Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Buffer Zone, where loved ones meet

I do not normally ask anyone to share my blog, but I am this time.
This is a excerpt from a book I have been working on and this afternoon, someone was in so much pain from the “loss” of a loved one, it was palpable on Facebook. I heard a masculine voice scream in my head, “I'm not gone!” and much to my non-surprise, a sentence later I discovered it was a male who had crossed over.

Death is neither the end nor the beginning. It is a transition from an energetic/material state to an energetic state. It is like lifting the frosting off a cake...the cake stays on the plate (earth) and the frosting moves on. Death doesn't make you smarter, better or wiser. It is a transition in states.
But what we are interested in here is not death but the structure of the Universe and what happens between life/death/life.

All things exist at the same time and in the same space but for simplicity, I am going to split them apart.

This world and its inhabitants exist in one layer. Actually, each part exists in a layer but I'm getting too complex. Between this world of matter/energy, there is a buffer layer that is transitional matter/energy. To get to the other worlds of energy where you can literally jump to other worlds of matter, you have to go through the buffer zones.

Almost every night, you enter the buffer zone to have your physical and mental template realigned with your energetic (soul) body and purpose. There is no supreme being involved in this unless you worship computers made of energy. There is no right/wrong, black/white, anything. All that exists is your single template being energetically aligned along with billions of other earth bound beings and minerals on the now dark side of the planet. Sunlight is not healthy for the soul pattern. It pokes little holes in it so the soul pattern shrinks into the physical shell to protect itself in the day time.

This buffer zone also has workers in it that teach incoming energetics being how to survive in a physical environment and outgoing energetic beings how to unite completely with their energetic template or soul. There is nothing religious about this system. It is a system and it has been working pretty well.

Within the buffer, certain energetic beings maintain energetic/matter structures for the comfort and training of those entering the buffer zone. Some of the structures I have seen there are wooden cities. Metal is very rare in the buffer zone. I have seen rooms that contain “computer” equipment that is used to remove you from your body and return you. You are connected while living to your physical template on earth by a beautiful blue luminous cord, the color of which cannot be duplicated on earth. You are pulled out quickly for realignment down a “white” corridor and returned slowly turning head over heels and reversed, many times. I have no idea why that happens except that if you return too quickly it feels like someone whacked you in the solar plexus with a steel baseball bat. There are offices, the infamous cafeteria I bet everyone has experienced where you never have the money to pay for your meal or beverage of choice, a war zone, a garden with strange creatures that look like dolls being trained to eat and drink, a house where photographic negatives (I think they are the earth templates for souls) are being developed and many more.

However, there are the buses, trains and mass transport units. These are transition nexus where the living earth bound souls can meet with the souls that have transitioned to energy. In other words, in these locations you can meet with the deceased as they have not ceased to exist, they have just transitioned in form. Meetings have to be arranged by the newly transitioned's guides or watchers or teachers...whatever you want to call them....and you are zapped (for want of a better word) into this location. Sometimes, if the guiding entity is really powerful, they will create a room, usually a bedroom or kitchen/dining room matching one from both your youthful phases. In this space you can interact but touching is difficult because it may setup a matter/energy reaction that polarizes both of you in differing polarities and making a second meeting very difficult. The thing to remember is don't touch and eat or drink anything.

PLEASE remember, you will enter and do enter this buffer zone constantly. You can meet with your friends and family that have crossed permanently into it for a very long time as even once they move into the energetic domain, the buffer zone can still be accessed by them. They may choose to return to this matter/energy zone in a new body in which case it becomes almost impossible to interact with them unless you locate them in this zone. Souls are moving back and forth constantly but normally a soul remains in one of the other zones for a while to get completely aligned with their soul energy/pattern.

Because all things exist at the same time and place, any time you think of the person who has transitioned, you tug on their energetic signature and get their attention. Yes, they hear and see you after a fashion.

After delivering messages for my entire life between states, I can say with total certainty that the single message every departed being from this zone would like you to hear is: “LIVE!” They haven't gone anywhere. They are right here beside if not inside you. They want you be happy and enjoy your life and when a particularly wonderful thing happens, they would like you to stop and think of them and show it to them. You can talk to them without leaving your body because they can hear and they are inside your thoughts.

Now, imagine being on the other side, starting your new wondrous life and all you can hear for years is someone crying and whining that you left. That's not pleasant thing so, be happy and let them be happy. Otherwise, you really are damaging their energetic signature and your own. You will most likely meet again in the other energetic realms. I meet souls over there I really wish I could have left alone. I have met every member of my family, friends and even friends of friends I never knew on this side but the evidence, after investigation, bears out they knew these people at different times in their lives to when they knew me.

Why isn't this simple piece of information available to you when the leaders of EVERY major religious sect knows it? Simply because they want to milk your energy on this side of the buffer by convincing you they are the only way to meet with your loved ones once your life here is over. Baloney! You are all going to meet again whether you really want to or not. Trust me, I know and wish I didn't. You don't need any training, any belief system or anyone to intervene. Soul groups attract their souls because their templates are stored in the same location in the Akashic Memory System. It is just going to happen because that is the nature of the Universe, the way it is constructed. You are all connected. You are connected to every being you meet and to every being they meet. It is all one being.

No one is ever lost. No one ever completely ceases to exist without assist from some pretty powerful beings you really don't want to attract the attention of, for any reason what-so-ever. So, call on your friends and relatives and show them the beauty and joy of your life.

Just remember, there is very little they can do in this realm without expending a HUGE amount of their life energy from the other side of the Buffer Zone. They are pure energy. They can only affect energy. Thoughts are chemical energy so for a bit, they can affect thoughts. But you can over ride them because of the chemical component in the thought process. That is a safeguard to prevent possession by an energetic entity.

Always remember, there are entities in this world that are mostly energy and only part matter. They are not of your human group. They probably do not have your best interests at whatever they have for a heart because this planet is prime real estate and you have the title....at.....the....moment.