Sunday, October 31, 2010

Facebook Users with limited data plans beware

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My conclusion

I live in a country that cares more abount bombing innocent civilians into the stone age than providing access to medical care for its sick and injured, that cares more about instituting a state religion than honoring the truth in all ways and cares more about the unborn than the living breathing children without food, medical care and homes. I am glad I am nearling the end of my life because I never thought I would write those words when I was 16.....

Friday, October 29, 2010

Number One Reason to Vote

They are going to give you 12 reasons here but I am going to just give you one. I know I am pushing 60, but when I was a kid there were no diet anythings. We drank whole coke, ate candy and cakes, drank whole milk, ate butter, had real syrup on our pancakes, and only knew about white bread,  and we WERE NOT FAT. I never saw a single autistic child growing up. It was a disorder that just did not exist in any you know what the figures are now-a-days? Well you might want to read fact number 11 before you vote. It is the next to last one.....Our future as a species may depend on it.

12 Environmental Facts to Keep in Mind on Election Day

389 – The concentration in parts per million of carbon dioxide, a leading greenhouse gas, in the earth's atmosphere today.

38 – Percent increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration since the industrial revolution.

18 – Number of countries that have set all-time heat records so far in 2010.

82 – Percent decline in U.S. corn, cotton, and soybean production possible under current warming scenarios.

1 – Rank of 2010 so far as the hottest year on record (tied with 1998).

16 – Estimated number of Exxon Valdez-sized spills it would take to equal the amount of oil spilled into the Gulf after the BP Blowout.

4,342 – Total number of oiled birds collected by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in the Gulf Coast region.

$68.5 million – Amount spent by Big Oil and its special interests allies this year on TV ads designed to elect pro-polluter candidates.

$514 million – Amount spent on lobbying and advertising by big polluters to stop the Senate from passing global warming legislation.

23,000 – Number of Americans whose lives will be saved in 2010 alone because of the Clean Air Act, according to EPA estimates.

232 – Number of toxic chemicals found in the umbilical cord of tested newborn babies in the U.S.

1 – The number of votes it takes to decide a close election.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Selective Vision

It has been one month since my last doctor's appointment and today was one rainy, miserable day to drive across town to get weighed and lectured but I had to do it. I spent 10 years working over by Holy Cross down the block from the old Burdines furniture showroom. Commercial Blvd. was nothing to look at and it was populated by a number of lower scale small businesses. It was also not a road for those with fillings in their teeth as you would probably lose them on the bumps. When it rained, it flooded. It was a miserable drive 5 days a week and it really had not improved with all the construction.
I had decided to see if I saw any help wanted signs on the way to the doctor as that is a sure indication of an improving economy. First off, the gas station east of trirail on the south side is hiring. I have to admit, I could only do a cursory check as it was raining and though traffic was really light, the traffic that was on the road was insane. Where do these people learn to drive????
By the time I made it to past the split in Dixie I was ready for a bottle of antacid and a tranquillizer and I saw my second sign...Mechanic Needed out in the street. Finally, I managed to turn onto Commercial Blvd and the shock began. Not only was the street finally finished (government funds from the Obama admin.) but there was a decided difference. Three new restaurants had opened, most of the strip stores had been given a face lift and a new photographer (really big) was now in business. You know this was due to government funds and programs initiated by the Obama administration. I couldn't wait to see the other side of the street on the way back. This was a whole new world.
Good Goddess, they had even flattened old buildings and businesses were building new buildings on the other side. I was almost whacked several times by shoppers going in and out of the little shopping strips. Right smack dab in the middle of all this new business, new road and new face lifts what do I see? Alan West's campaign headquarters. Now, this guy is a died in the wool Obama hating Republican candidate who claims the Federal Programs have strangled small business, not provided a single new job and have to be stopped right now because they are destroying the economy. He also thinks that Hell's Angels is a fine upstanding civic group... How can you sit in the middle of all this growth and new businesses and still say it isn't happening? People used to say I had rose colored glasses on. These people have black glasses on...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hair Cuts

No there will not be a picture and not because it is a bad cut. George and I went over to our fav place for haircuts mainly because it has coupons and is across the street. They also do a good job. I think it is Hair Cuttery but don't quote me on that.
Anyway, those mirrors are BRUTAL. Seriously, if I were running a salon, I would have more flattering lighting and much more flattering mirrors. Otherwise, I would come up with a way to cut hair with a bag over people's heads. I swear the mirrors over there age me 20 years!
Now to dye George's hair....oh yes....he has plans for the Witches' Ball on Saturday. Come see him in full Steam Punk Gear. I, on the other hand, will be my usual Rose Spider Witch in green and black. I even have the wig to match this year. I also have a mini-me! Don't miss our display in the All Purpose Room. Halley and Dale will be with us doing readings...

Tarot Card of the Day for 10/27/10

The Seven of Swords reversed: Something you thought was stolen from you, turns up. This can be a good thing or you could have a really red face....It can also refer to a return of faith in people.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I wish I had written this...

I didn't write this, but I wish I had!

I've seen so many anti-Obama rhetoric e-mails come to my in-box since he was elected.

Here is the other side's rhetoric. What do you think?

We had eight years of Bush and Cheney. Now you get mad?

You didn't get mad when the Supreme Court stopped a legal recount and appointed a President?

You didn't get mad when Cheney allowed Energy company officials to dictate energy policy?

You didn't get mad when a covert CIA operative got outed?

You didn't get mad when the Patriot Act got passed?

You didn't get mad when we illegally invaded a country that posed no threat to us?

You didn't get mad when we spent over a trillion dollars (and counting) on said illegal war?

You didn't get mad when over 10 billion dollars just disappeared in Iraq?

You didn't get mad when you found out we were torturing people?

You didn't get mad when the government was illegally wiretapping Americans?

You didn't get mad when we didn't catch Bin Laden?

You didn't get mad when you saw the horrible conditions at Walter Reed?

You didn't get mad when we let a major US city drown?

You didn't get mad when we gave a 2.4 trillion tax break to the rich?

You didn't get mad when Bush√Ęs deficit hit the trillion dollar mark, and our debt hit the thirteen trillion dollar mark?

You finally got mad when the government decided that people in America deserved the right to see a doctor if they are sick?

Yes, illegal wars, lies, corruption, torture, stealing your tax dollars to make the rich richer, are all okay with you, but helping other Americans ?

Oh how soon we forget.

Today's Tarot Card for 10/26/10 is:

Three of Pentacles: start planning for the future. It will be what you build.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Today's Tarot Card for 10/25/10 is:

Two of Pentacles: The week starts with a juggling of finances. Balance is the key. Ask questions. Budget. Demand to know where your money is going.

Sticky Holes????

As some of you know, I have been biking or at least some semblance of that activity. I started at 1 block and am now up to 8 blocks. My legs are stronger. I am better able to breathe. I am enjoying my bike.
However, something weird happened. I have been sticking to one street and the other night I ventured out onto another street. It was like I had hit a head wind but as soon as I rounded the corner back to my normal street I actually started flying. It was like something had been holding bike back and just let loose all at once. The next night I went out and tested the "stickiness". I was able to narrow it down to exactly where it starts and where it ends. My legs were even cramping in that area and as soon as I broke out of it, I felt fine. Here is the strange part. The houses where it starts are vacant but previously when we were having all the problems with break ins and vandalism at the shop, the cops identified that area as the source of all our problems in the neighborhood.
The people are gone but the field remains. Now the question is whether the field came first or the people. Does that little part of a block attract bad blood? The first owners were good people and there were no problems. Since a lot of things were stolen from the shop that could be used for some dark workings, do you think they conjured something up that just isn't leaving? Then again, anything stolen from a metaphysical store tends to turn into a cursed object as the energies within the shop are not happy with the event and the object is not happy it was not properly transacted. For those of you who do not know the ancient rule: a fair price without haggling must be paid for all ritual objects or they will turn on you.
What do you think?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fionna and Bush, the Black Cat and the Shrub and a trip to 2007

Fionna is a real miniature cat. She barely weighs in at 4 pounds of Ninjalator Fame. What she lacks in size, she make up for in feisty. She also a Tunnel Rat. Lift the bed clothes up enough for a Fionna nose and she dives in, eyes glazed and in full tunnel rat mode. She tunnels all the way to your feet and then back up the other side of your body emerging with a look only a cat with a mouth full of yellow canary feathers should have. She is also what my dear mentor in the Master's program at FAU used to call a bird dog. The difference being, as a cat, she doesn't need to be sent out but you really never know what she is going to bring back.
Thus, I was not that surprised to see the little black ass wiggling under the bed as she tried to pull something out that was close to her own weight. Finally, having snickered enough and having overcome my fear of flesh eating maxi dust bunnies, I reached under there and pulled out a nicely wrapped newspaper. Oddly, I could not remember missing an issue but at my age, it happens. So I unwrapped it and prepared for a treat. I got a lot more than I bargained for with that action.
I had just finished the daily paper with the usual bashing of "Obamacare" which is really nothing more than insurance reform, bad news on the unemployment front, disdain of trying to finish off Binladen in the actual country he operates from and general reading the local Tea Party candidate's questionable finances and use of party funds. Remind me to hide the silver plated objects if any of the Repiblican candidates drop by.
At first I was just going to enjoy the comics and then I discovered what I really had in my hands was a piece of history. I had a 2007 newspaper, ala Bush Era! Thus I began to read and read and read. I knew that in 2007, the housing bubble had burst, bad mortgages and lending fraud were hitting the fan, jobs were being outsourced to India and elsewhere at a rate reflected by the rising unemployment rate, the war in Iraq seeking BinLaden, who was relaxing in Afghanistan, was being paid for by billions of dollars per day with borrowed money from China, the economy was tanking faster than the new super flush toilets and generally Bush was proving he was a total IDIOT!
So what did I find in this "Leftist, Progressive, Liberal Rag??? I found one tiny editorial column timidly suggesting Bush's new found evangelic support of Free Trade and adding more countries to the Latin American click might possibly be a contradiction of the Republican Party's former stance, maybe. Not a single word was printed about the rising unemployment, the banks tanking, the real estate market buying scuba equipment, the money we were borrowing from China on an insane war machine spending spree or the fact that thousands of jobs were being exported each day to other countries leaving our workers unable to find jobs, unemployed and uninsured.
What I did find was an interesting notice that our dear Jeb Bush, whom Charlie Crist worshiped, and his Republican Legislature's new requirement that every driver in Florida carry 10,000.00 in Personal Injury Protection deadline was reached and you'd better have it or surrender your driver's license and car tags. Then I remembered that this mandatory car insurance and PIP (Personal Injury Protection) was concieved and implemented years ago under the Republicans in Florida. PIP is a policy that guarantees 10,000.00 of health insurance if you are injured in an accident in your car. What is the difference between requiring PIP, a personal injury policy, and President Obama's health care policy requirement? Would our Attorney General who is wasting millions of tax payer money joining Tea Bag lawsuits against "Obamacare" like to explain that? Oh, I Forgot! Under President Obama's insurance reform package, people get a tax right off on their insurance policy premiums. Try getting one for PIP. Once again I have to ask, do you think the Tea Baggers and Republicans can spell hypocrisy? Do you think they know what it means because it sure doesn't look like they do....or care.
Oh, and the final cherry on this vanilla sundae was comparing the writers from 2007 to 2010. Yup, you guessed: the same people. Could it have been that under Bush they were AFRAID to write anything that might get them on Homeland Security's Watch List? You might want to think about that before you head to polls to elect Tea Bagger Extremists in your state. Yes, it can get worse...a lot worse. You can put the people who got us in this mess back in office to "fix it", but only if you are really, really naive....and I guarantee no one will be writing about your mistake because Guantanamo and several other detention sites where people just disappear are still open and functioning. Oh, you'll get your one phone call.....eventually.....when maybe you reelect the Democrats but I wouldn't bet on you being able to do that in 2 years....That's just my opinion and the Ninjalator's evidence talking.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today's Tarot Card for 10/22/10 is:

King of Pentacles and the Hierophant Reversed and the Wheel of Fortune Reversed. Since the powers that be have no intention of changing and releasing any money to you, you have to get creative and a bit unconventional!
A friend just pointed out that there are 5 Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in this month and this only happens every 800+ years. It is very lucky for money in Feng Shui. In numerology. it would indicate a month of pivotal changes.

Do your little ones refuse to eat carrots?

The only way my mom ever got a carrot down me was peeled and raw. I still hate cooked carrots. A friend made me some honey glazed carrots and they were good but heck, honey glaze my fingers and they would taste good.
The other night George accidentally wrapped some unpeeled carrots in foil and put them on the barbecue. I say accidentally because he didn't know any better. They were delicious! They are even good cold as a snack. So if your little ones hate carrots, try fire roasting them.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Today's Tarot Card for 10/21/10 is:

Five of Swords: You can take an opportunity that others have abandoned and succeed with it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Today's Tarot Card for 10/19/10 is:

The Five of Pentacles Reversed: You finally get into something you have been wanting for a long time. No more worries about surviving for you!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Today's Tarot Card for 10/18/10 is:

The King of Pentacles and the Five of Pentacles. For no reason at all, a very witty and glib man is holding on to money you need and you should be getting. The decision was made before you applied so don't take it personally.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

All I Want is my Cushie Pillow.....

Truly, that is all I want at night. It is just the right height to hold my one leg up so there is no stress on my back. However, Fionna has other ideas. She loves to lie on the little square blue one. It sets off her black fur. So I reached for the little heart shaped red one and the black paw snakes out and the claws unsheathe. Now she has claimed two pillows and I am stuck with the little man with peace symbols pillow. The things I do for my cats....

Tarot Card of the Day for 10/17/10 is

Two of Wands: Why are you looking for something else when the world is in your hands? Cekebrate what you have.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Today's Tarot Card for 10/15/10 is

The High Priestess Reversed. Logic must rule. The spiritual is forsaken for the rational.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Tarot Card for 10/14/10 is

The Four of Wands....This is the day to make new friends and celebrate the old ones. Call someone you haven't spoken with in a while.

A Picture of the Printer

Here is a picture of the baby printing an ornament.
You will be able to order the ornaments and the printer from us.


This is BIG!
Friday our long awaited printer arrives. I what? This printer will print in color on any round or cylindrical object within reason. Yes, you heard right. It prints on round objects.
Here is an example and WE CONTROL THE GRAPHICS! We can print anything you want on a "Christmas Ball", your children's pictures, pet's pictures, veves, pentagrams, crosses...anything you can upload to us, we can put on the ornament.
And we are going to stock both plain and LED candles. Our first line will be "Remembrance Candles". We can print a loved one's picture and a short obituary on the candle. It will be cheaper than a flower arrangement and a great item to take home for each person. Personal altars can be created with your own family pictures.
The other Remembrance Candle is something I saw in my childhood in San Antonio. It was during one of those non-existent wars that so many of our loved ones die during. Families would tie a yellow ribbon around a tree with a tag on it with the loved one's name. Just learning to read, it was a daily ritual to read each tag on the way to school and back. Our candles will feature the soldier's photo, a yellow ribbon, their name and what ever else you want on it. We will be printing them on LED candles so you can keep them in your window for the duration of your separation.
We will be working on printing the glass for seven day candles so you no longer have to make do with whatever is printed on them. Drop a LED candle in it and you are good to go and NO SOOT or harmful chemicals in the air to breathe.
Thank you President Obama for the small business tax incentive that is making this possible.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today's Tarot Card (10/13/10) is:

Seven of Swords: Beware of theft!
I also had the Judgement card sticking way out of the deck so some of you will be making a life changing decision about your honesty.
Always remember: If it is too good to be true, it is.....

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I know people often wonder what Druids eat, but most of us are pretty normal. I may be the exception but I am trying to stay on a get healthy type diet.
The center piece of tonight's dinner was a black bean burger topped with shredded onions fried in garlic olive oil and a dab of yellow mustard. The veggies were broccoli and a fire roasted Ancient Pepper (That's the name not how long I left them in the fridge. They are big!) topped with crushed olives. The carb portion was Sweet Black Rice.
For dessert I am enjoying a cup of Creme Brulee flavored coffee with a little pumpkin spice.

Tarot Card of the Day for 10/11/10

I keep pulling two cards instead of one.
The High Priestess Reversed and the 6 of Pentacles. Pay bills first, then have fun. Use your wallet to vote!

A Plea from Fionna

I am asking Mommy to translate this for me because us little kitties don't type so well.
This morning, I had settled myself into a comfy position on Mommy's ankle. I had even washed Mommy's ankle bone so it was suitable for my little head. I was all ready for a long nap when the Mean Daddy knocked on the door and Mommy had to go and get her breakfast.
And shouldn't he put some bacon on the plate for me????

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I am soooo sick of being lied to....

I don't mean a little exaggeration about one's opponent. I mean the flat out lies.
Let's start in general. The stimulus, TARP is the correct name, has been successful and part of the money has been paid back except of course from AIG who with Bush's help got us into this Depression and almost gave us the World Wide Depression of 2007. IT IS NOT A FAILURE. Without it, no one would have a job. Okay, that is an exaggeration but I remember the stories my parents told me of the Great Depression and it is not as big an exaggeration as the rest of this. The rest is a flat lie.
Rick Scott says we are all worse off under Obama's tax plan and economic policies. Well, apparently all of us except him according to the IRS tax forms released this morning. He has made money under Obama (double what he made under the last year of the Bush administration) and paid less taxes 13% instead of the 17% under the Shrub. He manages to avoid taxes by taking deductions like the loss from his wife's interior design firm (887.00) and 1 million dollars in donations to Conservatives for Patient's Rights (They fight the Healthcare Reform Bill. They do not lobby for patient's rights.) and CPR (Conservatives for Patient's Rights was the original impetus for the Tea Party Movement. He still has not released a full 5 years of tax returns like he promised but hey, what's a broken promise verses out right lies to someone like that. Anyone with a match want to light his pants on fire?
     OOOps...Fionna says she will do it. Unfortunately, only being the size of a 6 month old kitten, she can't reach that high. Oh, the little black claws unsheathe (Yes, not only does she not have a white hair on her body but her claws are black.) and her fangs appear. Perhaps she can reach that high....I'll give the men reading this a couple of minutes to stop shaking. You know how cats love dangling things.....
Now, let's see how much Marco Rubio profited from the "broken government" in Washington....
If you can't win with the facts, SHUT UP!
Oh, and I fully admit I have paid less taxes under the Obama Tax Plan and if the last festival is any indication, I am going to be making money as soon as we are fully open. I have even invested in our first capital equipment purchase since the "HATED" small business bill passed and next year will be seeking a SMALL BUSINESS LOAN. So, all you banks who claim no small businesses want loans had better start hiding because I will be knocking on your door.....

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Tarot Card for Today: 10/09/10

Today's Tarot Card is the Knight of Swords and the Devil Reversed. Getting rid of responsibilities and duties that weren't yours in the first place allows you to make headway and advance. Stop doing other people's work and concentrate on your own job.

Yes, that bump in the middle is an iguana and the roof is 2 stories high. Now, aren't you glad they are vegetarians? That is just its head!

Before you vote for Charlie Crist

Okay, I admit he is a nice guy or seems to be one, BUT
I have a long memory and a certain amount of doubt that a leopard can change its spots.
The first hint that he was "breaking" with the Republican majority in Florida was when he vetoed the infamous teacher's bill. HOWEVER, I remember the quote from one confused middle of the road Republican in the State House who said something to the effect: We would never have voted for such a radical bill if we had not be ASSURED BY THE GOVERNOR'S OFFICE he would sign it into law. THEN at the last moment he vetoed it and began a cascade of backing down from the radical legislation that was being put in front of him including a bill that would have a caused a woman to have a $2,500.00+ ultrasound done before she could elect to have an abortion, and he is NOT PRO CHOICE.
STRANGELY, Charlie Crist has always called himself a conservative Republican, praised the infamous Bush Dynasty, was anti-Choice, anti-Gay adoption and so forth. SUDDENLY, he is a "liberal" Republican and then an Independent running on a so called middle of the road ticket but IS IT? Has he suddenly turned pro-choice, pro-gay, pro-Union, pro-teachers? Do you have a signed statement to that effect?
HAS HE CHANGED RELIGION OR CHURCH? Absolutely not and that is where his core values come from which are anti-choice and anti-gay. All he has changed is his political label.
NOW, take a good look at the polls. The majority of the people in Florida want nothing to do with the Tea Party Republican Radical candidate: Marco Rubio. BUT, with Crist in the Race it looks like he is going to be our next governor. Marco Rubio because of his "Arizona" stand on immigration is not even supported by the Cuban Americans in Miami and yet, he is going to be our next Governor.
NOW, do you really think the Republicans did not know this radical, who represents the minority view that due to our lopsided districting in Florida has allowed these radical Republicans to run the state, could not win? Is Charlie nothing more than a diversion to syphon off the Democratic votes and the Republicans that are horrified at what their party has become and guarantee Marco Rubio will win the election? You have to admit, it is one excellent strategy to get a Tea Party candidate into Congress without the support of the majority in the State of Florida.
SO....THINK PEOPLE! That leopard probably hasn't changed his spots. He is still doing the bidding of the Radical Tea Party which he agreed whole hearted with right up until a few months before he decided to run for Senate.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tarot Card of the Day for 10/08/10

King of Cups and the 2 of Cups: The emphasis is on relationships, marriage, home and family. How about planning a weekend at home just enjoying each other?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What's Up?

Yes, I have been strangely silent to some people's delight and other's concern. The cats are all fine except they are running around meowing, "Where's the meat?" Their skin mother has been eating really healthy and there are no left overs that a cat would want.
Tonight's menu was a huge salad with the usual victims: fresh loose lettuce, tomato, small sweet peppers, cucumber, dill and a fresh dressing from our new favorite veggie stand: Bedner's in Boynton. By the end of the week I may have to drive the 17 miles up 441 to restock.... The main course was a black bean burger smothered in Olive Tapa - something and dessert was a slice of watermelon. The beverage was Oolong tea with Agave syrup. Can you get heathier?
The each night I have been riding, or some semblance there of, my new bicycle. I managing a whole 3 blocks since Thursday last week until I cease to breathe. Since breathing is not optional, that is my best so far.
I scored some black rice in a Chinese grocery in Deerfield Beach today, a few blocks east of Powerline on Hillsboro Blvd on the South side down from the Bicycle shop. The cats have a bag of dried sardines to snack on this week. My bike actually came from Frenchie's in Margate on 441. They have been there as long as I have lived here and it was my first time in the store. I was totally fixed up with the right bike in minutes and at my age and height, that is something you don't get a Wartmart. I also got riding instruction as I have forgotten how to ride. I am relearning.
So, that is what is up in my world. Napoleon says, "Hi and will you please make skinmommy buy the good Activia and not that diet Activia?"
Nope, until I lose all the weight, everything is low fat and low calorie. I will not fulfill my genetic destiny.

Tarot Card of the Day for 10/7/10

Four of Cups a relationship, it seems like you are the one always giving and saying "I love you". Count your blessing before running away.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Tarot Card of the Day for 10/05/10

The Queen of Pentacles reversed (Libra) and the Hanged Man: Major decisions must be made but people are holding them up with silly things like: Is it the right color. Try to not pull your hair out.
I thought a picture of our favorite Quan Yin Statue might be in order for today!

The Organic Breath-a-lizer

Being not much of a drinker and definitely not being one to drink and drive, it never occured to me that I would have to submit to a daily or more breathalizer test but that is exactly what has happened.
At first I thought Bitwit was trying to kiss me on the lips. Then it became apparent she was smelling my breath. The moment I arrive at the shop I must submit to the Bitwit Breathalizer to make certain I have not eaten anything she might want and sometimes, I have to submit even more times. She is relentless until she is satisfied I have not cheated on her with a Salmon.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tarot Card of the Day for 10-03-10

Four of Swords....There is no rest for the weary, just work, work, work....
Facebook Friends...I am locked out of my account and using their method of IDing your friends from pictures when you have close to 300 subscribers means I will probably never get my account back.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Tarot Card of the Day: Oct. 2, 2010

Two of Swords: Stalemate! Oh well, it's Saturday....Who cares?
We also sell seals, individually and in sets..Moses and Solomon.