Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thoughts on the Kony video

Yes, you can label me as paranoid, but considering I have survived large numbers of people shooting at me and constant death threats for going public as a Druid, I think I just might be right. They are out to get me. So, stuff it.

Now to the subject of this missive.

A video is released and goes viral (something easily created if you have big computers and enough people paid to do it) on a criminal, psychopath named Kony who many people have been trying to draw attention to for years for his brutality, merciless killings and general really, really bad behavior in a section of Africa now called Uganda.

People and television series have tried to draw attention to Dafur, the HIV epidemic, the systematic rape and mutilation of all things females and starvation in the same area for YEARS to no avail. The US government has done NOTHING. Private groups risk their lives to enter the area on humanitarian missions to bring food and medical aid.

Then, just as the government is starting to tout the "Oh, Uganda's not that bad. Let's all be cozy friends Crappola", this video is released and within days is discredited and the maker is now headed for a cross with a nail gun.

Let me give you this morning's information for those who missed it. The maker of the video is in jailed for a drunken rampage on a CA beach vandalizing cars. The official press release alludes to this "Christian" (now don't get those knickers in a twist, there is a reason I highlighted this) married father of two has been fighting this illness (alcoholism we bet a 20 on) for a while......

One of the main selling points to get this video going viral was the label used for the maker: Christian, married father of 2. Are you trying to tell me they didn't know this guy was a raging alcoholic prone to fits of violence even if they are appearing to be against parked cars? Does he have enough brain cells left to know (a) if he actually made this video and (b) he was just set up big time?

In short, the video is being used to discredit all objections to the happy little friends' Tea Party we are planning with good ole Uganda. Let's sort of forget that Kony person and all the previous ones that stuck their opponents heads on pikes outside the capital palace while their people starved. After all, it is going to hard to justify the banking party when the African sector is created to balance the EU and used to justify the American "Free Trade Zone", i.e. commonwealth. Problem: the EU and Africa are big trading blocks...Reaction: the the Americas need to become one to balance and compete with them. The EU just wasn't enough of a threat to sell that bucket of Bull Poop. But first we have to clean up Africa's image to get all that nice gold out of there and make it a tourist stop.

Then again to create the American Commonwealth, first the USA would have to bankrupt, in serious debt to foreign countries (China just sold our IOU's) and crippled by banks and the population going belly up and homeless. Nothing to worry about there...ooops...that just happened, didn't it? Hummmmm?

Has everyone gone decaf????