Friday, August 11, 2017

Ritual vs Sacred vs Metaphysical Jewelry

There is a lot of confusion regarding which is which and what each type of jewelry is used for and when you wear it. Blurring the lines will invalidate the piece of jewelry and it's effect.
Ritual jewelry is always handmade by someone, not necessary the owner. It has a specific purpose for a specific ritual. It is kept in a special place and not brought out except for the specific ritual. An example is I had a beautiful pendant made of raw Lemurian crystal from Brazil. It had come directly from the finder to me with a minimum amount of handling. Being a raw crystal, it was sharp on the edges, not polished and ground like most of the crystals you see for sale. I sold it to a lady after I had cleansed it and assumed from telling her it was sharp and raw and a ritual crystal, she knew what it was being a “high priestess”. I guess I should have found out of what she was a high priestess as a couple of days later she wanted to return it because it had cut her when she wore it to work. When I understood she meant place of employment I was horrified and took the crystal back. It took a month to cleanse it and then it went to someone who understood it was ritual and to be kept in its special pouch. Because the ritual jewelry only emerges when the energies are right, is only touched by the person it belongs to and is used in sacred rituals, it is very powerful. It is made for that one purpose.
Sacred jewelry is a little different. It is usually handmade or something passed down through generations. It is worn to special events and is sacred to the person wearing it. It can be expensive or cheap with sentiment attached. It should not be touched by anyone other than the owner. It is for public viewing whereas ritual jewelry is not. It has a moderate amount of power, usually of attraction.
Metaphysical jewelry is usually mass produced and wore for its metaphysical properties. Sometimes it is blessed. An example of this would be the gemstone bracelets you buy and wear daily or a medal of some kind. Anyone can touch it. It is very weak.
The price of each piece is not relevant to its use. However, ritual jewelry must be made at a specific time and moon phase by someone who knows what they are doing and they have to maintain the focus of the purpose of the piece while making it. That, in itself, raises the price. You do not handle ritual jewelry unless you are buying it. You could say, “You touch it, you buy it.”

So, please don't tell anyone you are wearing your ritual jewelry to work. They will cringe and not take anything you say after that seriously about your qualifications.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Prophecies

The 3rd Prophecy

All the water in the Heartland is poisoned by pollution from one end of the Mississippi River to the other. The Gulf of Mexico is dead and so is Lake Erie. If you bathe in the water you are covered in blisters. If you drink it, you die.
I am in a routing center with some young adults determining where they will be placed in the rest of the country or if they will be left in the Heartland to die because they have no skills that will be needed. They are a rowdy bunch of smart asses. I pick the biggest one out of the group and pick a large knife off the wall of weapons behind me. I tell him that if I take that weapon off the wall he had better start praying. They all titter because they know that is going to do nothing for him. I point to a gigantic rifle that is a hybrid with a crossbow and ask him if he knows what to do if I take that one off the wall. He says, “What?” I answer, “Nothing, you are already dead.”
At that point one of the other administrators comes into the room leaving the door open. Everyone not a teen outside the room is bald. They are all getting cancer treatments. She is there to check for blisters showing the teens have handled the water and will be returned home.
I take a break, walk down the hall and there is a small enclosed area with a pond, a few plants and a few little pond animals. There is a huge turtle on a rock and it is just hanging out of its shell. Its neck is partially eaten through and there are lesions on its legs. I think it is dead when it lifts its head and looks at me as though it just wants to die. I realize they are pumping the ground water from outside the facility into this test area to see how bad it is when one man announces they are turning the water on to raise the level, get clear.
This is the future and with the people in charge today, I see no way it will be changed.
Everyone in the Heartland has Cancer or is dead. If you have no needed skills or money, you are left to die. Only a select few receive treatments which are no more advanced than they are today. You can't even wash your hands in the water and there is no other water unless you buy bottled. If you don't buy the government bottled water you may get bootleg water that just takes a little longer to kill you. The water can not be purified or filtered. It is all poison.

You did not heed the second prophecy and it is now coming true. You did not believe the first prophecy and it is now your today. Do not make a mistake with the third prophecy.

The First Prophecy- 1972

I am in a courtyard and I see a dormer window leading to a basement. I motion to the two people with me to follow. I slip through the window and find myself in a restricted area with hundreds of books of plans. I know exactly what book to remove. I take this huge ledger down and I open it and using an ink pen make alterations to the schematic in it. I am quietly talking to the people outside telling them I am finished although I am in this basement with no phone. I put everything back and shimmy back through the window they are guarding.
We begin walking through the courtyard when some of the locals see us and though we look just like them, they know we are strangers and begin chasing us. I know if they catch us they will kill us but I cannot figure out how they know we are different from them. Just as they catch up with us, we jump through this 8 foot hedge and land in a darkened room. One of the locals falls through the invisible opening and is on the floor, looking around stunned.
He is immediately grabbed and carried off. I ask one of the men that comes into the room what happens to them when they come through the portal. He says not to worry, it isn't my job. Go write up my report. He leaves and I am alone in the room. I turn and where we entered is a huge flat screen on which I can see the locals examining the hedge and trying to figure out where we went.
I leave the room and enter a pitch dark hall. The hall only lights at the floor where I am and I cannot see beyond the space I occupy. It is no problem because I know exactly where I am going and not to deviate from my approved path.
I enter a room that is brightly lit. It has a chair. I hear someone say report though there is no one in the room and no speakers. I know I am speaking to my controller though I have no idea how I am hearing them and they are hearing me. I go over everything and am told to record it.
I go to a second room which at first I think is a break room. It is barely lit and there is a black counter running from one end to the other with another of these flat screens taking up the entire wall. The screens aren't like in a movie projection. The image seems to come from nowhere on the screen and the screen is solid not a piece of material. I move to the black counter and where I place my hands, it lights and it is a keyboard with more keys and things than on a typewriter but there are no real keys. It is solid and glass like. I start typing by placing my fingers on these spots that look like keys and the words appear on the screen in front of me.
This prophecy predicted flat screens, computers that didn't take up an entire air conditioned room, touch screens, cell phone technology, motion activated lights, portals using what is probably worm hole technology and a host of things not even dreamed of in 1972 when Star Trek and its levers and flip switches were considered extreme fantasy. Remember Uhuru's little beehive thing in her ear that had no wires but allowed her to talk to people all over the ship? In my prophecy, there was nothing I could see that allowed the communication but I probably had an earbud in my ear.

The Second Prophecy 1999

It is hot and dry, unbelievable hot. I am happy to be in this levitating two person car that is air conditioned with my partner who is a cop. We carry no weapons because our word is law and we can have an instant army if we need it. What we are investigating is a stolen dog. Having a pet means you have a lot of money in this world.
We arrive at the house and are met by the typical trophy wife who is hysterically showing us the picture of this dog on her little handheld screen. I am looking around and notice the grass is AstroTurf like and the hedges around the pool are silk. The pool is empty. Water is scarce. I see the daughter start to dive into the pool and almost cry out to her to stop but my partner stops me with a look. She dives in and instead of crashing to the bottom bounces a bit and then starts swimming in air.
I look at where the woman is calling the youngest daughter from and it is a pod about 7 feet long and 4-5 feet high made of a clear plastic. It is air conditioned and only the rich can afford these sleeping pods. The little girl has been reading off what looks like a flat chalkboard in her pod with a couple of dolls. Everything is minimal because I know that everything not essential is very expensive.
We start walking to where the little girl normally walks the dog and my partner says we will be very lucky to find something that valuable as it has probably been sold on the black market. I see a group of men walking together in a formation in strange beige uniforms with little badges on their shirts. My partner says they must be one of the construction guilds on their way to a new job, they wouldn't have been here to see anything.
We have arrived at a huge concrete culvert and my partner explains that the overflow from the tides is directed into these culverts. No child should be here because they are a wild area though solid concrete without even a weed isn't my idea of a wild area. I see a stilt house that is all open except for let down shades on the sides and say we should ask them. My partner is not happy about that but sees my point that they could see the girl from there. When we get there, an old lady with hands too arthritic to climb down the rickety ladder yells at us that her daughter is at day work and her grand daughter just took the poor thing in so it wouldn't starve. The little girl has the dog. We climb up the ladder and the grand daughter's legs a so deformed she can only scoot across the floor that is covered in ancient rugs obviously salvaged from dump. I take the little white Maltese like dog from the little girl and I ask her if her friend asked her to keep it because I see little pouches of dog food they couldn't possibly afford. The little girl says yes that her friend hates the dog because her mother loves it more.
We start walking back with the dog and my partner says he is surprised by the little girl. I ask why and he says normally they push the deformed children and old people off the stilt houses when the tides come in so they will die in water. The daughter must be a very special person to let them live and support them. I remark they were probably eating the dog food.
The woman is beside herself when we return the dog and I suggest she pay more attention to her youngest daughter and keep the dog away from her.
We leave and my partner remarks that I do know the only important one is the middle son and the youngest daughter is just a backup for the oldest one that is being groomed for a good marriage.
As we are flying back to the headquarters I notice the entire place is desert except on one huge ficus tree in the parking lot of a restaurant. I say that I see one tree survived. My partner says it must have really deep roots. As we gain a little altitude, I can see the Glades are now desert. The ocean is a bright lime green. We are diverted there to a bridge building project.
There are many bridges leading to what used to be condos but are now islands and being claimed for living space. I think this is silly because a hurricane will wipe them out and say that to my partner. He tells me there are no hurricanes, this is the only weather there ever is, hot without a chance of anything but more hot. I look up and there are no clouds. I look at the ocean and there are no waves, none. It is not like glass because it is a murky sickly lime green. Suddenly one of the workers falls off the bridge and I start to run to help him as he is screaming in the water and obviously can't swim. My partner grabs me and says that he is already dead. It is best he drown quickly than slowly for having been in the water. I see that the water is almost as thick as quicksand and he is sucked down quickly. Everyone just continues their work as though it is a normal thing.
I look over at a bridge about 50 yards from this one leading to another half submerged condo and notice there are people living on the bridge. I have seen very few cars and they are more like electric golf carts than cars. It is so hot and dry that the moment we get in the car I am reaching for a bottle of water. We are searching for stolen food from one of the restaurants. No one seems to cook as they can't afford the power for a stove or the raw materials. When we get to the restaurant, the insurance adjuster is telling them the company won't pay out on the third loss, which is this one because obviously they are negligent in their storage. The restaurant is on stilts on the shore and the smell of the ocean is so rotten you would think no one could stand to eat there but everyone is used to it. The owner is showing us how the food is kept in a vault that would make a bank proud today.
I tell my partner that the food has to be stolen before it is placed in the vault at night. I notice a trailer on stilts a little way down the beach. We go and check it out. The pair living there are getting ready to move because the tides are starting to wash into the trailer. They are wearing huge hip boots and you can see everything has been moved up at least 3 feet in the trailer. They are putting as much as they can in an old truck to take inland when I notice the heavy rubber gloves that come up to your under arms. I motion to my partner and suggest we need to search below the water line. Sure enough we find a small sealed safe that they claim must have washed in on the last tide. It is filled with pouches of food from the restaurant. That is when we know it is an insurance fraud case. The owner is shifting the food to the safe and dragging it down to the trailer where these people keep it and then resell it to the owner after he makes an insurance claim on the food.

High points: There is no weather. There is no wind, not even a breeze. The tides just swell in and don't always pull completely back. When that happens it is the new water level. It is hot and dry. There is no rain and no clouds. The oceans are so toxic to touch the water will poison you. The ocean is dead. Nothing lives in it. There are no plants left except deeply rooted trees. Everyone belongs to a guild which seems to be hereditary. Free people are unbelievably poor and do menial jobs on a day by day basis. Women hold only custodial jobs or are trophy wives with no rights. Food is imported from somewhere. There is no fresh food. It appears that corporations rule and under them are the guilds. Everyone wears a uniform of some kind designating where they belong and they do not associate with anyone other their own or the police. The police are the elite and get air conditioned cars and a headquarters that is multistory. It is the tallest building in the area and air conditioned. The rich only get air conditioned pods for sleeping and lounging. All the houses are open walled even though there is no breeze but they don't want to trap the unrelenting heat.

Note: the natural pumps that move the ocean are now stopping which will eventually stop all wave action and some projections suggest that will also stop all weather when it gets hot enough. The oceans are dying with huge dead zones right now. Global warming is not stopping and drought is the rule. You didn't listen while there was a chance of reversing this.

Janice is a psychic and seer, a master tarot reader and astrologer. She has degrees in psychology and is licensed as a hypnotherapist. She has worked in psychiatry as a biofeedback therapist, pain management specialist, hypnotherapist and psychiatric aid. She is now semi-retired and works as a psychic, makes jewelry, does her art and takes care of her cats.
She comes from a long line of psychics. In her family all the women inherit psychic skills of some form but only one per generation has all the talents. No male ever inherits any abilities along those lines. The skills are passed from the one who is given all the talents to the next generation psychic upon her death. Her family is what is called bloodline or inherited witches as the abilities are tied to the bloodline. Janice has traced her line back to Spain which had migrated from North Africa to the present day.
On her father's side, she is pure Irish from Ireland not mixed with Scandinavian, Scots or English. Janice is 25% pure Irish. Her family name is Duibhdarach which translates to the black man of the oak. Black refers to eye or hair color.
Janice is a Druid and a witch.

Her prophecies come in detailed and extremely complex dreams that if interrupted will begin again when she she sleeps next until the entire prophecy is revealed. It has sometimes taken weeks of the same dream to finish a prophecy. Psychologists and psychiatrists she has talked to about her dreams have all agreed, they do not fit the standard format for a dream and hence cannot be actual dreams. They have no idea what they are, but she seldom has a 'normal' dream.  

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's Advice from a really old Druid

Everything comes full circle. This is my advice for the next 4 or more years.
Forty years ago, after studying my entire life, reading cards since I was 5 and the Tarot since I was 16, freshly minted as an astrologer I made the decision to exit the broom closet. It was the beginning of my journey when I attended a conference for Wiccans even though I was a Druid. It became obvious that I was a good choice as an ambassador for the pagan community. There was no internet, only magazines, TV, radio and newspapers. I had worked in the newspapers and still had contacts. I was well spoken, well read and funny. I was also pretty. That got me interviews and publicity.
It also got me hate. Keep in mind, there was no internet. I started getting death threats which I turned over weekly to the local post office. My house was egged regularly and finally my tires were slashed. The cop on duty refused to make the report so I could file insurance claim so inserted myself into his door so he couldn't close his cruiser and he recanted. Today he would probably have just shot me.
Then came the religious fliers in every mailing from as far north as West Virginia. How on earth someone in WV got the address of a Druid in Pompano Beach on a Rural Route is a mystery but I felt sorry for the poor misguided people sending these little books. I knew they were buying them and then paying almost a dollar to mail them, which was a lot of money in a dirt poor area that I knew well from my youth. My mother was born there. I would never have considered sending an unsolicited religious text to someone but they just kept coming and the weekly bonfire got bigger.
Back in those days, we had one enemy, Sen Jesse Helms. His idea, since lynchings had gone out of style, was to deport all pagans and he had quite a following. The IRS refused to go along with him and issued non-profit status to any religious body meeting their criteria. But old Helms wasn't through. People lost their jobs, homes and children in these beginning days. It really wasn't a question of whether someone would bake a solstice cake for you but whether they would poison it because they knew they would get away with it. People, including me, suffered constant vandalism and others had their pets killed, children beat up and family threatened. I didn't back down or off. I wasn't raised that way. Finally, ten years later, we were getting a little tired. It was perfectly okay to be a psychic, Tarot Reader or Astrologer but add the word pagan and you were not welcome. So I went on another publicity blitz and suddenly the establishment of psychics discovered people would pay to see me so it was really dumb to exclude me from their events because I was a Druid. I remember Sybil Leek's advise to me, “Use them back.” More and more people came out of the closet. Helms finally kicked the bucket and we gained a tenuous equality as “metaphysical” shops sprang up in every city and the “New Age” was becoming accepted. It was a pretty quiet 20 years and then a few years ago, I saw the hate rising again.
At first it was subtle, sending the kids to do the dirty work. Then it started coming out of the woodwork as the Dominionist movement gathered steam. Remember, I live where it started and much to the dismay of their founder, Kennedy, he knew me well. He also knew I knew where the bodies were buried and would not hesitate to call the local rag and tell them. We had an uneasy truce until he died and the Cruz faction arose.
Now that this faction of Christianity is in power, every person of another faith, another color or another sexual orientation should be scared witless. Your lives are about to go back to what mine was 40 years ago. I can't do anything. I am too well known, but if you are not fully out of the closet, slam the door and lock it. If you can move and start over, do it. Remember, anything you put on the Internet never leaves. The horoscopes I did 20 years ago are still there on websites I have never heard of until I GOOGLED them. Those horoscopes were done before the internet. Everything you do electronically leaves a trail. There are still some independent Wiccan and Pagan bookstores. They can order books for you but if you go for that instant gratification on the net you also get an instant record of your order. There are so many spying shopping bots you probably have a half dozen on your computer. All of them can be used to identify you as something to eliminated. Shop local. If you want to have an altar, make certain the room is locked. Most of us learned to have a designated room of worship with a padlock and to very circumspect about who we allowed into our homes. Black out curtains are an excellent investment.
One case I was called on in the early days involved a nudist family that had purchased 10 acres in Florida with a lake which they had dreams of turning into a nudist retreat. They had three children under 5 who swam in the lake nude. Like all proud parents, they had an album of pictures of their children in which some of them were nude. They were well known nudists and the father published a nudist newsletter. At no time were those pictures ever out of that album or shown to other people. However on a harassment raid by the DEA and local cops, they searched the trailer and found the album. The parents were arrested for child porn and their children removed from them. I don't know how long they spent in jail as they lived in the “Bible Belt” of Florida.
It hit home for me because I realized my parents could be arrested at any moment for the same charge. They had pictures of me, topless, at 5 because when I grew up, little girls went topless until school age and there was the obligatory bearskin rug nude photo of every kid, all of which were in that family album sitting in the living room. What do you have sitting around that is perfectly innocent that can be used against you because it will be?
We are entering into a period of persecution and any way any one of these Christian Jihadists can harm you, they will. With drones, cameras everywhere, Facebook, the Internet and GOOGLE earth, there is no place to hide. You have to be very circumspect with your every move. But far more than that, 40 years ago no doctor could have imagined withholding treatment or harming a patient because of their religion. Now it will become common place as it already is down here. No doctor would imagine their office taken over by the staff, and patients, even of the doctor's religion, being persecuted and harmed and they not being able to do anything about it because of contracts and insurance regulations. It is happening and now it is going to get Federal approval. This is more than baking a cake. This is life and death and you have to consider what will happen while you are unconscious.

So, yes, hide. This is not a battle we are going to win. It is a war we will win in the long run because people just don't like to be repressed for long periods but for right now, the bigots are drunk with power and they actually have the power. We must do what we always have, retreat, hide and wait and keep you children, your pets and your property well protected. It is safer to be classified a paranoid conspiracy theorist nutcase with 10 motion activated flood lights than gay or pagan. Save the pentagrams for ritual use only. Cover your tats. There is makeup. Dress conservatively. Learn to blend into the wallpaper. It is much safer there.