Monday, June 25, 2012

Tired of Making Nice

I can't help but wonder how many of you are in the same boat I am tonight: the just plain tired boat.

It started with trying to clean up at the shop and I thought I would be nice and clean the coffee area and make George a cup of coffee. As for myself, it is too hot down there to drink coffee. Nothing has been touched since pretty much for three months since I got really sick from the food. As usual, the water pump was barely working so water was at a trickle, everything was moldy and the sole source to wash anything is a small bathroom sink full of dishes from the last attempt. I have no idea why I didn't stop right there and return to my chair and think: screw it. There are no sponges and I cannot even find the paper towels. So, after much cussing, George takes over after deciding there is in fact something wrong with the pump. Did I mention that my hands are hurting so much I am tempted to let them remain in claws rather than straightening my fingers? Probably not. I never do.

I must have cleared a whole garbage can of stuff off the table, shredded the important stuff and finally got down to bare wood where I needed some paper towels to clean with. That involves getting around the perpetually angry bear. By the time I managed to get it clean and he came out with the coffee pot, one little swear fit from him and I just went home.

I know, I know. I am supposed to make nice.

However, several of things I cleared off the table and put away seriously put a dent in my cheerful demeanor. One of them was a letter from the county three years ago where someone had "turned me in" for having someone renting in the building. I didn't. I never have. It was just one thing I had to contend with on a weekly basis to keep a small business running that impacts absolutely no one. I don't even have any signs. The #$%^&* have made sure that I am turned down to even replace the signs that existed when we bought the building. Every time I turned around, until the cancer put me in bed for almost a year, it was something else, some other charge I had to stop to take care of that always proved to be false and time and money consuming.

At this point, you might think my community might come around and lend a shoulder to at least cry upon and you would be really wrong. The two people I helped or at least tried to help make some money turned out to be the worse. One spent six months getting me fired after she discovered the job I went to apply for actually hired me first because I was qualified for the position of psychic and then had her son vandalize my shop while she sat in my neighbors driveway keeping watch over my house. The other one broke out my back car window because I hadn't been able to give him a bumper sticker he wanted because it was packed for a show and I just happened to have one on the back window of my car. Both did everything in their power to destroy the business I had spent 30 years building. That's the kind of help you get in this business. I was even kicked to the curb in professional associations because I was falling on hard times. Oh, I seem to have too much on my plate after the hurricane destroyed all the trees in the front of the shop making it impassible and I spent 3 weeks without power or phone and missed the precious board meeting.

It doesn't stop there. I was kicked to the curb by the University because I refused to break the oath of confidentiality and tell them if someone lied on their life insurance form. The professor died and I suffered for the first time from cancer and a crippling operation eliminating my career. The doctor I worked for finally managed to drink himself to death and nicely made certain his wife was in charge of all recommendations. That made sure I worked at Walmart. Seems even with pictures from the police of her daughter pawning her jewelry, she had to get a list of my psychic friends to get readings from and the first question she asked each of them was, "Do you think Janice would steal from me?" I was the only person not stealing from the #$%^&*. It did make certain my "party" business tanked as no one wants someone in the house that has sticky fingers and rumors travel much faster than truth in psychic circles.

And what about my previous career, you ask. One day I fell backwards across three concrete steps and broke my tail bone in 3 places. It was a miracle I didn't break my back. The lovely doctor forgot to file the insurance reports and the company, Fortune 500, thought I was faking the accident since the doctor also refused to answer the phone and verify I was being treated. I was fired with a bad review making it impossible to get another job. Refusing to play touchy feeley with the manager was another reason I was not getting another job. But, those are the things you aren't supposed to talk about.

Those of you who think that working hard with integrity will buy you the "American Dream" are delusional. All you ever had to be was pretty enough that men in power took an interest in f"g you and you refused and then you could try out your new career scrubbing toilets. That's why I had to reinvent myself so many times. That's why in the end I had to start my own business. That's why I am way past making nice for anyone.

It doesn't stop there. I have spent 40 years dealing with someone with a hair trigger temper who worked 60 hours a week and slept all weekend while I tried to keep everything running and in the last 20 years build a business so we would have a nice retirement. As usual, cancer laid me out and everything quickly fell apart, including me.

Yes, I am so very tired of making nice. I am so very tired. How many of you are in the same boat? How many of you have been living the American Nightmare of 40 years thanks to a bunch of rich folk who just decided to play god with your life simply because they could; women who were afraid their husbands would look at you, men who were pissed you wouldn't sleep with them, colleagues who were afraid you'd show them up, people who just wanted what you had but didn't want to work for it and family who reminded you daily just how worthless you were because for some strange reason you just never got ahead anywhere? Are you tired of making nice, yet? I am.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Druids

The Druids

They say we worship the Sun, the Moon, Oaks Trees, anything to avoid facing the simple truth that we worship nothing. So ingrained at a cellular level is the concept that they are flawed from their simple beginning as a single spark and need a supreme being to direct them, that they simply can not conceive we do not have this concept and thus need no Supreme Being or God to direct our actions. They take the symbols we use for the concepts of time, reincarnation and life's cycle and turn them into Gods in a futile attempt to make us like them: weak, flawed and without free will in the end. In the end for them, all is determined by the whimsey of some deity that will judge them good or bad and sentence them accordingly after having made them that way in the first place. No, it doesn't make any sense and we have marveled at the design for centuries.
Even though many of their religions tell them to erect no images of their god, they will erect stories high images and think it doesn't apply. Theirs is a system of finding loopholes to do what they know is not correct. Theirs is joy in escaping the rules without punishment. They don't know there are no rules to escape. They look at our groves and conclude we worship trees because they slap two sticks together and worship the symbol of their own saviors' death. How odd one would worship a symbol of pain and suffering rather than one of joy and happiness! If picking symbols, we would have chosen the cave from which their savior arose. But, we do not worship trees, never have, never will simply because we do not worship anything.
Yes, we met in groves simply because the unnatural multiple varieties of trees gathered together provided a sieve for the natural energy and allowed us to free our minds from the mixed earth energies. In that grove, each tree, as all plants do, provided a single pure note of the earth energy and thus allowed us to to “think” clearly, to check the health of the earth energies and to project the proper corrective energies if something was amiss.
No, we do not worship balance, either. But we do know from observation that balance is necessary for life to survive. If there are too many predators, eventually they starve to death. If there are too many prey, eventually they strip the earth and it dies. Remember that statement above all others. It applies to everything.
It was inconceivable to all who encountered us that we could move freely among the warring elements of society and that we had no warring elements within our cast. It was so totally against the structure imbedded in their minds that they had to have a single leader (god) that oversaw lesser (gods) that finally ruled the minute details of the sheep's lives. The Sheep must never be allowed to believe they are not flawed and not in need of guidance. They must never be allow to think they actually have complete free will but that ultimately everything exists at the “will of their god”. Although this is a “get out of jail free card” for their rulers, the sheep continue to think this way because they do not want the responsibility for their own actions. They will do anything to avoid taking responsibility for their own actions because their rulers tell them they are flawed to begin with and thus cannot possibly make good decisions about their own welfare. Now, the really odd thing about that premise is that all one needs to do is take a good look around them at all of nature to see that without a god or a government or a religion of any kind, the entire world other than humans successfully exists, makes excellent decisions for its survival and doesn't harm its own kind. It happily achieves balance with no government, religion or god and exists quite nicely in harmony with the entire planet, adapting and surviving as circumstances change without a single Supreme Being to rescue or judge it.
Now do you see why we were so dangerous and need to be eradicated at all costs?
Let me clear up a few myths for you. We do not worship anything, period, end of story, all there is to say on the subject.
Trees are the largest of all the plants and believe it or not, some trees are really grasses, some are beans and so they bring those energies to the grove. Trees, with their deep roots in the earth and their huge canopies able to sense the weather at a distance and changes in the environment, were the measuring devices we used to sense the energies of the earth and its overall health. As the the earth senses the health of the solar system and the finally the Universe, trees are the communication devices for all that energy for those who are sensitive to their energy. Thus we created mixed groves of trees in which to meet at 4 major points in the earth's yearly cycle: solstices and equinoxes. At the equinoxes, the energies should be in balance and we could make corrections based on the previous solstice when we could divine if a particular energy was getting out of balance based on light or dark. Neither of these energies is inherently bad, they are both necessary in balance.
Each Druid worked to correct what they felt was out of balance. That is another concept well beyond the grasp of the Sheep and their Shepherds. Have you noticed yet that both words begin with a hissing sound that is common to snakes which are said to be representation of evil and knowledge? You should have. How could each Druid individually be working on their single version of what the problem was to their perception and then all of them together corrected it without all of them working together? Plan on reading that question for a year and a day until you understand it. You see, the problem is constant, singular and fixed. It is your perception of it that varies with the individual. It doesn't matter how each individual perceives the problem just that they correct their perception to bring it into the way they perceive balance because balance is the final constant.
Let me try an example. Each person perceives the problem requires one of the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo or violet and paints their house that color. Taken together those are the individual colors of the spectrum and balance it into clear light. A rainbow is clear light split into its individual pieces. So, each person working individually provides the missing piece to create clear light without consulting or doing the same thing as the other person working next to them. Now, the others' approach is to paint everything white and call it close enough for government work. In nature and in life, close doesn't work.
We do not worship the Moon. We do not worship anything. Have you ever seen group of raccoons erecting a monument to their god? Nope and you never will. The Moon or rather the symbol of a full circle with two half circles on either side symbolizes the concept of eternal existence. Notice I did not say life. We begin as single cell grow to a full organism and then degenerate back to a single atom as we rot only to begin again in the same cycle as something new and transformed. That is what the symbol means, not fertility, not a goddess or god but the cycle of all life on this planet. Nothing lasts forever. It becomes the building blocks for the next cycle.
We do not worship the Sun because we do not worship anything. The Sun is the major control mechanism for all life on this planet as it controls the seasons and the weather. Studying the cycles of the sun allows us to properly plant, harvest and feed our population without destroying the balance of the planet or other species. The Sun's health is the planet's health and it, too, exists in cycles which are visible as sun spots, flares and other phenomena. By watching and learning these cycles we came to understand the major cycles that affect all life on the planet and we learned one very important thing. Nothing happens in a huge cataclysm. It occurs in gradual cycles giving life time to adapt. If you fight the cycles, you become extinct. If you adapt, you survive. Every organism from the smallest to the largest senses these cycles on a cellular level and begins to adapt. If you study the organisms, you will see the cycles and if you study how each is changing, you will see how to adapt.
We are not flawed. We have free will. We are responsible for the choices we make. At any moment in time, we have the choice to be kind, to help, to love or we can be cruel, destroy and hate. It is our choice. Through out the history of all beings, they have learned that the latter choice brings isolation and final extinction. This planet is on the edge of the galaxy. Those who simply refuse to acknowledge those facts, have traveled a long distance and been isolated from the rest of the galaxy to try to rule this planet and its inhabitants. No God has given you dominion over this planet. This planet is a living organism with many parts of which you are one. You are not flawed. You have been taught from birth to believe you need a system to prevent you from harming yourself and the people around you when all you really need is simple old common sense. Any idiot can figure out you don't kill the cow that gives you the eternal milk you need to survive. Anyone can figure out that love feels better than hate unless they were conditioned at birth to think hate and pain are pleasure. That does lead one to wonder about systems of religion that start by mutilating babies, doesn't it? Knowledge is neither good or bad. It is simply information.
Finally let me say, they are coming. This is the fringe but the rest of the galaxy is catching up to it and getting ready to include it into its body. Balance is going to happen, one way or the other. It is time to be free to be you, to help, to be kind, to love or to face extinction. The choice is yours, not some god's. There is no judgment, only nonexistence if you are out of balance and cannot adapt to the coming energies. There is no way to hide, no hole deep enough or no planet far enough. The wave of energy is enveloping the entire edge of the galaxy. The time of rule is over. The time of religion is over. It is time to grow up and take responsibility for your square inch of destiny and realize we really are all unique because we are all contributing pieces to the whole of the Universe.
Now that you know, you have made a choice. Live by it. Hiding isn't going to be an option.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The God and Cross Game

Quite amazingly or not, people tend to mouth things. They never stop to consider what they are actually saying or bother to reason whether what they are saying makes any sense what-so-ever. They just keep repeating the catch phrase.

Let's take the phrase: "Put God back into . Or, even better, they are taking god out of .....

Now if "god" is infinite, obviously you can't stuff it into something because it is too big nor can you remove it for the same reason.

If god is omnipotent, it is already part of everything and cannot be subtracted from it and anyway, it wants a huge honking symbol on mainstreet, it is perfectly capable of putting it there all by itself.

So what the Hades does this really mean?

You will find this is always followed up by wanting to put a symbol of one's god in a public place, preferably several stories high.

And equally as certain, you find a number of people it really ticks off, so the question is why does this keep happening. I call it The God Game.

Energy, vibration and frequency. All matter is composed of energy. All energy has a form or shape (frequency) and those two elements set up a vibration which then hits other energetic forms (people for example) and affects their vibration causing a shift in their frequency and energy which manifests in their behavior. Words and symbols have an effect on everything they hit.

The God Game

Every god symbol is pretty much known by everyone else. Everyone can easily tell me to what religion a cross, pentagram, yin/yang or six sided star belongs. So when you see the symbol, in one neat energetic package, you get the whole doctrine forced into your brain and as a result, it affects your entire energetic being. So, he who manages to erect the largest symbol has the largest effect on the creatures called humans.

However, the interesting part is that the followers think they know what the symbol really means when in fact, the symbol is nothing more than a carrier for a much older and in many cases, darker knowledge. They have no idea they are allowing a key to be inserted in their minds that allows other creatures of a different energy vibration and form to enter and influence their actions.

One thing I hear so much is; exactly where does the current crop of Christians get their egocentric, oppressive, discriminatory, predatory doctrine from when their own "Savior" preached just the opposite. Well, it have something to do with the cross. 

The cross is one of the most ancient symbols in the universe. It is comprised of two lines of energy crossing each other, or is it? In reality the cross is four lines of energy converging into a central point and that central point being hit with opposing energies then creates an opening through dimensions. The cross, cross roads, is a portal to other dimensions and hence, all magick, dark or light, is most powerful at crossroads, at least until recently. Now the energy is almost always dark. Just try feeling it next time you are waiting for the traffic light to change.

Take a look at what we have done to cross roads. At first, common courtesy dominated the right of way. We then put signs up as we can't trust people to think for themselves. They actually might start thinking. Then we came up with a system to determine who had the right of way...the one to right is always supposed to have the right of way. If you stop and think you will realize that doesn't work because someone is always to other's right. Thus why would someone even come up with this system except to convince people that the right is always the winner and the left the loser. So, whoever gets there first has the right of way and since that didn't work, we came up with traffic lights in red, green and yellow. Now we have cameras on every cross so you know big brother or god is always watching and you will be ticketed and fined for any minor infraction.

But, the Universe is energy. This new system of crosses, has created a new mind set of religion. The cross is no longer courteous, as two people show mutual respect by allowing the other the right of way to cross and even get to know each other at the intersection. The cross is an angry god because you have sinned one too many times and will now get your ticket and fine for it. There is nothing you can do. There are no extenuating circumstances. The cross is right and you comply or are wrong. No arguments are accepted.

This has changed the entire energetic vibration of the symbol. No matter what god you want to drape on this symbol, the symbol is now oppressive, hateful and unforgiving.

Let's look at the classic symbol of yin/yang. Most people are relaxed by looking at it. It is the perfect balance of light and dark, white and black, but that isn't what it means. See the little opposing colored splash in each side. The symbol actually means that nothing is pure. There is some light in all dark and dark in all light. Take a good look at all the yin/yang's around the net. That little splash is disappearing from them. Now things are black or white, good or bad. There is no forgiving knowledge that nothing is pure.

The six pointed star is actually two triangles laying on each other. It symbolized, originally the upper trinity and the lower trinity, as above; so below. This world is a reflection of the other worlds to infinity. Mankind is symbolized the lower two points (male and female) forming a line and the upper point is god (a neutral organism) the creator, i.e. creative energy. The same is reversed for the lower half, but the lower point is the reverse of "god" energy or what is often considered the destructive force. Now next time you see this symbol, take a really good look at which triangle is on top of which one to determine what force is being implanted in your mind to dominate you. 

Yes, you really have to pay attention. That is why originally, the drawing or creation of sacred symbols was only entrusted to those who had the talent and the knowledge to imbue them with the proper energy. Now, it is copied and broadcast within a millisecond to open and waiting minds with no knowledge of what they are getting from anonymous sources who know exactly what they are doing.

It reminds of the two immigrants who went grocery shopping and didn't speak English. They were so shocked when the huge can of shortening they bought did not contain a chicken. A lot of people are going to be very shocked their huge can of symbol doesn't contain the god they thought it did, but by then, it tends to be too late, unless you like eating shortening for dinner.

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Eclipse of 06/04/12 and transit of Venus across the Sun

I've read such wonderful things about this lunar eclipse that I can't help wondering whether I or them are on different planets in different solar systems. So I decided to cast a chart using Solfire, a very accurate program, and see what I found. Okay...definitely different solar systems. Remember, all is energy, frequency and vibration. Astrology tracks the path of energy through various vibrations and the frequency at which it occurs. All wave forms can be cancelled.

First of all, the only easy (good), well almost, aspect is Saturn in Libra trining Mercury in Gemini. Normally an air trine of this type would produce lively debate resulting in balance, but Libra has trouble making up her mind and she also tends to go with whatever the trend is at the time. Thus, this indicates on a Global Basis, that whoever has the power to control the media controls what information is released and since Saturn is the planet of authority, austerity and lessons, that information is guaranteed to keep those in power, in power and remove any vestige of power from the powerless.

Now let's look at the rest of the aspects. The Moon is opposition to the Sun. This is what produces an eclipse of the Moon, but she is also in opposition to Venus and Mercury who are joining the Sun in Gemini. The Moon is in the sign of justice, higher education, non-commitment and wanderlust: Sagittarius. What that means is no matter how lofty and fair the ideas generated, they tend to be just so much hot air. Lip service is given to principles no one is going to adhere to in the long run.

But these is more.....

Neptune, the planet of spirituality in olden days, which has come to mean belief today, illusion and down right lying is opposing Jupiter the planet of expansion, money and finance in good old "I got mine you go to Hades" Taurus in a long term transit. Now why exactly did the housing market collapse (another thing Jupiter rules in Taurus), the banking collapse and the grand larceny of Wall Street come as surprise to anyone? Neptune is a nice planet of dreams but totally ineffectual in the dreamy sign of Pisces even though he rules Pisces. In short, Neptune is weaving the everything is fine illusion so Jupiter in Taurus can pick your pocket.

Pluto in Capricorn, another of the heavy weights and the transformer of the Zodiac is Squaring Uranus the planet of sudden change in hot headed "I want it yesterday" Aries who seldom looks where he is leaping. This my friends is the aspect of revolution and if Uranus gets pushed too far, the little guy looses it and revolts violently producing an equally violent reactions from Pluto who has thrown his lot in with Authority, Established Orders and Royalty. This is not a good long term transit because Capricorn plans for every eventuality (i.e. million dollar self sufficient bunkers) while impulsive Aries forgets that blowing up the water plant is going to leave him awfully thirsty.

Then our last set of troublemakers in this drama is Mars in Virgo squaring both the Moon in Sagittarius and Sun in Gemini. Mars in Virgo puts all energy in putting things back to the way they were and he doesn't like those watery Moon energies of fair play and silly Sun energies that want to think things through and experiment. Mars in Virgo has a habit of destroying everything to put it back the way he wants it. He has never learned the art of the rearrangement of resources or compromise.

So once again, someone explain to me where the "good" aspects of this eclipse are. I am having trouble finding them again.

Now then, the only difference between this day and the transit of Venus across the Sun is the Moon is moving out opposition to this unholy alliance and...oh yes my friends there is a new aspect call an inconjunct. This is called free floating anxiety, sandpaper on the nerves and oh gee, I just want to kill something energy. It is actually worse than an opposition because with an opposition you know who the enemy is. With an inconjunct you just know something bad is hiding under the bed and you had better blow the bed up real fast. Unfortunately you tend to forget you are sitting on the bed at the time.

So once again...look at the clock and send that energy out because the people who really rule the world are going to try and create WWW3 or just seriously increase the suicide rate during this week. Forewarned is forearmed. Peace to you and yours.

The forces of darkness will use this eclipse to amplify the energies to push people over the edge. You will see the rate of violence in all areas increase, road rage incidents will jump and if stopped by the local police, know your rights and expect to kicked in the teeth for knowing them. Authority figures will be on ego trips just to see how far they can push their power.

I suggest every time you look at a clock during this upcoming period, you take the time number: noon = 1,200 and you say...I send peace and tranquility to 1,200 people who need it. May they be blessed. Do this every time you look at a clock using the time as the number of people you are sending the energy out to and this will confuse any blocking energies because the people and amount of energy being sent becomes random and they won't be able to get a fix on it.

If I Wanted to Rule the World

If I were going to control people I would create a religion with a group of people designated to communicate with and deliver messages from a god. I would make certain they dressed in cumbersome outfits so no one would be mistaken for one of them and include near impossible rules, feed them, cloth them, protect them from laws and house them, making it a haven for the weak and perverted that are easily controlled via their vices. That stops them from rebelling against me.

Then I convince the general public they are all sinners that are put here to suffer in order to redeem themselves for some offense against me that they had no control over and they will get rewarded for suffering in the wonderful afterlife. That lets me steal everything they own and give it to my 'priests' because I deserve it for what I have gone through ans sacrificed for them. 

I allow the males dominance over the females to give them some sense of control and superiority. Since the only hope the female has of rest and freedom from the resulting beating and endless rape and childbearing is a miracle from the omnipotent god, I insure she will instill obedience to this god in her children as they are the only thing she can dominate and she, is after all, in control of them during their formative years. The more followers she turns out, the more likely her petition for that miracle will be answered. That way, the females most dominated and controlled turn out the most dedicated followers of my new 'religion'. The males are not going to take care of the babies and young children, so I allow the cruelest and most dominant to have to the most wives they can beat and reproduce with, creating a nice army of followers for me via the wives seeking a miracle of relief from my god.

Then if the people get uppity or begin to see through what I have created and how it keeps them in poverty and ignorance, I would create government to give them a sence of participation in their destiny but stack it with the weak who will owe me their livelihood and continue to preach both the religion and now: patriotism, the new universal god.

Do I need to continue or are you getting the picture yet????

Well, let's allow this historical figure to sum it up for you:
And let's rich get richer....

Have a nice life, slaves.