. Numbers always win. Refuse to comply. Refuse to use their economy. Boycott their huge stores and buy locally. Trade with your neighbors. Grow a garden. Get off the grid. Stop supporting their agenda. You are not disposable. You have worth. It is YOUR planet. It is time for them to move on, not you. Take every inch of ground and turn it into a garden. Plants can win this war.

Just remember one thing. The last time the earth was a uniformly warm jungle, the reptiles ruled and mammals were tiny things scurrying in holes. Then came the winter and the mammals took over. What happens when the heat comes again? Stop it now.