Saturday, May 21, 2016

Readings, information and prices

Sometimes I am asked the reasoning for having two prices for readings. The prices are simply $50.00 for a walk-in and $40.00 if you have an appointment. So why is the appointment price lower?
To explain that, you need to understand the mechanisms of a psychic reading and do keep in mind that every psychic has their own twist on the mechanism just as every artist's work is a bit different even if the subject is the same.
In order to read a person well, you must enter into very specific brain states. That is not conjecture, it is fact. The slowest brain wave state is Delta and since you are asleep, you won't be doing readings or anything else in that state.
The next state is Theta and it is the desired state though it takes a lot, and I mean a lot, of practice to maintain that state and to execute it at will. In theta a person sees what are called hypnogogic imagery and in fact, theta is called the hypnogogic state. This imagery tends to be what is called archetypes or culturally shared images representing similar things to similar people. I'll get back to that.
The next state is Alpha which is the creative state. One of the problems with Alpha is your imagination runs wild and hence, you can make up a really good story.
The final state is Beta which is your analytical state. To enter Beta, all you have to do is start counting. Any math will cause you to enter Beta. I have been so tired on other jobs that I have actually started doing the multiplication tables to stay awake. I know most of you have no idea what that is as you don't know of a time before calculators when people did math in their heads.
Remember the Theta state I was talking about and that it took time to reach. Theta can be reached only in a very calm state of mind and body. Although I can enter into Theta in the middle of a carnival midway, it will take more time than if I can prepare to do it. Hence, if you have an appointment, I have the time to create a calm situation and prepare myself for the reading. Not only that but since I do work with various spirits, I have time to call them in and they have time to get information and contact spirits that are close to you. It also allows the spirits close to you to get permission, if possible, to manifest and communicate. Then when you arrive, we can get down to business and you get more information than if you just walk in the door unannounced.
Now for what I mean about archetypes being images experienced by people of similar backgrounds and cultures. An archetype is a global image but it is specific to the person. Thus, if the person reading you has a very different background and culture than you do, they may misinterpret the archetype. For example, in the USA, money is green. It is even called greenbacks. But very few countries in Latin America have any money that is green. In our culture, green means sick. He turned green means he became really nauseous. In Latin America, green is healthy because the jungle and unrestrained plant growth is a sign of health. So, if the archetype belongs to the person getting the reading and they are Latino and the psychic is not and the psychic sees green, they will interpret it as meaning illness and/or money where as it would mean health to the party being read. Fortunately for me, I get little tags telling me who the archetypical image is for and I will say that it is for you to interpret as it is your image I am seeing.
Why do I use cards? The Tarot was developed from a European archetypical set of images. Hence, I use the cards to provide the archetypical image so I can go into more depth with the image. It is like trying to solve a mathematical problem without the formula. The cards give me the formula and I can solve the problem and figure out what to do with the solution while someone else is trying to do the math.
I used to watch the old infomercials and the “psychic” would interpret the card while I would be sitting there thinking of everything else associated in the reading with that card. Invariably, the person being read would chime in and give the “psychic' the information I had just come up with. It was a fun exercise.
This need to enter into a specific brain wave state is also why I ask you to pay in advance. After a good period of time in Theta, you do not want me counting anything. My brain refuses to snap back to Beta as fast as it did when I was young. One poor man was trying to buy some minerals after a reading and finally had to make the change himself. I was a total loss. I think I had started counting a half dozen times before he realized either I was dumbest person he ever met or something was wrong with me. I explained the Theta problem and he counted out his own change. If you remain in Theta for a long period of time, it is like trying to wake up out a deep sleep. It just doesn't happen fast.
Transitioning from Alpha to Beta is fast and can be done instantly. You know how fast you dropped out of that daydream when the teacher called your name? You probably didn't know where you were, but dang, you were wide awake.
Transitioning from Theta to Alpha is quick and seamless but you are not completely with it. Theta is the state just before you slip off to sleep in which you will agree to anything if people will just leave you alone and let you drift off to never-never land. However, if you have made it to the border of Delta, you are groggy, compliant and disorientated. Not only that, but if you are forced to enter the Beta state rapidly, you will usually have a headache and some nausea. So, it's a good idea not to force the psychic into total awareness as they are not going be in a good mood.
Spirits are a whole other world, literally. Most people think their loved ones and guides can just pop in any time they want. One thing I learned early was there is a spiritual hierarchy and everyone has a boss and boundaries. I found that out because being the contrary little critter I am, I was always breaking the rules. The more energetically advanced the entity, the harder it is to manifest in this super slow dimension. Few people can become mediums because their bodies simply are not able to house a spirit that is, for lack of another word, vibrating at a high level. A few people's bodies are “vibrating” at a high level to begin with and hence for a period time can house the spirit's essence but not without some damage. A person's brain has to operate at a really fast speed or be burned out to allow a spirit to communicate with them for a long period of time. Most people can get a word or a blurry image. A very few get the whole paragraph and picture. I am one of those few because my brain is documented to work really fast. My problem is slowing down enough to rest my mind. However, you will often hear me say to slow down.
Spirits will actually communicate so fast all you hear is a high pitched drone like a mosquito buzzing you. At best, their communication sounds like an auctioneer and keeping track of what they are saying is a feat of mental gymnastics. Search for a video of an old tobacco auctioneer and see if you can understand anything they are saying. I know because my father did those auctions when he was young and when he wanted to be really annoying, he would use that speech rhythm while giving you orders and expect you to actually understand and follow them.
To me, most spirits manifest in black and white, not color. That is probably a defense mechanism on my part so I don't mistake a spirit for a 'real' person and wind up in the looney bin for talking to non-existent people. I do see animal spirits in full color.
Back to the rules and hierarchy because I used to think the spirit world was a bureaucracy of the highest order created by something with extreme obsessive compulsive disorder. Now I know that because everything is energy, it often takes quite a few spirits to manage to transcend the natural energetic boundaries between their levels and our world. Hence, although you may receive communication from someone directly after their death, it is with the help of other spirits and permission with a good reason to do so but the longer that person is in the other realm, the harder it becomes. You also have to be spiritually in sync with the person to receive communications. So, if they are blue and you are blue, it works easily but if they are red and you are blue, it doesn’t work at all well. However, a medium like me can communicate because we are not directly communicating with your particular spirit but with your spirit through our spirits who are acting as interpreters. Hence I often have someone ask why their loved one won't give them an answer and I have to say because they are not permitted to do that. My spirits have been known to twist the edicts better than a constitutional lawyer, but even they have their limits. Some things you just aren't allowed to know in this state.
Enjoy your reading and remember that the purpose of a psychic reading is not to carve in stone your choices and life path but to give you the information you need to make the best choices for you at this time in your life. It's always good to know the bus is going to hit you a 2 PM on Tuesday at the corner of Main and 3rd Avenue because now you can decide whether to be there at 2 PM or to stay home and have a nice cup of coffee and a Danish.