Saturday, February 28, 2015

How to get the worst psychic reading of your life!

No one in their right mind plunks down a good fee for a psychic reading and then deliberately sabotages their reading but a lot of people do it. They do it because they do not understand how the psychic works and unfortunately, a lot of psychics have never studied themselves enough to understand the mechanisms.
I started out doing readings and the professionally studied physiological monitoring while becoming a biofeedback therapist. This gave me access to medical monitoring equipment few psychics would ever see. It also gave me quite an eye opening. I had never considered nor does anyone else, that a psychic reading would take a physical toll on the psychic.
You are in a relaxed state, or you can't read. That is a fact. Intuition doesn't work in a Beta brain wave state. You must be in relaxed Alpha or hypnogogic Theta trance like state. Slip into Delta and you are asleep. So, reading must be a relaxing, effortless thing. Imagine my shock when my heart rate hit the 200 mark, my blood pressure shot up and with that, my body temperature sky rocketed. The act of reaching for the information causes this flight or fight response and then it settles down to a nice relaxed baseline. BUT every time the psychic reaches for a new piece of information up go the physiological markers. Any doctor is going to tell you this is a bad thing and most likely why so many psychics suffer from a myriad of health problems, high blood pressure and diabetes being at the top of the list. I wish I had known diabetes was going to be my fate but the American Medical Association doesn't recognize stress and the fight or flight response, even though the first step is the release of glucose into the blood to power the muscles and do repairs, as a cause of Type 2 diabetes. I would have started out charging more and saving it for my medical bills.
Let's return to the reaching for information part. Why does the psychics' physiology undergo such a radical change? I have a few theories, none of which can actually be proven but they do explain the how of a reading. The psychic is either obtaining information from a symbiotic being that is part of them and whose “vibrational rate” for lack of another word is different from that of the psychic. That causes the psychic to have to synch their physiology to the higher rate of “vibration” or it just may be entering into the spiritual realm which theoretical physics implies operates had a higher and less dense rate than we do. One theory is every few milliseconds we actually phase in and out of another physical dimension. The psychic may have found a way to stay a little longer in that place than you do and retrieve information from it or communicate with beings that now live there. It takes a physical toll.
Now to get a really bad reading all you have to do is jar the psychic out of that state constantly. Most psychics can move effortlessly (or so it appears) into the state but if you keep pulling them into the Beta, the answer questions and do math state, it becomes like starting and stopping a car. You will most likely stall the engine and definitely wear the brakes and transmission out.
Notice I said the do math Beta state. The quickest way to jar yourself out of a nice day dreamy Alpha state is to start counting or doing math. The only reason counting sheep puts you to sleep is you get bored and lose count. You no longer care. If you are counting your money, you aren't going to sleep. So if you keep saying when or asking questions that involve numbers, you will jar the psychic out of their “psychic state”. This will make for a very disjointed reading.
One piece of evidence in my world that the place I obtain information is “vibrating” or moving at a faster rate than I normally do, is the information arrives very fast. Consequently, interrupting the psychic is going to derail that train and trust me when I say, you aren't getting back on that track. I used to think the “spirits” were just mean and had the attention span of a gnat on speed because it was like listening to an auctioneer give a lecture and they would not repeat themselves. Now I know that when someone wants a message to get through, it takes a lot of energy to break through the dimensions and like a radio, it has to be turned on to operate and uses energy. They pretty much have one shot at getting it all out.
I don't know if the information somehow bypasses the short term memory or short circuits it, but the psychic most of the time cannot repeat what they just said because they don't remember it. A couple of hours later, you may remember it which means it has bypassed the short term memory and gone into long term memory directly. That should not be possible, but it happens. Thus interrupting with a barrage of questions is going to accomplish nothing but derail your reading.
Psychics will normally pause at a point and ask if you understand what they mean. This only happens when I am reading the Tarot. If I am channeling or working straight clairvoyance, you get one shot at the information and I don't get a shot at it at all. It is gone. Thus, it really helps if you pay attention and even take notes.
However, do not bring the so-called psychic interpreters with you unless you want to pay for a mess. I know they mean well, but all they do is cloud things and the one time someone showed up with one, after two sentences, the information stopped and the only message I got was to get rid of her. She was messing up the reading. The point is, like dreams, this is your world. Someone else can't really interpret it for you. I often have no idea what I am saying means to you. This is one reason why psychics are often general and vague to everyone but the person they are reading.
I will give you an example. The cards said a young girl who loves the customer very much will spill the beans in a few weeks. He knew no such person and no one else would know anything about the situation to give him the truth, except he forgot his daughter regularly rats the mother out and loves him very much. I actually had to make the connection for him several times. This was one reading I earned my money just repeating myself ad infinitum. Some times I need a tip to pay for the aspirin.
Other times, you get a customer who is totally in touch with their own life and picks up and defines exactly who you are talking about instantly. They get discounts on the their next readings in my world. However one thing that drives the psychic and the entities involved batty are the people who hear what they want to hear even if they have to make it up. I have had a friend sit with the customer and tell her over and over again, that I never said that. I am telling her I never said that. She still insists I said that because she wants that to be true. After a while it gets harder and harder to get an appointment with the psychic or they start telling you what you want to hear. People who do this become the con artists favorite customers because they specialize in telling you what you want to hear. I have actually had someone pay for multiple readings to try to get me to tell them something that was not true.
You might think this wouldn't happen with say an astrologer. However in one instant I had run the charts for a man and his paramour who happened to be married and not at all interested in him. She was actually married to her soul mate. They were perfectly matched. This guy was no where in the picture however, the other astrologer came up with two charts that worked together. I started asking her how she derived these two charts and she was somewhere in the 8th derivative of the natal chart after several progressions of the progression. There was no way these charts were in the vicinity or even the same city with valid. But she was telling him what he wanted to hear and he was paying hundreds of dollars a week to hear it.
Whenever I get a reading that is actually what the person wants to hear, I double check my cards and I more surprised than the person because life happens. A psychic sees the most probable of futures. That doesn't mean the improbable can't happen. It does every night on the LOTTO. The odds of winning are astronomical but someone will eventually win.
There is another way to sabotage your reading. You can change it. Many have argued that the actual act of getting the reading changes your future or that the actual act of considering your future all by yourself changes the natural progression. I always say that if you don't like it, change it. Unfortunately people change it for the worse. My best example is a young lady who actually had three suitors ready to ask her out to the prom. She rushed out and bought a dress, made a hair and nail appointments and generally spent a ton of money all while telling all her friends about it. All of this preparation convinced the three suitors she already had a date and she sat home that night with a dress she would eventually wear watching TV and crying. I don't know how many women convince themselves their soul mate is around the corner and send out a taken vibe that keeps everyone including the possible soul mate away. You can do the same thing in business and keep customers away by sending out the I'm too busy vibe thinking it will attract customers. It attracts them to the guy who is sitting there with the time for them, not you.

Always remember, everyone doesn't click with everyone. You've gone to a doctor, hairdresser or a lawyer and walked out and known it just wasn't going to work. The person just wasn't getting you. The same applies to psychic. Your best friend may get the best readings in the world and you just don't click with the psychic. I bet you don't click with their mate, either. So keep that in mind.