Thursday, November 22, 2012

UFO's, Murray and Facebook

I did a lot of bouncing around Facebook tonight, catching up with old friends and annoying the radicals, and checking out some happenings. I have a pretty wide reach with information and pages. I have discovered no one reads the articles they link to except for a few of us. I have also discovered Facebook is very dangerous place for anyone who is doing anything good.
I have seen in the past couple of months, 4 humane organizations shut down after getting on Facebook. It doesn't matter what kind of animal or fish is involved. All the animals in their care were killed by the governmental animal control after someone happened onto their page and started filing complaints. Often the person wasn't even in the same state.
I have seen several people posting about their homestead experience who are now out of a house and home for the holidays, put off their land and their animals killed, too.
Some of my friends just posting interesting pictures of UFO's have been attacked viciously for no reason. A few are suddenly finding they are being harassed by one or more government bodies. Life is getting very difficult for them but when you are in a field that often finds your fellow researchers dead in odd circumstances, they are perhaps better capable of taking care of themselves than other people on Facebook.
Undoubtedly Facebook has been a boon for Law Enforcement, particularly the child porn and pedophile division. That is why I cringe at some of the photos I see people publishing. Tonight I saw a proud parent post a picture of their son's swim team in wet bikini suits that I am sure had several pedophiles drooling. I only hope there isn't enough information to allow someone to track down that eye candy but I am probably hoping against the odds.
I read a heartbreaking story of someone whose life and that of a friend has been pretty much trashed because of a picture posted in bad judgement. No apologies were accepted. No one even stopped to think this person may have children to feed or how it was going to affect her relatives. No, they simply ruined her life and that of another person.
There are a lot of people out these that think this is some sort of reality show. They can destroy another person and change the channel. The people on Facebook are not real to them. They have no remorse or even compassion and they wander through public pages and look to find someone to attack. The really bad thing, they have found this garners them the attention they crave. One site managed 3,000 followers attacking some poor hapless person who probably had no idea there was a problem with a picture. They took it down but they didn't understand that once you publish something on Facebook and remove it from your timeline, it isn't gone. It is on everyone's wall and they can share it. It still exists after you delete it.
I am sure one poor person had no idea that his cell phone number was public to every person friended or subscribed to his page. I've picked up a few whack jobs playing of all things: Farmville. Can you get more benign?
Now that the election is over, all the whackoes who got off on attacking candidates and getting a big thrill from finding other whackoes to agree with them, no longer have targets. They can't get attention without a target and my friends, you are now in their crosshairs. It can be as simple as you have loved ones and they don't, a home and they don't, a lizard and they don't....I used to know someone that if we were sitting in a restaurant she would be making derogatory comments about perfect strangers and their hair or clothes. Really, what is that except jealousy and trying to show how superior you are? I am sure she has a ball tearing people down on Facebook and she is on Facebook.
As for me, I have a lot to do in the next few months and I am getting off Facebook except to play Farmville for relaxation. So if you don't hear from me, it's because I really am not here. I can access Farmville without ever going on Facebook though it may show I am on. It just isn't worth my time and energy to see perfectly good people destroyed by other people to get attention.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Who is it alright to kill this week?

One thing you need to understand is that governments, corporations, religious leaders and politicians employ well trained people to alter your opinions, to change the way you see things and to change your very core values to benefit them.
You need to understand there are two sciences: psychology and sociology.
Psychologists work with the individual and changing their behavior and thought patterns.
Most of you think sociologists direct needy people to social programs and that is truly the face you most likely see. But, there is another side you don't see or hear about. Sociologists study societies or large groups of people. They, like psychologists, learn to manipulate group opinion, values and morals.
A huge push came after WW2 to study how to manipulate large segments of society without them noticing they were being manipulated. They had watched how successfully Hitler had convinced normal, moral people to persecute and kill their friends. They wanted to know how you could change an entire nation's morals and it wasn't to protect you.
You are most familiar with advertising. You probably are familiar with the cute little skulls in the ice cubes in the alcohol ads.
Psychologists determined most drinkers were risk takers, adrenaline junkies and to put it mildly, tended to have a death wish. So, advertisers placed death imagery into alcohol ads knowing it would subliminally, below the level of conscious perception, appeal to risk takers, adrenaline junkies and people with a death wish. It was really simple and pretty straightforward except the people buying more and more alcohol didn't know they were being manipulated. Every bar in the country went with low lighting and red decor because psychologists discovered rats would drink more under low wattage red lights. Rats actually do not like alcohol and won't drink it unless forced to but under red lights, they were real little boozers. It worked very well. One could easily argue that presenting your product in the best possible light to sell it shouldn't be illegal, but there is a big difference between that and what was being done. As long as the bottle of booze is sitting on the counter and the person is telling you how great it tastes and how wonderful it will make you feel, that's straightforward. You can get up and walk away. You can make a decision. But when you don't know you are being manipulated at a level below your consciousness, is it moral? Is it just plain fair?
Manipulation can be very subtle and you are going to get very offended by what I am going to tell you next. However, you might want to let it settle a bit in your brain before you burn me at the stake because you are the one on the receiving end of this manipulation.
If I were to say to was alright to kill someone because of their color, you would scream to high heaven and your main argument would be that color has nothing to do with a person's worth. You would be 100% right.
Now, if I were to say someone should be punished more heavily for killing or assaulting a cop, you would say: absolutely.
Read what I just wrote a few times and see if you can see where you were nicely manipulated.
Okay, I'll explain. You have just said that a person putting a uniform on is more valuable than say a surgeon because you are going to deliver a greater punishment for the same crime based on who the victim is. That makes the person in that uniform better than everyone else in society. You have just given up your worth, your value as a human being to a symbol: the uniform.
Now I've heard the argument that they risk their lives for us, but the funny thing is, theirs' is not the most dangerous occupation.
The most dangerous occupation is fisherman and related jobs in the fishing industry. They have the more fatalities and injuries per year on the job! On average they make 12.30 an hour and have little to no benefits and no retirement plans. Number 2 is logging workers making 3.00 an hour more. Number 3: aircraft pilots and flight engineers. Number 4 is your local garbage and recycling handler. Those garbage trucks are killers. Number 5 is a no brainer: roofers. Number 6 is iron and steel workers. My uncle worked in the steel mills. Fatalities and injuries were a weekly thing. Number 7 is agricultural, ranchers and farmers. Them little doggies have sharp horns. Number 8 is drivers, sales workers and truck drivers. The more time you spend on the highway the higher your odds of someone hitting you. Number 9  is anyone working with electricity, installers and repairers and Number 10 is Taxi drivers and chauffeurs.
The police and military didn't even get on the list.
However, if you off a fisherman, you just get murder one and if your smack him is just plain assault and battery. Do the same thing to a cop and it is the death penalty and assaulting an officer can be nothing more than touching them.
Now, is the average cop or soldier better educated than the average person. You know the answer is no. So why did you just value their life higher than the poor trucker who delivers your food to the grocery and the man out there sweating picking up your garbage? You think nothing of flipping the bird at a trucker but you want someone who does it to a soldier tried and convicted of treason and I guarantee you, if you flip the bird at a cop you will be arrested for assault and battery though you never got in touching range of this person.
You have been conditioned to accept their authority over you as absolute. They are untouchable. They are better than you or anyone else. Their life is worth more than your child's life. They cannot be disobeyed. They can no longer be questioned.
And now, hardly a week goes by some poor unarmed idiot gets shot by a cop who felt threatened. Old ladies fleeing intruders in their homes are shot multiple times and killed because they didn't have their hearing aids in and couldn't hear the cop telling them to stop. She was in her nightgown. How much of a threat is a senior citizen in a nightgown? But you accepted it. She did not stop. You accept that if you do not obey the order of a person in uniform instantly, no matter what that order is, they have the right to kill you.
So folks, who IS it alright to kill this week? The answer is: YOU.
Don't believe me?
Then explain to me why you go to the airport and allow a person in uniform to feel you up, humiliate you and even detain you when that person is not even a policeman? They are private security guards like the old man walking the beat in shopping center. They are not trained in any avenue of law enforcement. They are the person or pervert next door putting on a uniform and you have been conditioned to obey the uniform without question. You should be very, very worried about now.

Friday, November 9, 2012

By Soul and Soil We are Connected

How do you describe a feeling, a sensation? Words are inadequate to describe the connection between you and those who came before you, those who share the building blocks of your body, psyche, soul and the land that spawned you.
I had arrived in Scotland at 9 PM and found it pitch dark unlike the city I live in here in the USA. It was cold and we ran from the bus to the hotel for more than one reason. The bus engine was about to throw a bearing and even at the lowest idle, it can go right through the engine and any nearby bodies.
The hotel had kept dinner hot for us though for the life of me, I cannot remember what it was, just that there was an awful lot of it. I trudged up to my waiting room expecting to spend a night under my coat on a hard bed reminiscent of so many foreign beds that have sought to make my nights a misery. Much to my surprise, I found a spacious room, really hot water, a real heater and a soft bed. Scotland definitely had England beat or perhaps the contest wasn't that fair as my bed and breakfast was owned by Colombians.
The next morning came early and they stuffed us to the point we lucky ladies with purses were stowing a hearty lunch in them. If you had food left on your plate, you got the evil eye. Then it was on another bus and the prerequisite castle. That island is littered with the darned things. Generations must have spent lifetimes building nothing but castles and at this point, they really did all look alike.
But they weren't alike. The English had kennels and displays of leashes and collars. The Scots had a graveyard honoring the dogs that died protecting their owners. They had monuments to their dogs. The English had stained glass ceilings depicting the crest of every royal family, pretty novelties to remind us of our station. The Scots had monuments and memorials to the men who died in their wars, every day men forced to be mercenaries after the royalty of the English starved the country economically into servitude. No, this castle was not like all the others. It was a memorial to the memory of the struggle of a people to survive.
After a good time during which no one bothered to herd us about but left us to find what each needed to see, we returned to the bus and headed toward the town square for some shopping and lunch after which we could find our way back to the hotel. Naturally we were nervous as we Americans simply were not prepared for how small a major city like Edinburgh really is and wanted maps, detailed instructions and preferably someone to hold our hands. We were assured anyone could point us in the right direction and if we got on the bus going the wrong way to just wait and it would circle around to the right direction and leave us off at the hotel. What we didn't know was there was only one main street with shops on it and it wasn't that long.
As for me, my memories were blurred with my vision as I watched the tourist traps whiz by and tried to memorize the way back to pick up trinkets for stateside friends when I felt the bus lurch to a stop. I braced myself to exit as I am and have always been the outsider. No one ever looked like me where ever I lived. I expected the curious stares and sneers. I expected to be last one waited on, the last one admitted and the last one trusted. That is the life of one who simply doesn't belong in a big way. I had learned my lessons well, lifted my chin, smiled and stepped half way off the bus only to freeze on the bottom step. Everyone looked just like me. The next person in line finally gave me a gentle shove off the bus and I stood on the narrow sidewalk, completely disappearing within the thong of locals. I wandered a bit, completely amazed at my new anonymity until the lure of shopping was too much and entered my first shop.
Everyone wanted to help and quickly shunted me to the proper clan tartans though I had not managed a word as to what clan I belonged. Until I opened my mouth, they had no idea I was not an out of town cousin on a shopping trip. A few blocks away I was welcomed into a local restaurant for a lovely lunch amid the locals. Finally I found a suitcase and convinced a Japanese store owner I wasn't a local but a pretty savvy American, so he could cut the crap and give me the best price on the cheap suitcase he was trying to sell as top of the line. I think he said he'd rather deal with the cheap Scots, but I cut my bargaining teeth in Latin American markets.
I sat in the park for a while just looking at the people, each could have been my brother or sister, and marveling at everyone smiling at me and saying hello. I belonged. I wasn't an outsider. This was where I came from at my most basic genetic level. These were my people.
I discovered the bus trip to the hotel was a whole 3 blocks I could have walked but they were accustomed to Americans being weaklings. It was cold and I admit I have never felt colder and I have been at the top of Andes in the winter, but the chill filled me like an old friend I had not seen in a long time. As night fell, I sat in my windowsill and looked out at King Arthur's seat...a low hill by Scottish standards but I had been guaranteed, a climb I probably couldn't make. I was raised in West Virginia part of my life. I already knew distances in the mountains are deceiving. I had carefully opened the window to take advantage of lazy wind that doesn't bother to go around you, but cuts right through you, as I had been told. The chill spread through every inch of my body and my blood sang with a song older than my body as my soul called to the mountains, lochs and heather and they answered. We were one and I was home.
It was this feeling I recalled today in the chill of an early autumn in Florida as I read the newspapers. The Latino vote had shifted to at least 67% for a president that didn't insult them by trying to wear brown face on their TV channel. But as I read the article I came to the Cuban vote, barely hitting the 50% mark as old men still fight a lost battle with a ruler, 50 years older and just as strong as the day I stepped off the two engine plane into a sweltering country, palm trees everywhere heavy with coconuts, and people speaking a language I barely understood having picked up my smattering of Spanish in Mexico. My mother was clinging to my hand, scared to death of the line of men with rifles held at ready hand as we walked to customs and then, they took her pound of coffee. Yes, they took her coffee and explained, we grow it, we have much better than Maxwell House here and anyway, you can't bring food into most foreign countries. She was livid but they had guns. They let her keep the coffee pot. Even a Latino man with a gun knows better than to push a red head too far.
This was my home for the next almost two years. There were orchids, something we had never seen before. Lizards abounded everywhere unafraid of humans and reducing my mother to squeals. I think they deliberately tortured her. Birds sang in strange songs. Everything grew with a lush vengeance. During the rainy season, the water fell in torrents at 3:05 PM to 3:35 PM every day as if Mother Nature had a wrist watch accurate to the minute. Then the steam rose and it was almost as if the rain was falling back up into the sky. By dusk, it cleared and everything prepared for the cooling breezes as it dried, and preened and paraded its newly cleaned colors. A whole new world of insects came out. Spiders as big as dinner plates stalked their dinner which could one of the multitude of peeps or tiny frogs and toads that came out to sing in the abundant puddles and pools. With little ambient light from the city of Havana, the stars papered the sky like a child gone mad with glitter and the night blooming flowers perfumed the air. There was always music somewhere. Someone was singing and someone was dancing as the old men traded their dominoes to assess the young women seeking true love under the watchful eyes of their grandmothers or aunts. And then there would be quiet except for the calls of wild and occasional drumming and sleep came easy until they started shooting at me, anyway, it was nice while it lasted. The whole island had a perfumed smell to it. The humidity clung to your skin but didn't really wet it and make you uncomfortable. Everything moved a slower pace because life went on and was more important than time, business or politics.
And because of old men and old wounds and older stupidity, generations have not and will not ever know what I felt in Scotland on my 40th birthday. They will never truly feel like they belong. They be a demographic on someone's chart. They will be disconnected from the land they live in always feeling a bit out sync with everything around, yearning for something they cannot describe and knowing for certain it is missing.
My only question to those old men keeping hatred alive and voting against their own best interests just to find someone willing to pay lip service to waving a saber around is: Is it worth it? Is it really worth it? Look at your children and your grandchildren who will never know their native soil and many of their relatives, think of the children born and the parents buried and answer that question with your soul. Is it worth it? Is hatred ever worth it?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Failure of the American Business Economy: Hubris

Hubris is a word you may not know the definition of and I will eventually define it, so be patient.

Why is the American business world failing? Is it the huge CEO salaries and bonuses that have created a top heavy economic model where the top 1% hoard more money than anyone can spend in several lifetimes, taking that money out of circulation and starving the economy below them? The answer is probably very likely, but have you wondered how it got that way? How did we become a 3rd rate or less manufacturing based economy from the top of the food chain in just a generation or two? Could the answer to both those and more questions be the same: Hubris?

George came in and had been watching the day after summation dinner with the Republicans as the top dogs discussed why Romney/Ryan didn't win. They were brandishing such reasons around as: (1) improper branding, (2) publicity didn't properly insulate him from the accusations (3) yada-yada-yada-braf.... At no point in time did anyone simply say, we nominated two lying, idiots for the office of president running on the same old policies that got the country in this mess and few people were fooled. However, the American people have already pointed that out.

So, one might ask why no one at the top seems to see that.

It seems the man (and it always is a man) at the top cannot make a mistake. If his grand new product fails, it wasn't properly branded and introduced. No one ever says it was a bad idea and no one wanted one of them. If his economic policy fails, accounting must have made a mistake. If his employment guidelines fail, the American workers are lazy dolts. If his products fail in every sense, the workers aren't putting them together right. Heads will roll and they are always the rank and file. Bonuses will be given at the top no matter how many failures. The saying too big to fail should be too high up to fail because apparently CEO's are actually gods and cannot fail.

Why on earth do we, the lazy dolts, accept this travesty of logic?

It comes from a simple psychological concept introduced some 50 years ago. You know it now under the headings of "no child left behind" and other names. Put simply, children were rewarded whether they actually succeeded or not. Everyone was getting a star. Everyone was passing the grade. It seems to have slipped everyone's mind that some children were not ready to pass because at almost a 100% rate those children not ready to pass were immature males who had been made that way by over indulgent rich mothers with nothing else to do.

When you work, you clean, you cook, you wash and you have no help and more than one kid, the concept of spoiling and protecting one goes right out the old window. You don't have enough time. However, when the little darling is your meal ticket by carrying on the family name and legacy, you are going to wrap him in plastic bubble wrap and destroy any teacher that says he just isn't smart or mature enough to pass the grade.

Our problem is, they never got smart enough or mature enough to pass the grade and they are running things now. The fact that Romney didn't win can't possibly be Romney's fault. I keep flashing to the image of John Bohner with tears running his face because he didn't get his way...he is the Speaker of the House, not a 2 year old! Grow Up! You blow it, you take the fall, just like the rest of us. The fault REALLY is YOURS!

This insanity flows through all of American Business and Politics. THEY CAN NOT FAIL! Therefore, when we are out of work, being foreclosed on and don't have enough food to eat, they can't even conceive of the problem because THEY CAN NOT FAIL! This simply cannot happen. They have a permanent safety net. We must have one, too. Unfortunately, we can't find it.

When I was in psychiatry, I quickly noticed a disturbing trend. It was called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and it was skyrocketing. This disorder is not just a disease of the military. It affects huge numbers of "survivors" of traumatic events. When I grew up, there was the Korean War and WW II. Some men returned  with this problem, but most did not. Now I was seeing most returning with it and it was spreading into the general population like a wild fire. So, I looked at the family histories of this disorder and it wasn't hard because the families were usually sitting in my office crying. It was then I saw the pattern. The closer knit, more supportive the family, the worse the condition and the more the sufferer was pushing them away. Those of us who grew up in the take care of yourself universe and don't expect us to bail you out world didn't get PTSD.

When the support mechanism the person had been conditioned to expect, Mommy and Daddy bailing them out and taking their side, failed in an accident or war, the person was first lost and traumatized, then angry that these people didn't show up and fix it and then angry at the entire world for letting them down. "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." Now, everyone is supposed to do it for you as you reap the rewards if you come from the top 53%.

The model of free loading welfare recipient (though false) is easily inserted into the psyche of the average American to replace the model of a hard working poor person who needs help with their struggle because EVERYONE HAS A SAFETY NET. No one can fail or be left behind. These people are just to lazy to use it.

After all, you attract and create your own reality. Yes dear metaphysical friends, you, too, have been duped by a well organized, psychological con game whose purpose is simply to bilk you out of the last penny and vestige of freedom you have.

News Flash: THE CEO'S FAILED. THE POLITICIANS FAILED. EVERYONE FAILS SOONER OR LATER.....It's how you learn and grow. Unfortunately the first two groups get paid billions of bucks to fail. Trust won't be getting a check when you fail.


noun \ˈhyü-brəs\

Definition of HUBRIS

: exaggerated pride or self-confidence

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I awoke this day with a common place sharp pain between my shoulders as the muscles complained blithely from being stretched the wrong way during the night. I remembered the orthopedic surgeon asking me, how and when I was injured. At the time I couldn't remember which he found suspect because an injury that severe should also be memorable. This day, in the cool darkness of my bed, I remembered and I believe I should be excused for forgetting something that happened in the 5th grade as I am 61 and it was a long time ago. The wound on my back is as fresh this day as I find it hard to raise my arms as it is in many minds for the wounds they suffered.

When I grew up there were three classes. There were the Mittens living in the world of privilege, whose parents carefully extricated them from any trouble they got into with a fat check if it was ever reported, the middle group who played see no evil, get hit with no evil, forget what you know and my group: the poor, the weak, the not so white and in particular, the female. I was poor, small and female. I also committed the sin of being pretty so I could expect no help, not even from my teachers who were charged with protecting us but in fact knew their continued employment depended on the favors of the progeny of rich and famous in the school. Poor pretty white girls were playthings to be abused and used up, then thrown away.

It was after school and like most of the poor, I had no parents in a car to pick me up as they had to work to put food on the table and no bike as it cost money to buy. We were shuttled out one side of the elementary school and just to enforce our position on our little minds, it was on the opposite side from where all of us would be heading home. That way we got to walk by our superiors getting into their cars or getting on their bikes for the leisurely ride home while we walked in 90 degree F temperatures across 4 lane highways in the dirt less than 2 miles, because that magic mark got you a ride on a school bus and we weren't worth it, home. You have to understand the school board was populated by rich men's politicians on the way up, bought and paid for, and bored society ladies coveting a picture on the society page for their 'charity' work as long as it didn't interfere with their bi-weekly beauty parlor appointment. That two mile radius was measured by taking a ruler and drawing a circle with the school as the center. We all walked way over two miles because we couldn't get home "as the crow flies". My father actually measured the walk that day at 2.5 miles. It didn't matter in social order or to the school board.

On a bet or just out of not wanting their view spoiled by kids who only had two dresses and one pair of shoes to their name, one of the rich little spoiled bullies waited for me to pass and then took a swing at me with a 3 pound book. Simply because my instinct was to survive, abused children are that way, I nodded my head a split second before the book hit with the full force of his much larger body holding it in two hands and it caught me not in the back of my head as intended but between my shoulders. I made it up the front steps before I passed out in front of the Principal's office door.

When he brought me around in his office, I told him what had happened although it was completely against the "rules" and I would be ostracized from any company for the rest of my school career. You didn't tattle on the rich kids even when they almost killed you. Had he caught me in the back of the head with the book, he would have probably snapped my neck. He out weighed me by at least 30 pounds. and 8 inches. The Principal, a gentleman, asked to see my back and when I lowered the back of my dress, we wore dresses up to our necks back then, the imprint of the book was on my back along with the embossing allowing him to clearly read the title. He quickly called my parents at work as he didn't trust me to walk home without passing out and went outside and grabbed the offender.

By the time I regained consciousness again the little bully and his parents were in the outer office where the Principal was explaining that they would not be disciplining their son as he had already been thrown out of three schools including a military academy for violence against children smaller than him. That was when my parents walked in the door. I could always tell my mother high heels clicking on the terrazzo floors. My father wore crepe soles so he would sneak up on you. The Principal turned to them and told them they had better take me to the hospital as I had passed out twice now.

That would have meant a police report and the bully's smug parents knew that wasn't happening. There was no money for a hospital and there was no insurance back then. You paid cash for medical treatment or you didn't get it. The Principal continued that the bully's father wouldn't be disciplining him as that hadn't worked the past three times; he would. The little demon spawn would show up at 8 sharp to his office where he would spend the rest of day doing his lessons until one of his parents picked him up at 3 PM  or later. He didn't care, he had to work to 5 PM. The bully would not be allowed to talk, to see or eat with the other students. He was on indoor suspension.  One false move and the paddle (which was a wooden board) would be used and the Principal was not a small man.

However, my father was a bigger man and when he found the little bully had hit me with a 3 pound book, now laying on the secretary's desk, he turned to the father and popped him in the jaw so fast no one even saw anything but but Mr. two hundred dollar suit hit the wall 8 feet away. He carefully warned him not to get up and that if I so much as reported I saw his son anywhere, he was coming to find the father and that time, he would not get up. I remember the little Barbie Doll wife wailing about her husband, i.e. meal ticket, being hit and my father informed her he had never hit a woman in his life, but his wife had. Now, my mother was 5 foot 6 inches and in 5 inch heels. She was not a small woman though fashionably skinny. She also had a stare that could freeze water at 10 paces. She was also beautiful and the Principal and her both hailed from West Virginia. One day a week she volunteered in the library and had lunch with Principal discussing their poor childhoods and flirting. When the words lawsuit came out of someone's mouth the Principal carefully explained, he who was now bleeding on a 50 dollar shirt must have tripped in his haste to get to his son and wives can't testify in court for or against their husbands. It seemed everyone in the room but her and the kid who was now properly scared saw her husband trip. My father assured him the next time no one would see him trip, picked me up and carried me out the door.

As I was being roughly carried out the door I heard the Principal comment that my father was Irish and had been a boxer. Being Irish meant you were subhuman, a drunk and violent. Being an Irish boxer meant you were lethal because when my father boxed, they did it bare knuckle. It was how he made enough money to pay for pilot's school after he completed the WPA aircraft mechanic's courses. He was also a mean SOB who didn't mind killing someone because humans ought to have better sense than to get in his way. He had a particular dislike for men who beat women and had broke more than one of the habit.

There was of course no hospital as there was no money. My mother spent an hour on the phone the apartment house owner provided in exchange for her management and my father's repair skills finding a doctor we could afford and finally around 6 PM she found one. When we arrived with the twenty dollars hoping he wasn't going to suggest an Xray because twenty dollars was all we had, the nurse explained to my mother something I would understand when I was much, much older. The reason the doctor was so cheap was he could only by law examine me if she and one of my parents was present in the room. He could never be allowed to see me alone. That is the kind of doctor poor kids got to see. Luckily, he was a really good pediatrician as he kept me alive for two more years through pneumonia and asthma. He did the Xray for free and said the hairline fracture would heal but I needed to stay still for a couple of months, the muscles were torn and would heal but give me trouble later in life so I should avoid manual labor and for now, the nurse had to tape my back as he wasn't allowed to touch me and hence, wrap tape around me. He also wasn't allowed to dispense pain medication so he recommended they give me a stiff shot of whiskey to put me to sleep the next couple of days. I still hate the taste of whiskey.

I also hate bullies but that is their problem because I will make it their problem.  I may be a girl, but in a couple of months when I could move my shoulders again without pain, my father taught me to box and spent every penny he had saved to buy me a bike. Two years before, he had taught me basic martial arts, now he taught me not to defend myself but to take the offensive. You see, only his mother was Irish and she was beaten, used and thrown away, not even divorced, while his father married a more socially acceptable woman after three kids were born. He even gave his first born of the new family the same name as his real first born. My father was left to die in a out building because he had auburn hair and looked like his mother, by his father's mother. I have been told I am the spitting image of my grandmother but there are no pictures and I do have red hair. It doesn't matter my color comes from the Scottish Highlanders, we are all subhuman Irish in the world of privilege.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Curious Non-War

When our ambassador to Libya was murdered in a mortar attack on his envoy, the Teapublican darling, Mittens, was ready to start a war and bomb Libya into the desert. We can maintain a war on two fronts he claimed and in fact, we are pretty good at maintaining a war on more than two fronts. Let's get 'em, those dirty Muslims. Pictures of our not so dead looking corpse littered the internet from the Teapublicans, with no regard for the effect on his friends and family, being desecrated by those Muslim terrorists.

A few sane voices pointed out that he didn't look that dead, there was no blood and a mortar or rocket launcher tends to tear you into small pieces. In fact his cloths didn't even look dirty and it appeared those horrible Muslims were carrying him to safety, not desecrating his corpse.

Then the rocket launcher attack on his vehicle turned into a sniper attack on him as his party ran from the embassy which turned into a planned assassination as he was lured out of the embassy because why would a sane person run out of a nice concrete building reinforced against sniper attacks to get into a flimsy metal object called a foreign car while people were shooting at them. Still there was the little problem of how you get shot or blown up and there is NO blood. Large or small holes in the body have a tendency to cause BLEEDING.

Yet, Mittens was getting good mileage out of meeting, he thinks, the saintly Navy Seal that was killed with our ambassador until the seal's mother requests he stop using her son for a political advantage. There is more to that story than her possibly being an Obama supporter, much, much more.

So what is the truth, because so far we have lies and misinformation designed to start a war that fizzled because the people in this area loved our ambassador and loved the people he was with. They mourned him for more than a political talking point to win an election.They mourned him and his people because they were their friends and their hope for peace. We may never know the truth because it is too awful for most of you to contemplate. We may never know the truth because you aren't ready to know it.

What we do know is according to the death certificate after someone managed to actually find the hospital .......and you know how many hospitals these countries have.....why they are on every corner: NOT....he was taken to, he died of SMOKE INHALATION. He wasn't blown to bits or shot multiple times. He died of smoke inhalation while in the company of a Navy Seal, who is trained and retrained to prevent just that. Those dirty Muslims were pulling him to safety from a burning wait a minute...the embassy didn't burn down....huh?

Ah yes, the safe room in the Embassy burned down killing everyone, leaving the embassy in tact, from a fire started by a bunch of bearded men (a real rarity in that area of the world: sarcasm) using diesel fuel which burns really dirty and that's why the Navy Seal couldn't save them.

Look, at this point every good old boy card carrying Klan member in the South with a truck should saying: HUH? For you city folk who have FOX memory syndrome, diesel fuel was promoted as the best alternative to gasoline for two reasons in the 80's. Number one was it was super cheap and number two was, it doesn't burn or explode. To burn diesel fuel you have to have something lit under it. Then it will produce a lot of dirty smoke but you have to keep fanning it and you have to keep the source of the fire burning. Once on its own, it just peters out.

Our intelligence agency can't find an ambassador and his party in a city with a limited number of hospitals and no one can get their hands on the death certificate, issued within hours of him arriving at said hospital, to see that he didn't die from gun shots or explosions but smoke inhalation for weeks. I think we need to fire them, no pun intended.

So what really happened?

You aren't ready for the truth.

The embassy had requested increased security forces at least a week before the "event" because of the rioting and was turned down. Protocol states the turn down had to come from the MILITARY. The Foreign Service, who our ambassadors and embassy staff work for, has no security forces of their own. They are diplomats. The MILITARY provides their security or at least it used to. 

It seems aside from this Navy Seal, who was a friend of the group, the security for them and the embassy was being provided by a private company, i.e. one of the incarnations of Halliburton and Black Water. You remember them. They are VP under Bush, Cheney's old buddies in Iraq that ran the cost of the war up into the billions with their bill alone. These "professional soldiers" make 3 to 10 times what your sons and daughters in uniform make and you pay the bill. They are better equipped and better trained. That's why they make the big bucks or are they?

In this case, these highly paid "security consultants" (sounds so much better than mercenaries and so much more expensive)  consisted of 20 year old kids that hid on the roof claiming large numbers of bearded men communicating with hand signs, scaled the walls and set the safe room on fire while they decided, as a security force, not to even take one shot at this invading force or make any attempt to stop them. Gee, I wonder what they were being paid to do; make up fanciful stories. That one ranks up there with mythical bunnies hopping down the bunny trail...or perhaps a better explanation of their job is to repeat the story they are told. The religious dupes being convinced to die for Allah or Jesus, tend to explode things, scream religious sayings and kill themselves for 15 or more virgins. They don't scale walls, sneak into buildings, set small fires and sneak out again, never claiming credit. So, who does that kind of work? That would be the guys on the roof or our own intelligence agencies that can't find a hospital.

The ambassador killed was bringing peace to the area. One man was in charge of destroying weapons in the area. One man was a leader in the fight for religious freedom in the MILITARY...yes you read that right. He was one of the founding members of a group trying to keep the Evangelic Christian Jihad from taking complete control of the military and throwing every other religious person, Jew, Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Muslim, Buddhist, Wiccan, Pagan, etc., out of the military and turning  the Military into their little private, well equipped Army of God. Another was a gamer and by definition a nerd who may have also had a few talents at uncovering information on the Net. They were a dangerous group of men but not to the Muslims,
Al-Qaeda or mysterious bearded firebugs that scale walls (do you have any idea how hard it is to climb a concrete wall?) but to a select group of religious extremists in the Military that scream Jeesus at every opportunity and want to make this a Holy War of epic proportions on both foreign and domestic soil.

I told you, you aren't ready for the truth.

So far, this group has flown so far under the radar, like those bearded firebugs, that the average American and possibly the President himself is totally unaware of their existence and influence as they amass both conventional weapons and WMD's with your tax dollars under the guise of the Defense Department/Military to be used on you and the rest of the world.

Now my dear readers do you know why we spend more on our military than the entire world combined in one year? Have you awakened enough to answer the question: who are we defending ourselves against? The answer is simple: YOU. Are these Evangelic Christian Soldiers working for GOD? Not the one in any of your religious texts (and I don't care if you are a Satanist) but they are working for one and they intend to reduce the world's population by 3/4 and you are in that 3/4's. They use candidates that are so addled they don't know the truth from a lie and who are religious extremists of one kind or the other...they don't care do their bidding and if that fails, there is black mail or the promise of riches and power and the ever popular 15 virgins among the really dumb, and for the more intelligent: children for their pleasure and barbie dolls in human form.

They recruit men with delusions of being saviors with 40 pounds of guns, ammo and explosives strapped to their backs  and/or playing soldier in SWAT teams or police uniforms saving the world from evil which seems to be unarmed, often even naked men and old ladies in their nightgowns by pumping them full of 5 or more rounds of hollow points guaranteed to kill. They are the Christian Soldiers that make every Sunday service and kick, taser, tear gas and beat up unarmed protesters that dare to question the banks, big corporations and Wall Street, their employers and real god.

They are in place. They are armed to the teeth. They are crazy as dingbats. They each have a specific group (gay, hippie, female, old, not white, isn't as godly as me, fill in the blank) of people they are ticked off at and want to hurt, rape or kill, AND THEY HAVE THE POWER TO DO SO WITH LEGAL IMMUNITY...under the command of...well...that be the rub, doesn't it. You have no idea who. You've never seen them. You don't know their name. You just know their minions. They are coming out of the woodwork and giving you a taste of the rest of your just aren't paying attention.

See, I told you; you aren't ready for the truth.

Be very afraid.

and then VOTE! 

3/4's fighting for their lives (and it is your life you are fighting for) beats 1/4 delusional saviors. 

Numbers always win.

Why am I not afraid to publish this? I know I am already at the top of their list. I have nothing to lose. I am at the end of my life. I have no family to be threatened. Today, ten years from death is inconsequential....but just can't kill the truth or an idea. It will live on, forever in the minds and/or cyberspace.

Welcome to the New World Order...the real one...not the one on the conspiracy sites...not the world government...not the world currency...not the Federal Reserve...though all may be tools..they are not the HEAD. You have never seen the HEAD. You probably don't want to.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Why The Lie?

The Republican National Convention is being described a train wreck for the truth. Speech after speech was made repeating the same well known lies over and over to the point their own bought and paid for media began jumping ship. Devoid of journalist integrity, these Foxbots finally could no longer embarrass themselves by pretending to be journalists and sail on the ship of lies that has been so proven false it should have spontaneously combusted.

But the question of the week has to be WHY?

Romney had the delegates to win the nomination. All he had to do was make his acceptance speech and move onto continuing campaigning. The odds of him losing the nomination were small......BUT THERE.

Then, WHY the LIES?

What you saw was a demonstration of the new order of the new Republican Party and you didn't even notice because the LIES were so BLATANT you focused on THEM and not the complete disregard for the democratic procedure of producing a candidate. See, I just did it to you with that sentence. I bet you can't tell me what I really said.

I am not fan of Ron Paul, but everyone totally missed the mark on what happened there. Let me explain what used to be the DEMOCRATIC process of choosing a REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRATIC candidate because it died this week. Delegates would arrive at the convention pledged to a candidate with their candidate. Keep in mind this was before computers, powerpoint and word processing. All of this had to be done by hand by people with a cadre of typewriters that didn't have spell check or self correct. There were no dinosaurs involved.

Each candidate, whether he had one vote or a thousand, had his moment on the stage to state his position and thank his delegates for their people's support. It was loud, emotional and fair because every candidate no matter how whacked had given it their all and in the end, each one would get a plank in what was to be the platform. The winner got the majority of planks. The losers often got nothing more than lip service, but they got that.

And then vote was taken, one by one, each recognized and tallied. Delegates, though pledged to a candidate, could "vote their conscience" or jump ship and go with another candidate. Until the votes were finally tallied there was room for the popular candidate to go down in flames.

The Republican National Convention was the most formal, nitpicking, stick to the rules and protocol production of the two. Yes, there was partying bordering on rioting, shouting matches and even a couple of fist fights, but the BUSINESS OF THE CONVENTION WAS ELECTING A CANDIDATE and creating a platform for the campaign.

The week, the delegates for other contenders were told to STFU, sit down and smile sweetly at your lord and master we have chosen for you. The contenders were told they could give a speech praising the lord and master we have chosen for you and HE will vet your speech to make certain it is acceptable to HIM. The convention itself was a Praise the LORD and master we have chosen for you and bow down to the BUSINESSES we have chosen to PRAISE your new LORD and master as they deliver their speeches of adulation and endorsement.


You have non-delegates giving speeches endorsing a person who is NOT yet THE CANDIDATE! The candidate doesn't exist until the final tally of votes. WAKE UP! Democracy even in this Republic DIED this week. You have seen the face of the New Republican Order and you were so focused on the LIES, you didn't even notice.

And that was the plan.

NOW, will you allow this to continue through the election, blindly follow the talking points and blatant lies or will you realize that a dictatorship has been installed in what was the Republican Party and is running for the office of President and Congress? Do you see the policy of OBSTRUCTIONISM for what it really has been for the last two years? It is an installation of a dictatorship in the Republican ranks where a Congressperson is no longer free to say, "Hey, you know what, this is not what my people elected me to do," but instead has to lockstep or in their case goosestep to the party line.

The primary foundation of a Democracy or a Republic is the freedom of its representatives to represent their electors and their conscience and not a governing party.

That is no longer true in the Republican Party. It was proven in Congress for two years and it was nailed shut in a coffin and delivered this week in Tampa.

Democracy is dead in one half of the two party system and a dictatorship has replaced it. The really sad part is, you don't yet know who is running it. Is it really the Romney/Ryan ticket, the Koch brothers, a consortium of corporations, the military (who has the most to lose this election) or something behind the curtain we have yet to see? You will probably never know until the last moment. But I can guarantee, whatever is behind that curtain is something you don't want to see.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chem Trails: Some of the Truth

The best I can give you on the subject is my conclusions from a lifetime of experience with airplanes.

At first the government denied these were anything but vapor trails. In the 50's we lived not to far from Nellis Air Force base and several others. The area was littered with them and for a pilot, they were all a hop, skip and a jump away. My father was a mechanic and pilot and well known for his almost magical ability to diagnose problems and fix them in any engine. At that time, they were cracking up experimental air craft on a daily basis. This was the beginning of the jet age, the height of the cold war and the breaking of the sound barrier. Sonic booms were a way of life and so bad they would actually knock the glassware off shelves if you didn't keep things pushed back and that required checking your shelves several times a day.

Jets had one big stealth problem: vapor trails. You can't sneak over a country leaving a big old trail behind you. Not only that but the trail made an excellent sighting mechanism for a missile launcher. So the main thrust in one area of research was getting rid of the evidence the jet left behind. They certainly were not trying to leave huge trails like you see in the above picture. The only solution anyone could come up with because attempting to eliminate the trail all together caused the engine to stall out and that resulted in a large splatter, was to cause the trails to dissolve as fast as possible. I think you can conclude those trails in the picture are not dissolving very fast.

So, what are they?

My favorite weatherperson was waxing eloquently about the gorgeous South Florida weather and the fact that there was not a single cloud in the turquoise sky and clicked on the ground radar, not the Doppler, to show us the beautiful image of a completely obscured Palm Beach County. Looking down at his monitor and realizing he was looking a bit like an idiot he exclaimed, "Oh those aren't clouds. The military is conducting spraying exercises over the area today. That is metallic residue in the air reflecting off the radar" and got the 'oh, crap did I just say that out loud' look on his face. Oops, someone let the cat out the bag big time.

So, you might conclude these are NOT vapor trails. But, what is their purpose?

If you had seen the actual radar image you could have come up with one quick purpose. Any area using ground radar would be completely unable to see an entire fleet of air craft arriving after those Chem Trails bleed out into a solid mesh over the area. They would be blind, particularly at night.

But the problem with that is few countries use the old ground radar system for anything other than weather.

Well, you might want to download the study at this link. Or just read it on line because I had trouble getting to the actual download link and gave up. But basically one theory is they are spreading metals in the atmosphere to try and stop the warming of the earth.

That's a lofty ideal, flawed science and I don't think it's right. First of all, I have watched carefully where the chem trails are being sprayed in my area and they follow a definite pattern. It is a pattern something else follows.

Almost 27 years ago, I took to raising orchids. I bought commercial sun screen from a commercial nursery supply which they actually will cut and stitch it to your dimensions for your shade house. Thought you might like to know that. It comes in various thicknesses dependent on how much sun you want to block.  Phalaenopsis or Moth Orchids are easy to grow and profitable so they were my focus and they also require the highest level of sun block. At the end of 6 months, my orchids were burning and a month later my sun screen began to disintegrate.

This stuff is not cheap so I was bit peeved, cut a piece of it and went back to the nursery supply. They packed it up and sent it to the manufacturer who called me within the week and asked where exactly I had their sun screen installed. Well, in the backyard was the answer. The gentleman suggested I not go outside, except at night. This screen had received the equivalent of 10 years of solar radiation in 6 months, something which should be impossible.

Knowing that, I began tapping every source I had because the internet didn't exist at that point and there was no Google. Actually, there were no PC's except for little Commodore 64's. Finally I got a totally off the record answer. It seems there was a huge 5 to 10 mile hole in the ozone that was bouncing between Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale. When it went over, you got one huge dose of solar radiation. This huge dose is responsible for 1/8 of the top my head being removed with skin cancer and the multiple lesions on my face, arms, neck and any area that was exposed and...I have never been a sun bather. Sun tends to make me sick.

The Chem Trails being laid down follow the path I know the hole takes. So my guess is they are more trying to reflect the sunlight to prevent wholesale damage to the entire ecosystem than block ground radar in some two bit country. They just don't want you to know about the holes and how dangerous they are to all life. If this hole decides to take a nap over the food growing areas, it will burn the plants in the field and reduce the food production by at least a third.

Do they have other things in them? I have never know the military not to take advantage of an operation to piggy back something else on it. I have a lot of experience with the military. The scary thing about them is they tend to have the us/them mind set. This is how they condition their members to kill large numbers of people easily and without conscience. They are civilians, not people. It isn't until the soldier in the field suddenly realizes that he is nothing more than cannon fodder for higher ups that someone spills the beans on what is being done. Not only that, the basic tenet of military service is "need to know". You accept orders without question. You don't get information unless YOU need to know. The guy spraying this stuff has no idea what he is doing if in fact the planes are even manned. They can be flown via remote control and they do lay down a very perfect pattern. That is a lot harder to do than you think. My father also crop dusted for extra money.

I do know that on heavy days, I have to get in the house, shower and wash my hair and stay inside or I get sicker than a dog. I can be out running errands, suddenly feel nauseous with a headache, look up and see chem trails. I never look up and see blue skies. I try to avoid being out in the middle of the day because that is when they spray the heaviest. We have found our red van covered in brown spots that were next to impossible to wash off without detergent in a perfectly straight line paralleling 441 (State Road 7). My white van next to it was pristine without a single splash. The line continued over the shop and into Boca Raton. Periodically, I have a film on my windshield that is visible as spots at night which can only be removed by soaking the windshield in Windex, waiting 5 minutes, resoaking it and then scrubbing it off. Yes, something other than metallic residue is in those chem trails.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Problem with Metaphysics is It's so Metaphysical

That is pretty much the problem in a nutshell.

You can't touch, smell or for the most part, see it. At least with electricity, you can darn well feel it.

Electromagnetics is another thing. Once more, you can't see, feel or smell it. As humans we tend to be trapped in the 5 senses. Anything else must be taken on faith or so it seems at times.

However, a very smart man once said to me that the only reason we couldn't prove the psychic and magick exists at the moment is because we don't have instruments sensitive enough to measure it. The problem is not so much the instrument as the sensors. Once we couldn't prove the brain functioned with chemical/electrical activity and then we invented the EEG and measured the electrical impulses. The same was true of muscles and nerves. Now we know our bodies are huge electrical networks.

So you come to wonder why we keep questioning that the electrical activity around us can affect us or at least, I keep forgetting that little point.

Point in question; do the electric fields generated by cell phones, power lines and the like affect you? It is easy to understand a cell phone might affect you as it transmits a signal all the way from a cell phone tower to your phone and back again. You can't see it, but the sheer distance tells you something is going on.

However, the power strip next to you bed is more nebulous. It is easy for me to slip up and not turn it off like I have for the past week and to forget when I am feeling weak, achy and sick that just maybe, it might be at fault. Then last night I turned it off again, fell right to sleep and slept like a proverbial log. Yes, it has an effect and eventually I will get rid of the whole thing on a 24/7 basis. Maybe, just maybe, I will learn my lesson before that point.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ebay bans Metaphysical...are you next?

It was all over the media, mostly with a snicker, that Ebay is now removing the metaphysical no more spells, readings and metaphysical products on Ebay. There is a minor implication that things like prayer cards, holy water and blessings may also be banned.

However, few people have considered the big picture and I thought you really enjoy seeing it. 

A mobile credit processor, one of those cards you stick into your smart phone to run credits cards on the go, started their company with a ban on all "occult merchandise". They have the right to take all the money they have ever paid you for credit cards you took for merchandise out of your bank account if they deem you may have sold "occult merchandise". They do not define "Occult". They do not have to prove anything.

Ebay and Paypal are the same company. Paypal is the processors for payments that practically all your metaphysical Internet sites use for any and all payments. If Paypal continues with the Ebay line, ALL YOUR ON-LINE SUPPLIERS WILL GO OUT OF BUSINESS. No, not just a few, not just some, all of them will go out of business unless you want to send checks and money orders and wait a month or more turn around to get your incense.

Why is this? Your credit card processors want a brick and mortar store before they provide an account. That account costs as a base charge at least 20.00 a month plus the cost of the machine you swipe the cards through which runs at least 500.00 outright or you can lease them at a nice price and that was sarcasm. To process cards over the internet, you then have to pay the base fee for your store plus a gateway charge and more equipment or programming. The gateway charge started at 30.00 a month when I checked several years back. Then if you want to go is more money.

To put it simply a merchant would have to rent a store, get licenses, get a commercial bank account and they are never free, get a credit rating, get a commercial phone and then pay at least 50.00 a month plus equipment to have an online store. That WILL put everyone out of business.

So if you think this serves the con artists right, keep in mind, you won't be able to buy anything shortly.

And how far can this go? Well, we are talking all alternative medicines, Meditation supplies, everything right down to clothes and shoes if they are deemed to be useful in a ritual of some kind. It will probably also hit the Renaissance Fairs, Scifi industry and Goths. It will definitely put a lot of events out of business when they can no longer take credit cards for tickets.

Why are they doing this? It's simple folks. They are putting the small merchants out of business so the big box stores can sell you toxic incense and oils and candles that petroleum by-products. Keep in mind, both Ebay and Paypal are contributors to the Teapublicans and it was just a matter of time before they felt confident to come after you. That time is now.

Welcome to the Corporate States of America. Did you really think they were going to be friendly to small businesses????

Baa, Sheeple,'s not a conspiracy if it's a business plan.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It Was a Crooked Little Town

Since most of the principals are dead, I can name names.

Many years ago when I was a teenager, I lived in Hialeah, Florida. This little town was ruled by the chief crook of all times, Henry Milander. It was a standing joke that before entering his office, you put your wallet in your front pocket. For those too young to get that, the act makes it harder to pick your pocket.

I seriously doubt if there was fund he didn't raid or a relative or crony that didn't get paid off with an overpriced city contract. There was thing about old Henry. If you went to City Hall, his office door was open. You didn't need an appointment. He'd see you as soon as he got a chance and always before he left for the day.

If you went in and told him you couldn't find a job, your kid was sick and you needed help, and if the only thing open was sweeping the sidewalk with a broom, you had a job and insurance for your kid. And on the way out, you were reminded to vote for him next election. That's how he stayed in power for years. He might have been a class A crook, but he took care of his people and if you lived in Hialeah, you were his people.

I encountered many politicians in my line of work which was a courier to be polite, and I remember what had to be the worst of the worst. When you were in my line of work, you were all three monkeys and invisible. His aide was suggesting a really radical plan that would have put a lot of people out of work if he approved it and take their houses. I remember him pushing his glasses down his nose and looking over them at the young man. He said, "Son, those are the people that pay your salary and don't you ever forget it. I will not hurt the people that put me in office." That was the end of it. He might screw you royally in a business deal, but he was not putting you out of your home, your job or your life.

Unfortunately, that is the world so many people my age and older remember and equally unfortunately, it no longer exists.

Politicians don't care what happens to you once the vote is in and even before. I am so dismayed at the policies being presented I could vomit.

How can you tell people to tighten their belts when 1/5 of the population couldn't buy enough food last week in this country and 1% control practically all the wealth?

How can you call poor, unemployed people lazy welfare queens when 40% of the richest of the 1%, the Waltons, don't pay their Walmart employees enough to eat and they have to get food stamps?

How can you flat out give money by the billions to the oil companies when they are making record profits and take that money from schools and vital services?

How can you tell people who have spent their lives paying into Social Security that they are leeches on society and you are going to raise the age for receiving it to 72 when most of them will be DEAD?

How can you even justify turning Medicare, that we all paid into, into a voucher system that will give seniors a check to buy private insurance that has been going up 15 to 25% per year when you know there is no way they will be able to afford the premiums?

How can you tell the Post Office it has to have 75 years worth of pension money in the bank to be solvent?

The Republican Party is dismantling not just the government but this country. They are not just throwing the elderly and the weak and disabled to the wolves, but anyone who doesn't belong to the 1%. And no one seems to actually care as long as American Idol and Jersey Idiots is on TV and they can afford cable or satellite.

Well, I have a newsflash for you.

You aren't going to be able to afford cable and satellite and antennae sucks big time. I know. I have it. After this election is over, they don't care of you ever watch FOX again. They don't care if you have internet to slurp up their cute Memes.

They have everything...the whole board's over. There is no need to feed you. No need to teach your kids. No need to take care of grandma. There is no need for you. They have more money than they could spend in ten lifetimes. Everything they want is manufactured overseas. They have their greenhouses, They have their private doctor and hospital. They have their private security force. They have their little chopper and armored Hummer. They have their tailor and seamstress. They have their beautician, barber, manicurist and masseuse for their pets.

You aren't even amusing. why bother keeping you alive? You are subhuman. You are stupid...I voted for them...proof positive.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Those that Criticize, Can't

The actual quote is "those that can't do, teach." It refers to often known fact that people who cannot make it in a particular profession often become teachers where they do their best to stifle any student that shows promise. It was then corrupted to mean people who couldn't write or act, became critics. Let me tell you, there are more critics than doers.

Once of my Facebook friends was actually unfriended for promoting his book in his OWN group. Yes, you read that right. So, he started a group for people to promote their work. I was really reminded of this last night.

It took me two hours to insert an Amazon link for a product into my 2 other blogs, the Druid Kitchen and the Cats' Tail Tales and I couldn't do it the way I wanted.

Anyway, I know there will be the usual. "oh she just writing this to make money, look at the links to products". Well, the product on the cat page sells for $1.19 and the one on the kitchen page for less than $20.00. The maximum I can make is 15% and that is after two hours work. The reason for the ads is to show you the toy my cats all love and you can go down to Pet Supermarket and buy it (They don't give me a penny for advertising them) and the butter keeper I was trying out. I don't steal pictures unless I give credit and that credit happens to have my link embedded in it. Big whoop! I'll probably need a armored truck to get my commission to the bank.

But one of the interesting comments one person made about the Pagan community is that they are so very allergic to self promotion and it is probably the reason they are all so poor. Hey, that slammed the old nail on the head with a sledge hammer. I think it just comes down to jealousy. If you think writing a book is so very easy, do it. I am pretty sure that will cure you. If you think every little thing should have a reference, start researching things. Two days later, you will never want to see a reference again. In professional writing, there are guidelines for what you reference and from the criticism I've seen, I am very certain no one has ever read them.

I go out of my way to help other writers. I review books and even publish the reviews. Sometimes, I am pretty sure the person is not feeling that warm and fuzzy toward me, but I used to review book professionally and I am not lowering my standard of review to gushing worship. I also buy the books I review unless the publisher sends them to me and we have a professional relationship. I review books no one asks me to review.

I simply love to read. I check out the books referenced in groups, but I have to admit I am so disgusted with most of the Facebook groups, I delete the comments when they arrive in my email box without even looking at them. For me, this is a treasure chest just waiting to be discovered. For everyone else it seems to be a personal affront.

Hence I have just one thing to say: Get.Over.It.

The whole 'you can't sell your psychic services' began in England because the laws read that if you sold psychic services you could be arrested and jailed, but if you simply took a donation, you were legal. This thing was overturned sometime in the 50's or 60's. It has no metaphysical basis in reality. It has a legal basis in keeping you out of the Hoosegow. Look that word up because I'm not referencing it for you. Giggle....

The bottom line is that everyone sells their services from the kid working at McD's to the clergy. Yes, my dears, clergy now charge for counseling, weddings and so forth. If you have a job, you are selling your services. It costs just as much for me to eat, have a roof over my head and electricity as it does you and someone has to pay for it. So, guess what? I have to sell my services and even if I win the Lotto this week.....that will hard because I'm too cheap to buy a ticket...I will still charge because I have learned one lesson the hard way. People only value what they pay for and the more they pay, the more they value it. Metaphysically I have learned a lesson that seems to be floating over a lot of people's heads at warp speed. It was eloquently phrased in a Japanese Anime series on alchemy. It is called the Law of Equivalent Exchange. In physics the law states for every action there is an equal reaction. If your services do not result in an equal exchange of "energy" or remuneration, you are drained. Energy flows. Eventually, your psychic seeks to protect you from this drain and it will strip you of the abilities that are causing the drain. All organisms seek to survive.

How many people have you seen whose job makes them sick? The worst year of my school life was 6th grade with the highlight of getting pneumonia and almost dying. The woman in charge of our class (I refuse to call her a teacher) would mark my answers wrong when they were right (my mother caught her), mark me absent when I was in class and generally tell all of us she drove in front of a train to avoid coming to school we were such horrible people. Everyone was sick in that class and the absentee rate was astronomical, but she was the wife of a school board member and couldn't be fired.

It really does work.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

They are STEALING our History!

There was a huge controversy at the year 2000 centered around a small group of "New Agers" being denied permission to hold a ceremony at the Great Pyramid at Giza. The Egyptians were not only anti Jewish and Christian but now, anti New Age thought or so the headlines read.

Okay, the Muslims are not warm and fuzzy with the psychic any more than their other two sects of the same religion, the Jews and Christians, are. Actually, in many countries, like Saudi Arabia, being psychic is a death sentence quite literally but Egypt has always been a publicity hound, had a gigantic light show planned and so, what was all the flap about a dozen or more people?

With the Winter Solstice of 2012 approaching, the controversy kicks into high gear again and suddenly one of Egypt's premier archaeologists emits the cry, "They are trying to steal our history because they have none." 


Now I know archaeologists and anthropologists often take a dive off the deep end, but this man never struck me as needing psychiatric help. He always struck me as being pretty logical and pedantic so I wasn't expecting any leaps of brilliance, faith or even connecting the dots if they were more than a half an inch apart. What on earth was he talking about? Who on earth was he talking about? What the Hades is going on over there? Did they put fluoride in the water or pass out stupid pills when I wasn't looking?

Well, it seems we know less than a little about the Middle East and what is happening over there. What we do find out seems totally puzzling (like this) and illogical. However, the Internet, which everyone and his third cousin is trying to either close down or restrict is a great equalizer where some poor guy at the end of the earth can say, "Hey, I'm standing here and that is NOT what is happening." That poor guy is the news media's worst nightmare and he was a well known archaeologist in Egypt that started my search for what he was talking about.

What he was talking about turned out to be a hot topic in the Arabic world. It seems certain Zionist, and I make a distinction between the Jewish people and the Zionist alliance here because I doubt a single Jew in the USA knows any more right now than I did 24 hours ago, factions are claiming the Jewish people built the Great Pyramids at Giza.

Most of you are saying, "What idiot came up with that?" Unfortunately the "Idiot" turns out to be several groups. Idiot number one is the entire Zionist government of Israel. Idiot number two happens to be a well known group called the Freemasons. Number One you've heard of, possibly think you support but are getting a little queasy over the amount of tax dollars yearly, over one tenth the national debt, being funneled into "military support" for them. Number two you probably know little about except that they are some kooky occult like group that most of the presidents and members of government belong to and they preform weird rituals wearing strange clothes and hats behind closed doors. What you don't know is they are brothers in a quest that you know nothing about. What you don't know is that in the Arab world, the Zionists are perceived as running the Freemasons and hence the USA, and are their historical enemies. What you don't know is they (the Arabs) are probably right.

With number two, you forgot to look at the name: Freemasons. A mason is a builder. Originally the Masonic Order was a union for builders where you entered as an apprentice laying bricks and worked up to an architect. All professions at that time were essentially unions that through birth you entered into in order to learn a trade. But, the term Free is added to the name. This distinction meant you could enter the order without being a blood relative of a mason and they were not bound by the laws, rules and financial stipulations of regular masons. Ever notice how it always comes back to MONEY?

Freemasons are responsible for building practically every Church in the world except the really ancient ones, using a set formula for dimensions and orientation. This formula they corrupted from the Great Pyramids which they now claim to have built.

Exactly what the Zionists claim is probably looks like a rubber band stretched so far it is snapping any second now as they are not so much trying to steal the Egyptian Arab history as invent one to cover their real history.

Now for a news flash for all three of these great builders (sarcasm).

NONE OF YOU BUILT THE GREAT PYRAMID, not the Arabs, the Masons or the Zionists. You didn't even exist when it was built.

Yes, you read that right. Now let me explain this in real simple words. The Great Pyramids at Giza are identical in proportion and orientation (size and the direction they are pointed) to all the megalithic ruins in South America from Peru to Mexico, the ruins in India, Ethiopia and the list includes every site in the world with big honking pyramid like structures. None of you built them. The same people built all of them. Any idiot can figure that out.

Now if you disagree with me all you need to do is quarry a 240 ton (2,000 pounds) block of granite  (what they make your best kitchen tops out of because nothing harms it) using bronze (That soft yellowish stuff that they make lamps bases out of that dents the first time you sneeze on it) tools, drag it at least 50 miles and lift it half way up the side of a mountain. I won't even ask you to sit it on its matching stones so perfectly aligned a human hair can't be placed between them.

Okay, ready, start, GO! First one gets to claim they built the pyramids. Until then, everyone gets to SHUT UP!

Now ladies, I might want to point out at this moment that you are not even included in this argument or contest. The Freemasons are a male order with a social club doing bake sales called  the Eastern Star (which in itself is a derogatory name) for women. Notice how that bake sale terminology also applies to Christians as very few denominations even consider women capable of being spiritual enough to be church leaders. Do you see any women heading up the major Christian Religious denominations??? AND, when was the last time you saw a female Rabbi? As for the Arabs, put on your Burka and forget how to read and write because you are unclean and useful, as in most Christian sects, only as a baby carrier. Oh my, they are all looking alike. Geez, could they all be sects of the same oppressive religion? Me thinks so. Did any of them build the pyramids? Heck No! Can women do math? I had an A average in calculus, analytical geometry, trigonometry, algebra and even math theory. bad. Guess you fellows are WRONG.

She smiles sarcastically......It's never a good idea to mess the Old Druid. And for my fellow pagans, the word Druid is neuter, neither masculine nor feminine like witch. Also kind of like the original word used for god in the Old Testament......

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thanks to Obamacare, I am not going to be able to see a doctor

The nice thing about being a member of the 1% is you can hire an advertising agency to write a nice Meme based on sound psychological research and even focus groups to tell you if the Meme will work and feed them to the general public, who you have made certain are under educated, through the media that you own.

As usual there is about 2/3 of the truth missing from that Meme, I used as a title.

Why are there so few doctors when there were plenty? Is the answer really too many patients or too few patients? Huh??? How can it be too few patients?

When Michael Jackson died, you didn't even wonder how much it costs to have a private doctor sitting by your bedside watching you sleep because he's got like trillions, right?

You really should have paid attention to that little thing. You see, a very disturbing trend is removing doctors from the general middle class population and they are not the quacks like poor Michael got stuck with and caused his death.

Doctors, particularly those in the fields of General Practice, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Oncology and Geriatrics, are finding that they can charge $500.00 and up an month to patients for "priority appointments". What that means is around here for a grand or more a month, you can get an appointment the same day and often within an hour, of calling into the office. It doesn't take that many affluent patients that can afford $12,000.00 a year, or at least $6,000.00 a year, to replace all the other regular annoying patients that are really sick and you even have to fight with insurance to paid for their bills. You can reduce you office staff to one clerk answering the phone and filing insurance and one nurse. Think about it if you can...I'll do the math for you. The average doctor makes $188,000.00 per year; a specialist: $377,000.00 per year. So, if you have around 16 to 32 patients paying you for priority care at a grand a month, you can dump the rest of us and keep in mind, they also get paid for the appointment and the treatment via insurance. So, they can actually cut that number of patients almost in half. You start making a really good profit and working less than 1/5 as much. So, very gradually you, dear reader, have discovered it takes a week, a month, six months to get an appointment with your doctor and then he/she just disappears with his private clients he services on a need to see basis.

In essence, he/she becomes like a lawyer on retainer to a corporation, making plenty of money and only working when he is needed by a few people.

There is your real drain in cities and areas with a high number of the affluent not the poor or even the middle class. It's the 2% that are taking your doctors away from you.

Then, students discovering what fields are hot with the affluent, abandon the less profitable and higher work areas, like emergency medicine and even General Practice, because the rich do like their specialists. Rather than General Practitioners, they become referral specialists or, you might want to remember this name as it is a new one: diagnosticians. This person never treats a patient. They use a sophisticated computer program to analyze symptoms and then refer the patient to the proper specialists. Of course, they have to have M.D. after their name because the 1% won't settle for a peon computer specialist.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are left with the truly dedicated doctors and the quacks. I'll let you guess which are the larger number.

Guess you'll have to stop demonizing the poor. They can't get an appointment either.

Friday, August 10, 2012

What happens when you can't even leave your home?

Please pay attention and I know that legal arguments are hard to understand. That's how lawyers stay in business. We are sliding down a slippery slop into becoming slaves and we don't even know we are being sold.

Did you know that once upon a time in this country there were no public roads or bridges? Probably not because the New "Conservatives" have managed to remove that chapter from the history books. If you wanted to cross a river, you had to pay a fee to the person who owned the bridge and if they didn't like the looks of you...well, you could just start swimming after you paid the guy who owned the river. It was the same with roads. There was no "public right of way". You had to get permission from the owner of the property to cross his land or he could kill you, legally, for trespassing. Roads were privately owned. You had to pay to travel from one location to another.

That was why the government instituted a plan with the states where they bought land from the land owner and declared it a public right of way so you could actually travel from your land to the town to get supplies and sell products. The Federal Government collected taxes in the form of Federal Income Tax and distributed this money to the states forming a partnership to build a national system of roads which allowed us to transport food and supplies from one side of the country to the other and become the most prosperous nation on earth. Our prosperity was built on one thing: transportation.

Then a wonderful thing happened called the ACA, or Affordable Care Act. It was held to be constitutional and people would at last be able to afford insurance and hence health care because, in partnership with the states, the Federal Government would return money to the states to be given to people to buy insurance. Finally huge numbers, up to 50% in some states, of people would be able to get basic health care and those states just coincidentally are Republican states.

But the issue is not dead and the constitutionality has turned out to be a victory for the Republicans and not for the ACA or it turns out Medicare, Medicaide, special education, general education, roads, airports or bridges or any program that is administered by the states using Federal Money. The real reason the ruling was made was to allow the Republican controlled states to challenge the legality of the public partnership between the Federal Government and the States.

Let me explain this simply. The Republican states are saying the Federal Government has no right to set up the voucher program in their state to give you money to buy insurance but has every right to fine you for not having insurance. The Federal Government has no right to force them to take any Federal Dollars and use them for anything or to come in and set up any program using Federal Dollars.

Those FEDERAL DOLLARS pay for roads, bridges, sidewalks, drainage, water, sewer, schools, small business loans all the way to regulating how much your bank can charge you in fees and interest in partnership with the STATES.

If this legal challenge is allowed to proceed, and make no mistake, it is proceeding, you will not be leaving your yard without paying a fee. The infrastructure (roads and bridges) are crumbling. Without Federal Dollars administered by the STATES...just like the ACA (Obamacare)... they do not get repaired which allows the STATES to condemn them in the interest of public safety and sell them off to the favorite bidder. That bidder now owns your street and can charge you to use it just like I can rent you a room, they can rent you a road, a bridge, an intersection, a sidewalk, so much drainage from your property, and so forth. The man who owns the property, no longer a public right-of-way, can now charge rent for the electric pole sitting there or going across his property..all these power, cable and telephone lines sit on public right-of-ways which will be sold off. Can you imagine how much you will pay for electricity after paying everyone for the rent on the land the poles sit on to get it to you? Can you imagine going out to dinner and having to calculate the tolls on a dozen roads to get there? If you can't pay the toll, you aren't going to the grocery, the doctor, school or even to work. The ambulance isn't coming to get you and the fire department doesn't exist any more. All hospitals are now private. Pay in advance or don't bother coming.

Public Schools are administered just like the ACA (Obamacare). If this holds up in court and it will because the Conservatives own the court system now, there will be no public schools but since you can't afford the tolls to get there it doesn't matter.

Like your Internet? How are you going to get it? There will be no post office to deliver those packages and UPS and FEDEX and the rest will be adding the cost of those tolls to your delivery fees. Do you really think you will be able to afford anything? What happens when the cell phone companies have to pay to get to their towers? Unlimited minutes and internet....start laughing. That is soooo not happening.

What are you left with? Well, another chapter in history the Conservatives have removed from your history books: the Factory Town. Before all these public works, there were huge factories, with no labor laws, no safety laws, and no pollution laws. These wonderful bastions of Capitalism hired you and you came to work in THEIR town. You rented your room in their apartments. You bought your food, clothes, shoes, everything from their store. You bought your medical care from their doctors whose objective was to get you back on the line. Your children were put on the line as soon as they could do anything of value (at around 3 years of age) in the factory and trained just enough to do the job. Ah, but what happened if you or your kids got sick and couldn't work. What happened when you were too old to work. You got your pink slip, packed your cardboard box if you had one and you were deposited on the other side of the huge iron gates that guarded the entrance to the Factory Town, broke. There was no unemployment insurance (another Federal/state cooperative program), no Social Security, no pension, no retirement, nothing. All you had were the clothes on your back.

These Factory towns sold your products to the more socialist cities that had private homes and public roads and schools until the Unions managed to organize and force them to break apart and stop calling their slaves workers.

This is what is about to happen, people.  What is left of this country will become a Factory State. You will have no rights. There will be no "safety net". You will work until you die or become disabled and then you will die. It is that simple. Now read this article and get it through your head that this Tea/Republican/Libertarian Party intends to over throw the Federal Government and enslave you. That is their goal. You are getting NOTHING out of this deal. They are the coming police state. There will be few survivors.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Why ARE We in the Middle East and It isn't Political.

I've been asking that question for some time.

It certainly isn't oil because no matter how many countries we invade and conquer, oil prices do not  go down and supplies do not go up.

It sure wasn't to catch one idiot Arab we trained and financed living in a cave that turned out to be a luxury compound with his underage wife number ???.....we do love of our pet pedophiles.

So why are we invading country after country?

The answer has to be that we are looking for something.

In any Middle Eastern conflict Israel has to be the major player and Israel is currently run by the extremist Rothchild Banksters Zionists that founded the country and manipulated a major world war to populate it. No matter how many times they populate it, the people just won't stay under their dictatorship but what is everyone looking for???

I have a theory. The whole purpose of putting Israel where it is, was to gain control of Jerusalem. Now there are those who would bow down and yell: Holy of Holiest, but I don't believe these men have a religious bone in their bodies unless religion is defined as money or power.

But there are a variety of ruins in the area that are impossible to explain even using modern technology. Blocks over 1,200 tons are placed in perfect alignment with other huge blocks forming a flat platform. Why would anyone do this unless they needed a platform of that magnitude to support something of that weight that wouldn't melt? And we won't even ask how they did it because we can't do it today. Balbek is a marvel when you consider two pieces of disinformation that are circulated about it. First of all, most of it was constructed during the Bronze Age. I really want to see you cut those stones with a piece of Bronze and number 2 is that they could have rolled them down from the quarry when the estimates of doing that are for moving a stone 240 times lighter than the larger stones. After they rolled them down the hill, there is the little problem of lifting them onto stones of the same size while perfectly aligning them.

Then we move on to Ethiopia and Lalibela, where "churches" are cut out of solid stone from the top or ground level, down. If you find an aerial view of the area, you will discover that instead of "churches" it looks oddly like a grid that something would plug into. However, the one fact remains, there is no way we could do this today and the legend says the nightshift of workers was comprised of "angels". Oddly enough, the nightshift on Solomon's temple was comprised of "demons".

If we move onto India, we find temples at Elora cut into the caves of solid rock and the gigantic windows, well above ceilings we would be hard pressed to clean with today's scaffolding much let alone carve, are perfectly aligned with the sunrise of the Summer and Winter Solstices. The sunlight hits huge statues of the Buddha in a chair manipulating what looks like the controls of some kind.This implies a knowledge of astronomy used by people too primitive to really have algebra. It also implies a return of the "gods" when the light hits those marks. If you manage to get pictures of the inside, you will have your socks knocked off big time.

Except for the Indian site, all the previous sites have one thing in common. In each one, somewhere hidden in the ruins is an altar whose dimensions perfectly match the bottom of the Ark of Covenant described in the Old Testament and the various holy books of the Christians, Jews and Muslims. As I have often pointed out, they are just sects of a single religion not three separate ones.

So what is this Ark? From all appearances and descriptions, it is a power source and/or a communications device. All three sects agree that the "gods" that left it will be back for it. 

What does this have to do with the Middle East and our constant invasion at the behest of Israel's good old Rothchilds? Well, the Ark isn't in Jerusalem which any idiot should have know as it was stolen from Solomon's temple by his son and supposedly transported to Ethiopia (where Lucy, our original ancestor was found) to reside those nifty temple plug-ins...but, it's not there. The altar is empty.

A bunch of priests in Lebanon supposedly guard it in a tiny church but I seriously doubt it is there and my conclusion probably echos theirs. You wouldn't take the same route back after stealing it from Ethiopia that your son took taking it there. But there is another route that is almost all by water and even larger bodies of water. That makes it so much easier to escape other boats chasing you. You head out into the Arabic Sea and go around the other way landing in Iraq and traveling though Syria. But if you didn't make it, you might have crashed or decided to go overland via Iran because we have already searched Saudi Arabia years ago. Oh my, that sounds just like the current war map, doesn't it???

I wonder if the current push might have something to do with the coming Winter Solstice of 2012.

Let me give you their perspective in case you are smarter than them, which isn't that hard. He who owns the Ark of Covenant can claim to the "gods" they have been protecting it and keeping the "faith" thus getting all the nifty rewards from the "gods" including the power of life and death over the rest of the planet and maybe transport off the planet they have ruined with loads of gold, providing the "gods" are as dumb as they are.

The gods aren't dumb. They came here to mine gold as is evidenced by the "landing sites" being near huge deposits of gold and rare minerals. They aren't going to give you what they want. If they were going to take you with them, they would have done it generations ago. And why would they want you? Have they run out of pets? Why would they even care who has the ark? They have most likely got a storeroom full of them. All it is doing is giving them a beacon back to the planet. Why so many placed around the planet in an almost straight line? The earth rotates. Those are landing sites not sacred locations. I wouldn't be on my knees there unless you want to be squished when the ship comes back. Why would they share their technology when they took it with them the first few times? 

Face it zealots, they came down, built landing sites, mined the gold, played with the natives for fun and games, took what they wanted and left with everything but the beacons they had installed on every major continent. We do not know how gold or oil for that matter is created. It may grow. It appears in veins. We really don't know if new ones are being "grown" from the center of the earth. They may know how long it takes for a good crop and they will back for the harvest. Or maybe they just reached the weight limit on their ships and are now coming back empty after selling their cargo. You aren't even good slave labor as they had to use their own to build those landing sites. You just did the cleanup in the morning. They aren't going to give you anything but a hard time and they certainly have no need to negotiate with you. They can take what they want. The test for most spiritual keeper of the faith is not going to be who is holding on to the beacon as the beacons seem to be radioactive and poison those who hang around them. That people is the measure of who is the most stupid.

By the way, you might want to know where the largest new reserves of unmined gold are. They are on the continent we are trying so desperately to exploit and "whitewash" with waves of propaganda about how the current dictators aren't as bad as they were last week: Africa. Gee whiz, anyone want to take a guess where Ethiopia is? Right after we invade Iran and don't find the Ark, I guess we'll have to head through Africa, because after it was taken to Ethiopia, maybe someone moved it further south.....After all, we ARE Israel's Rothchild Zionist's mercenaries.